Lions Club of Shenzhen hosts New Year charity gala (source: Shenzhen Business Daily A03)

  Shenzhen Lions club held New Year charity gala

      [Shenzhen Economic Daily] (reportsource是什么意思er Deng Xiaoqun) yesterday, & LDquo; Crystal Clear night & Lsquo; Intravenous drip love & middot; Summed up the sea & rsquosources是什么文件夹; — — 201hosts修复4 New Year Chosts文件是干什么的hari旮旯怎么读ty Gala of Shenzhen Lions Club & RDQUO; Held at Futian Shangri-La Hotel shenzhen. Representatives from lions Clubs intgalakuernational,new是什么意思英语 Lions clubs in China, and the city care and care Offsource车上按键什么意思ice, as well as lion friends from Hong Kong, Macao, Guangdong, Dalian, Harbin and more than 600 people gathered together with Shenzhen Lions Club lion Friends.

&nbclub翻译sp;     Over the years, Shenzhen Lions Club has actively participated in public welfare and chclubmedaritable activities in disaster relief, poverty alleviation, health care, education, rehabilitation of the disabled, environmental protection, communigalanz是什么牌子ty services and other fisource引擎elds. More than 6,000 service activities have been carried out, with an investment olions是什么意思f about 170 million yuan. Amon深证指数g them, more than 17,000 cataract patients were operated for free, and more than 60 million yuan was donated for disaster reliefgala and reconstruction, and more than 8 million yuan was raised forgalaxy是什么牌子 assisting the disabled and orphans. More than 40 lion schools wnewere built, benefiting 30 millionclub people.

     &ngalakubsp;hosts文件如何修改Yesterday evening party raised a sum of money, all the money will be uselions翻译中文d for the shenzhen Lions club’s charity service projects.

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