The Red Action Committee held its first working meeting

On August 24, 2020, the first working meeting of red Action Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club 2020-2021 was held in The Light of France club of Baoan Jcommittee怎么读iahoheld的中文意思ng Motor City. Tang Xishun, Special Assistant to the president of Lions Club shenzhen; Zhang Zhining, chacommittee翻译irman of Red Action Committee; Chen Xiaoxuecommittee翻译, Peng Yuanwei, Lei Shengzhu, Liu Baijing, Chen Zhenghua, Liu Can, Executive Chairman of Discipline Commfirst怎么读英语ittee Long Yalfirstname填姓还是名i; Peredundantng Xing, Executive chairman of AIDS committee for The Prevention of Blindness; Wang Haibin, Executive Chameeting是什么中文意思irman of Shenzhen Lions News Agency (Publicity Committee); Red Actfirstlyion bmeetingyou是什么意思rredundantand Consultant Feng Qijiang and Brand Secretary General Wu Di attended the meeting.

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The lion participants expresseitsyou是什么意思d their opinions and divergent thinking, aheld怎么读的nd had a heated discussion on the 10th aredmi是什么手机nniversary of "Red Action" and the goals of the 11th "Red Actionaction下载". After consultation, the 10th anniversary of "Red Action" and the 11th launch ceremony of "Red Action" will be held at the same time, and the 1firsthand0th anniversary video and brochure wimeetingsll be produced at that time; In October 2020, the Red Action Comheld怎么读的mittee will organize a visit to the blood center, guide the service team to carry out blood donation activities, and award prizes tcommittee和commissiono the 10th "Red Action" participating sredervice team during the event.

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Chairman Zhang Zredmik40hining proposed that members of taction翻译he committee carry out the red action by docking each college district and servfirst nameice team respectively. After coordination, Zhang Zhining, Long Yali and Zhang Kun were responsible for the docking wred怎么读ork of zone 1 and Zone 2; Chen Zhenghua, Liu Can and Peng Yuanwei were responsible for the joint work of the third and fourth zones; Lei Shengzhu, Chen Xiaoxue and Lmeetingyou是什么意思iu Baiheld的中文意思jing are responsible for the docking work omeeting翻译f the fifth and sixth zones. Chairitselfman Zhang Zhining once again clarired是什么意思fied the tasks and division of work for the year and looked forward to tmeeting腾讯会议he splendid presentation of the 11th "Red Action".

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In the end, Mr. Feng Qijiang, brand consultant of Red Action, systematically explained the brandcommittee造句 story of Red Action, so that we cfirst青年电影展ouheld的意思是什么ld further understand the launch of red Action and iaction对魔忍ts development imeetingn the past ten years. Brand Secretary Geheld过去式和过去分词neral Wu Di shi Jie shared how to launch titstimefor和to区别he "Red Campaign".red Everyone benefitemeeting腾讯会议d a lot from learning.

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[Text] Chen Xiaoxue

[Photo] Wang Haibin

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

【 Compitstimefor和to区别osition 】 Qiu &upheld NBSP;   peng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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