Steady development of standardized operation — The third Board of Directors of Shenzhen Lions Club for 2017-2018 was successfully held

Normative operation is developing steadily

— The third Board meeting of Lions Club of Shenzhen for 201steadyme表达的啥意思7-2018 was successfully held

On January 13, 2018, the third board meeting of Lions Club Shenzhen for 2017-2018 was held at the Lions Club office in Shenzhen. The participating council members deliberated and passed the 16th Member Representatilions翻译ve Conlion是什么意思中文翻译ference, tdirector是什么意思中文翻译he registration and preparation of Guangdong Huashi Public Welfare Foundation, and the handling of reladevelopmentted issues of the service team, and approved 55 new members to join the association. They listenoperationsed to thestandardized翻译 notification ofdevelopment是什么意思 preparations fo深圳疫情最新动态r the 57thdevelopment怎么读英语 Annboardwalkual Conference of Southeast Asia, membership develstandardized翻译opment and retention, rectification of abnormal service teams, the third Huashi Festival, collection of membership dues, sdevelopment是可数名词吗tridirector是什么职位ct management of service teams’development是什么意思 two foperation翻译ees, advance loan cancellatdevelopment同义词替换ion, and the spirit ofdirectors relevant documents of CDPF.

In order to further enhance the credibility of Shenzhen Lions Club, improve the corporate governance structure o深证指数f Shenzhen Lions Club, sdirectors是什么意思trengthen social construction and service capacity, optimize the allocation ofoperation是什么意思 socialdirector是什么意思 resources, Shenzhen Lions Club will set up a foundation and althird的基数词locate 10 million yuan from the Shenzhen Lions Club foundation as the regithird的基数词stered capital. The provisional general Meeting of members is scheduled to be held on February 3, 2018 to review the proposals on the establishment of the Foundation and the financi深证指数ng method of the registered fund.

Secretary General Tsang Shidirectors翻译-yang announced a resolution on the alleged illegal operation of the Lions Club,third什么意思 requiring the club to change its name, optimize its membership structure, resubmit application materials, and refrain from conducting business in the name of lions club.director属于什么职务 Zeng Shi raise the secretary-general also communicate ZhongCanLian relevant document spirit, hope sheoperationallynzhen lions acti深圳风险等级vely explore functional construction of party branch, specifically disabled persons’ federation of shenzhen lions regulatory responsibilities, the guidance of the locked good politics, guide clearance, custom clearance and the atti深圳地铁线路图tud深圳大学e, to strengthen the construction of rulesstandardize翻译 and regulations, financial managoperation的动词emesteady翻译nt and information disclosuthird什么意思re, and standardize management of the foreign exchange.

At the meetisteadyng, the partidevelopment怎么读cipating councoperationil memdirector是什么软件bers discussed the preparatdevelopment怎么读ion for the 57th Annual Conference of Southeast Asia, the development andirector是什么意思d retention of members, the rectification of abnormoperation是什么部门al service teams, the thithird怎么读英语rd H深证指数uashi Festival, the collection of membership dues, the strict management and cancellation of service teams’ expenselionss and other contents, and made ssteady是什么意思uggestandardize翻译stions for rboardelevant work.

At the conclusion of the speech, President Tian Wangxing thanked all the leaders for attendidirector是什么意思ng the meeting in their busy scheduboard和broad怎么区分le, and thanked the council mdevelopments翻译embers for their support to the foundatiodevelopment可数吗n’s establishment and registration prepdevelopment怎么读英语aration. It is pooperationalinted oboard的中文意思ut that the election of the 16th General Assembly is about to begin, and it is hoped that all the council memberthird的基数词s will actively do a good job in the elelionsction of district council and sestandardize翻译rvice team. It reiterated the problems odevelopment怎么读f strict management of tboard和broad怎么区分wdirectors翻译o expenses and advance loan cancellatidirectors是什么意思on of the service teaboardingm, and hoped that the chairmen of each district could timely communicate and coordinate the problems existing in the service toperation是什么部门eam and help the abnormstandardized是什么意思al servthird翻译ice team. He saboard的中文意思id that Shenzhen Lions Club will unswervinglythird-party follow the path of lions club developeration翻译opment with domestic characteristics and do a good job in service.

The meeting was attended by 34 directors of Shenzhen Lions Club, including 2017 — 2018 President Tian Wangxin深圳疫情g, last president Shi Jianyong, first Vice President Ma Min, second Vicsteady的反义词e President Weng Hua, Secretarsteady和stabley General Zeng Shiyang, Chief Financial Officer Zhang Jian, Chief Executive Officer Peng Daojian,development的用法和搭配 Chief ilions翻译中文nspector Deng Yi and Executive Deputy Secretary General Luo Jinshenzhensong. Former presiddevelopment同义词替换ent Lstandardizedin Tao, Xiao Xingping, Shaoperations Haiyu, deputy chief supervisor Liao Ronghui, supervisors Chen Zong, Chen Qiufen, Zhang Li, Cao Haihong, district annual meeting committee exesteady和stable的区别cutive chairman Liu Dang and non-voting participants in the meeting. The meeting wasdevelopment造句简单带翻译 chaired by Luo Jinsong.

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