"Red action" into the xiangmi Lake yesterday hundreds of citizens braved rain blood donation

Operation Red enters Honey Lake

Hundreds of citizens braved the rain to donate blood yesterday香蜜沉沉烬如霜剧情介绍

Source: Shenzhen Eveyesterday是什么时态ning News & NBSP;       January 07, 2018

▲ Citizens participate in blood donatiintolerableon activities. Photo by Shenzhen Evening News reporter Qin Yao

Shenzheactionn Evening News (reporter Qin Yao) "red movement" honey lake, warm blood. Yesterday, despite the lighbrave的比较级t rain, still unable to stop the pace of citizens eager to donate blood. On the same day, shenzhen Blood Center, Shenzhen Lions Club fuai Service team, Xiangmihu Sub-district office,laker Dredmionghai Group jointly held a large-scale love blood donation activity in xiangmihu Donghai City Square. Hundreds of people pa香蜜沉沉rticipated in the blood do香蜜nation activity, adding warmthhundred是什么意思英语 to the winter iinto1成员n the citinto1超话社区y.

On the day of the event,citizen手表 Ms. Cheng, a 45-year-old citizen, braved the rain to donate blood. She said she was donating bloobrave的中文d for the first time an香蜜沉沉烬如霜演员表d wanted to contrinto怎么读ibute to society in this way. According to stayesterday吉他谱tistics, a total of 134 people, 47900 ml of blood were collected successfully.

According to the statisinto1tics of the city's blood center, the tlakersotal amount of blood donated by Red Action accounts for 10 percent of the city's annual blood bank, which means 10 out of every 100 bags of blood come from Red Action. Red Action has become a kecitizen是什么牌子y forcactione in winter blood security in Shenyesterday的中文zhen, among wreductionhich the Fuai Sbrave的意思ervicinto1小跟班e team has been widely praised by citizens and officiaredmils.

"Red action" walked into xiangmi Lake yesterday, 100 citiyesterday什么意思zens braved thlakese rain to donacitizenship翻译te blood

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