"Towards Growth" series of activities organized by The Service Team

Together at sea countryside
                            &nseries怎么读英语bsp;                                                towards短语  teambition                               &nbsteamop;       — Mileage service team &series的中文意思 LDquo;series怎么读英语 Towards growth & RDquo; Series of activitserviceableies

Cohesion begins at the regular membership meeting

   serviceman;         On the afternoon of Noveseries是什么意思英语mber 5, 2011, the first regular meeting of the club was held successfully. The mileage service team has a large nutowards怎么读mber oftowards用法 members, so regular meetings caorganize读音n strengthen interaction and cohesionorganized什么意思, especially the integratitowards怎么读on of newteambition lion friends. Giving all members the opportunity to speak and participatactivities的中文e is the essence of lions club.
            Liu Gorganize的形容词uopu, vice president of tgrowth翻译he Chinese Lion Association, described it in his microblog: Milservice是什么意思eage Service team is an excellent service team. It has been four years steamince Chen Shijun, the founding president of the club,teams and the four presidents love mileage as much as home & Hellip. … It was their blood that refused to partseries怎么读. But children must growactivities up, and they must bear the lion's love. … As children grow up, we all have to go thseries7手表rough the process of always having our hservicebioands, eyes and hearts. Now that children grow up, create more opportunities for them to experience in theactivities是什么意思翻译成中文 wind and rain. … ”
   towards音标;         This regular meetingseries是单数还是复数 is mainly on whether “ Gen will & throughout; The topic launched a fierce discussion, in the domestteamvieweric lion association vteams手机版ice president Liu Guopu shi Brother's enlightenment, we are aware of theactivities怎么读 need to create the organization, to expseries是什么牌子and the orgtowards造句anization, tgrowth组合he important role of propaganda organization, but from the emotional areservice difficult to give up a paiseries是什么牌子n. Yeah, when we stick to it. We serve ”towards是什么意思英语 To help tseries函数用法hose in need, to setowards造句rve society, to serve the community, often forgotten. We serve ” There is another profound meaningorganized翻译, that is to serve themselves ---- service and mutual aid our organization, our commtowards短语on home, expanding organizations, advocacy organizseries是什么意思英语ationseries函数用法s, love organizations “ We serve ” Is an importowards同义词tant category.
            I hope Guo Pu will bservice是什么故障灯e president. Lion love ten methods ” In the mileage service team carry forward, more go more standard, more go more healthy, reflect mileage people & LDquo; Miles come what you want. Conference slogan.
            1. Informatization of member management; 2.service Scale developmegrowthnt of members; 3. Membership retention for life; 4. Reseries怎么读英语gular memseries什么意思ber training; 5. Automatioseries怎么读n of member services; 6, member mutual assistance humanization; 7. Regular meetings of members shall be standardizetowards是什么意思d; 8. Internationaactivitieslization of member exchange; 9. Member donation is made public; 10. Scientific member awardsserviceman.  

Gather barbecgrowth动词形式ue oven wine on lion friendship

            Igrowth的用法n the afternoon, the regular meeting of members came to a successful conclusion, and the mileage service team gathered together in the idyllic barbecue and birthday parorganized翻译tactivities翻译y in the famous demonstration village of Shenzhen. — Shajing town and a village head, is also the service team lion friends wei East lion brother's mansion garden held. Lion friends finallyservice是什么意思中文翻译 had a chance to get close to the life otowardsf shenzhen's originorganize的意思al residents, and were amazed: every family has a neat mansion villa, and the village committeorganized翻译e office building has a auditactivities和activity的区别orium that can seat 2,000 people. Barbecue dinner is very lively, favoriorganized什么意思te is thorganized什么意思e pot of chicken porridge, wine on lion friendship, happy!
            One destination, the above president of the small kun led the lion brother, lion brother - in - law quickly set up a barbecue, soonactivities翻译 the flames licking charteamworkcoal huff up! The lion-sisters formed up spontaneously by the grilorganizedl. Throughout the &; Woractivities是什么意思翻译成中文d, willing to be a good wife. Lion fservice怎么读riends show their skills, each doinactivities是什么意思翻译成中文g their duty, some to wash fruit, some to insert chicken wings, steak, some to place tables and chairs, all busy, flashing cheerful busy figure, very lively.

           growth是什么意思英语; Look, tteam是什么意思翻译he lion brotherteampro bao Lei and several lion brothers-iteampron-law of the mileage service team are very dedicated to serving the lion friends. They roast ractivities思维导图ow after row oftowards怎么读 mutton skewers, slices of steak and strings of chicken wings. They eat them in other people's mouths and are sorganized翻译weet in their hearts. Lion friends laugh that Bactivities怎么读ao Lei need not be afraid of unemploteamviewerymeactivitiesnt, the big deal to east gate stalls barbecue lamb kebabs, ha ha & Hellip; …
            The lion brothers and sisters were toasting eachtowards造句 other with lateammaterge cans of beeseries的中文意思r and drinks sponsored by The lion brothers and Zhiteam是什么意思翻译jian. Holdgrowth怎么读ing qingyuan chicken porridge prepared by Wei Dong Shi Brother since afternoon, enough for more thactivities是什么意思an 50 people, woseries的中文意思w! Food is reaservice翻译lly numerous, beautiful, gooactivities怎么读d a & LDquo; Great &team throughout; Thetowards是什么意思 word was written with joy on everorganize的固定搭配y face present. … . Hours passed by eating and talking. … . After the barbecue, lion frienorganized中文翻译ds of Novemberservice是什么意思 birthday gatherseries翻译ed together, birthday song, heaven meal, congrowth动词形式gratulation, cream and hellip. … Delicious barbecue! Happy interactioorganize的形容词n! Crazy birthday party!activities怎么读 Recreates the & other; Miactivities翻译les miles crazy toss ” The fellowship slogan.

            Througrowth的动词gh this fellorganizedowship, many new lion friends, lion sigrowth动词形式ster-iorganize的形容词n-law, and lion brothetowardsrs-in-law have a closer understanding of the lion club, I believe that the lion frieactivities是什么意思翻译成中文ndtowards音标s from the family support added a new storganize的固定搭配rength. Miles club is the largestorganized couples club in Shenzhen. Famiactivitiesly support is very important, and family members are encouraged to participate in all servtowards造句ices and fellowship.
In a word, gratitude, gratitude, moved. Grateful lion friends havseries什么意思e such enthusiastic emotioseries怎么读英语nal input; Thanks to Wei Dong Shi Brother for providing the venue and delicious food;organize的固定搭配 The unconditional dedication of President Chou Jijian is a true illustratiorganize的意思on of a loving family.

The secondservice是什么故障灯 Excellence Leadershgrowth是什么意思英语ip Tseries7手表raining

   teammate  growth怎么读;       After the sensational effect of tan zhaolin's first excellent leadership tteamorainiorganized怎么读ng, lion friendgrowth怎么读s were eagerservice可数吗ly waiting for the second leadership traininorganize的名词g finally arrived. After sleeping foactivities是什么意思r a night in the rural wooden house on the sea, everyone was in high spiritsseries7手表 and waited for it. Thisorganize的固定搭配 excellent leadersseries是单数还是复数hip training was held in Shenzhen Sea Garden, with more thteam什么意思an 30 members and guests attending. Brother Tam Siu-lun, a renowned leadership guru, will give a lecture on the application of leadersgrowth的动词hip to lions club practice.
            At 8:30 train started on time, brother Tan Zhaseries怎么读olin lion today, lead to show leadershitowards造句p, and he is professional and playfully speech for lion ftowards音标riends lectures about the science of uniting the outstanding leaders in six, threseries是单数还是复数e nature of leadership, the leadership of the four main types "and other relevant knowledge, through sharing and grouping experiential exercises to strengthen the training retowards同义词sults, And combined withservice是什么意思 the mileage servicetowards短语 team more than three years of practice,towards怎么读 objective and ruthleorganize读音ss case rseries怎么读英语eview, or praise or criticism, regardless of your cool or uncomfortable, the last sentence: because I love you! That's brilliant, one. Love & throughout; Word, thgrowth的动词e otowardsriginal can dissolve everything!  
            Theorganized中文翻译 last president xiao Kun shi Brother sorganize的形容词aid:towards “ I have benefited a lot from this training. Iseries怎么读 have seen the progress of President Liservice是什么故障灯 Chaoshi, the rapid growth of the first vice President Zhijian Shi, the transformation of former President Dseries的中文意思JI Shiorganize的形容词, and the maternal love of the presiteamdent Shijun Shi, which makactivities用英语怎么说es my blood boiling again. Myservicebio family is a group otowards音标f positive and eager to legrowth怎么读arn. Thanks to Miss Tan and her team for their contributionactivities怎么读 to this event. &rorganize的名词dquo;
      &growth动词形式nbsp;     When I first attended ttowards同义词an's leadership training, one sengrowth怎么读tence still stuck in my mind: “ Computers need to changeseries是单数还是复数 theiractivities是什么意思翻译成中文 CPU to keep up with The Times, let alone people? ” Recall that a lot of people ateam什么意思re very willing to spend money on eating and drinking, skittering and material enjoyment, but not willing to give their brain to replactowards造句e the CPU, as they do not know that investment igrowth造句n the brain is hseries怎么读英语is. One of the secrets of the rapid and steady development of mileagtowards造句e service team: attach great importance to the growth of members andtowards短语 build a leateamprorning team. Encteambitionourage ltowards是什么意思英语ion friends to pay, bactivities用英语怎么说ut also pay more attentitowards和toward有什么区别on to create an atmosphere for the growth of members, to achieve a win-win situation, which will be another feature of mileage service team.

            Glad we have a learning team, because of you, let us have a piece of soil can take root, sprout, blossom, fruit; Thank you for having such an eorganized翻译xcellent teacher and friend, because of you, help us to grow quickly, thank you, teacher Tan, we love yougrowth是什么意思英语. Bestorganize的意思 wishes again to mileers & LDquo; Mileage mileage brocade rust future ” The service slogan played incisively and vividly.

By Wu Di, Liu Yujiao & Ntowards同义词BSP; Figure/organized怎么读xinjiang



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