Caring and sending frontline lions to warm hearts — The Donation of epidemic prevention and control materials for Huangbei Street by Shenzhen Lions Club was successfully held

At this time of the epidemic, only love and warmth can flourish. On April 8, 2022, Lions Club of Shelions翻译nzhen heldonation什么意思d a donation activity for epidemic ppreventionrevention and cepidemic和pandemicontrolfrontline什么意思 materials in Huangbei District, Luohu District. Theprevention翻译 event was osending翻译rganized by Lions Club of Shenzhen,prevention withprevention 15 service teams including Tien, Bao ‘aepidemicn, Datong, Xianhuepidemic和pandemic, Happiness, Yantian, Blue Sky, Lianhuashan, Yitian, Xixiang, Central District, Charity Collection and Huanggang. Brotepidemichwarm反义词er Liao Maohuaheartshot女团 of Shangbsending是什么意思u Service team, Sister Zhu Daoying of Jiwarmthngtian servilions翻译中文ce team and Brother Zhong Zhiping of Bao ‘an Service team donated.

20,000 FFP2 masks, 360 bottles of 500ML hand sanitdonationizer, 250 bottles of 100ML hand sanitizer, 30 cases of Jiaduobao and 30 cases oepidemicf Babao gruel were donated to Huangbei street, and the servdonationsice funds were 40,000 yuanheartstring.

A group photo. JPG

Li Cixing, member of the Party Working Committee, publicity committee and United Front Committee of Huangbei Sub-district, Huang Weijie, director of the Party and Government Comprehensive Office of Huangbei Sub-district, Guo Yongyong, chairman of Shenzhen Lions Club in 2021-2022, Wei Xinxin, chairman of community Sfrontline驱虫药ervice Committee and other four people attended the event.

At the critical momeprevention是什么意思nt of fighting against the epidemic, street workers have been fighting on the front line to protect the life and health of community residents. In order to care for frontline workers and support community epidemic prevention and contrcaring是什么意思中文ol efforts, The Lions Club of Shenzhen has sent warmth to thosheartstringe community workers, helpiheartshotng to win the final victorepidemic是什么意思中文翻译y in theartshot女团he battle againepidemic怎么读音st COVID-19.

Li Cixing, member of the Party Working Committee, publicity committee and United Frontwarmly Committee of Hsending是什么意思uangbei Sub-district, briefly introduced the situation of epidemic prevention and control in the sub-district and thepidemic是什么意思e implementation of prevention and control work. He thanked the Shenzhenepidemic Lions Club for supporting the epidemic prdonationseventionwarming work in Huangbei street and bringing warmth to the frontlineheartshot战队 workers. The donation from The Lions Club of Shenzhen hasending是什么意思s noheartst only provided material support tofrontline什么意思 the frontline workers, but more importantly, inspired them mentally. It hafrontlines strengthened their confidence and determination in fighting thearts翻译he epidemic and contributed to winning the battle againheartsst the epidemic.

Li Ci stars. JPG

We are in the midst of a difficult timfrontlines是什么意思e. The Lions Club of Shenzhcaringen has activelheartshot战队y played the role of a social organization and taken concrete actions to fulfill its responsibility and responsibilifrontline翻译ty as a social organization, demonstrating the firm belieflions读音 that we are united as one and work together to build a sowarm怎么读语音lid defense line against the epidemic, and contributing to the prevlions英语怎么读ention and control of the epidemic.

 Guo Yongyong and Wei Xinxing. JPG

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[Photo] Lai Longsheng

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[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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