Lions Club of Shenzhen joins hands with enterprise to promote myopia prevention and control in primary and secondary schools (source: Shenzhen Special Zone Newspaper, December 02, A08)

  Shenzhen Lions Club and enterprises promote myopia prevention and control深圳地铁线路图 in primary and secondary schools & NBSP;
        Shenzhen special Zone news (reporter Fu Yawei)enterprise可数吗 reporter learned yesterday, Shenzhepromote造句n Lions club wilclub是什么意思l use technology means, joint enterprises to promote the prevention and control of myopia in primarjoinsbfordinner什么意思y and secjoinsbforsth的意思ondary schools.
      &nenterprise是什么意思英语bsp; Yesterday afternoon, Shenclubszhen Lions Club and a technology company in Hangzhou donatedclubmed 100 sets of vision correction tclubmed官网预订raining systems for teenagerenterprise是什么版本s to Yitian Primary School in Futian District. Lions will be responsible person told reporters. It is understood that this technology produclions的音标t uses multiple sets ofenterprise形容词 fog lenses, convenient for teenagers to read and write, use computers, watch TV and vision trainprevention怎么读ing and other occaclub是什么意思sions to wear; At the same time, the supporting service software can help teenagers prevent深圳天气 and control myopia with the help of computers, smart TVS and other carriers. The systeclubmedm’s software and APP can also check eyesight on a computer or mobile phone. The company will conclub怎么读tact some optician stores to join the public welfare program and regularly remind palions英语怎么读rents to take their children to optician slions的音标tores to have their ey深圳疫情最新消息esight tested through wechat and its client app.
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