Shenzhen Lions Club and Shenzhen Blood Center held the "Red Action" exchange meeting

On October 29, 2020, more than 20 members of shenzhen Lions Club lion Friends visited the headquarters of Shenzhenlions读音 Blood Center anlions英语怎么读d held the 10th anniversary celebration of Red Action and the 11th Preparatory meactionseting of Red Action with the leaders of Shenzhen Blood Center. Shenzhen blood center secretary Lu Liang, director of blood donatired怎么读on FuWuKe yan-yan zhang, deputy director of the blue YuXiao,bloody schlcenteregel, President of shenzhen lioclubmanns in 202blood0-2021, zhi-qiang lu, supervisor XiaoXingPing, second deputy chairmancenter Peng Daojian, deputy secretary-general Cai Min,center什么意思 deputy secretary-general Fang Shilei, Zhang Zheqin, chairman of the zone, new, kevincenterbales Wei Xin, &schwarz, partition chairman li xiaofeng, Peng Dingkuan, Zhang Zhining, Chairmanexchange造句 of the Red Action Comheldmittelionsgatee and other officials attended the meeting.


On behalf of the Blood Center, Secretary Lu Liang would like to thank the lion friendheld中文s for coming. Later, he introducedblood怎么读 shenzhen's voluntcenter的形容词ary blood donation service a深圳市最新疫情nd another public welfare project of blood donation, "Thank you for meeting you". After the sharing, the lion friends recognized the efforts made by shenzhen Baction的动词lood Center in the public welfare credmi是什么手机ause of blood donation, and praised the achievembloodshedents made by the blood Center.  

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Chairman Zhanredg Zhining introduced the p深圳地铁线路图lanning plan and preparation progress of the red action, and presented the design plan of the emblem to everyone.


Lu Zhiqiang, chairman of ccPIT Xiamen, proposed that shenzhen's wiaction对魔忍nter "blood shorheldtage" could be alleviated by signing long-term regular blood donation contracts with sred是什么意思henzhen large groupsred怎么读 and large enterprclubmed官网预订ises, and the limitations of relying on weather for food and street pulling heads for blood donation coulclub怎么读d be changed. At thcenterpointe same time, hexchangede pointed out that when organizing blood don深圳疫情最新消息ation activities, serviceexchange用法及搭配 teams should prepare milheld的中文意思k, cereal and otheexchangedr life nutrients flion是什么意思中文翻译orredundant blood donors in advance. He hoped that everyoneheld would pool their wisdom and strength to contribute to the sustainable development of the project.


Xiao Xingping, superviheld过去式和过去分词sor, said that the 10th annheldeniversary celebration of Red Action should focus on the lion friends who donated blood more than 10 times andheld the love ambassadors of the 11th Red Action, and take into account the service team in photo colleclub用英语怎么说ction and presentation. She hoped that everyone wouldaction do a good job of publicity in advance to encourage more lion friends and the public to participate in the launching ceremony on December 12.


At the meeting, lion friends discussed how to carry out acred怎么读tibloodmalletvities during the epidemic, efficient deploaction的动词yment of blood donation vehi深圳风险等级cles, innovative highlights of the current Red Action and other issues. Secretary Laction下载u acenter是什么意思中文nd Director LAN gave some suggestions on these issues.

Visiting and undebloodc剧情介绍rstanding the blcenter怎么读ood collection and distriaction翻译bution process is acenter怎么读n essential part of each preparatory meeting. Lu Liang, secretary 1, introduced the principles and methods of blood collection, preparation and storage. In addition, Secretary Lu liangclub怎么读 also led the lion friends to visitlionsgate the blood supply service department, introduexchange短语cing the storage temperature and sto深圳疫情最新消息rage mode of various blood components one by one. Outside the blood supply department, there is an emergency blood d深证指数eclubman是什么牌子车livbloodc剧情介绍ery cart donatedheldback by the Shenzhen Lions Club 10 years ago.

A tactionotal of 503 servicheld过去式和过去分词e teams participated in the 1st to 10th sessions of the Shenzhen Lions Club red Action, and organized 605 blood donat深圳疫情最新消息ion a深圳疫情最新消息ctivities, successfully donating 68,633 peopllions英语怎么读e, wiredmi是什么手机th a total blood donation amount of 24.23 million ml. Let us look forward to the elions怎么读leventh red action, continue to work hard on the road of voluntary blood donatiexchangedon and love cause, and warm pengcheng.


[Text] Chen Xiaoxlions读音ue

[Photo] Wang Haibin

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Linactiongirls女兵人 Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du S深圳大学haoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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