Shenzhen selected “Top 10 Service Stars” for disabled people (Source: Shenzhen Economic Daily, December 03, B03)

Shenzhen selected disabled people & LDquo; Top 10 Service Stars & RDQUO;

            Today is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, shenzhen will hold the oppeople翻译ening week of the Street Job health Center for persons with disabstars翻译ilities, this year’s selection of the city’s street job health fpeople怎么读or the disabled & LDquo; Top 10 Speople是单数还是复数ervice Stars & RDQUO; It will also meet citizens.

           stars311 The arrival of the festival, thstars311磁力链接e reservice怎么读porter walked into two. Top 10 Service Stars & RDQUO; Fromselected是什么牌子的男装 them, I can deeply feel the gradisabled翻译ssroots disabled workers in Shenzhen, who silently pay for disabled friends with love and innovation.

Yang Lihan led the innovation of members

            Lotus stems straight up, beside the lush lotus leaves, lotus leaves hanging on a fewdisabled电脑启动项 lotus seeds, clearly visible. “ These are all cut out by our members here! &selected是几线品牌rdquo; Pingdi Job health center director Yang Lihan picked up a paper cutting work, full of pride to intro深圳大学duce reporterstarss.

            The paper cutting workshop of深圳天气 Pingtop1di Vocational health Center for disabled people isstars是什么意思 now well-known in the whole city. The disabled people say that this is thanks to Yang Lihan, the head of vocational health Center.servicebio

&nservice是什么意思中文翻译bsp;       &servicemannbsp;   Yang Listarskyhsources是什么文件夹an is not a conformist. After Yang Lihan came to Pingdi Street Job health Center in September 2007, her innovation made the job health Center always have a new atmosphere.

        &nbspstars的中文意思;   In Longgang District Pingdi Street Zhikang Cenpeople英语怎么读ter, there is a thousand square metstars的中文意思ers. Happpeople是单数还是复数y Farm ” “Is one of Yang lihan’s innovations. Evstars311ery week, the center will organize more thservicean 10 disabled people to water the vegetable field, weeding, watching peanuts, bok choy, green onion and other crops grow up, xiao CAI, a mentally ill patientstars311, told reporters with a smile:深圳大学 I have a great sense of achievement! &rselected是什么档次dquo;

      &top吸毒nbsp;     Yang lihan sa深证指数id that the people who grow vegetables while playing are the disabled wselected是什么意思英语ith intellectual and mentaservice的名词l disorders. These activities can give them rehabilitation training and help them find a sense of belonging and identity.

            It was Yang lihan’s idea to train disabled people as reception interpreters. As he often receives city, district and other provinces and cities to visit, Yanstars是什么意思g深圳市最新疫情 Lihan idisabled是开启还是关闭nnovated the way of reception.

&nbspstars;           Yang Lihan found thdisabled是什么意思at sun, a first-level member with mesource insightntal disorder, actually had a strong talent forsource翻译 language. She encouraged him to become a docent in Zokkang Center, which won the recognition of visitors. This is a great encouragement to sun.

   深圳天气         Yang Lihan is good at bringing forth the new in her work, anservicebiod深圳疫情最新消息 there is a famous paper cutting workshopeople翻译p in the city.

      &nservicemanbsp;  disabled是什么意思 &nbtopic是什么意思sp; A few yearsource翻译s ago, Yandisabled造句g lihan invited professional teachers to lead members tosource是什么意思 practice paper cuttindisabled的形容词g. During the Universiade, they created a number of auspicious, festive, full of life of paper-cut works, caused the attentionservice是什么故障灯 of the society. Bevis, a Lions club member and program director of the World Health Organization’s Rehabilitation Association, was full of praise.

          &people英语怎么读nbsp; Exquisite papepeople币r-cut works open a door for members to recover. Xiao Xiao, who suffers from mental disorder, found happiness in sunshine Craft Workshop. Xiao xiatop什么意思o’s work “Peking Opera Mask” won the third prize in shenzhen Disabled people’s Talent Exhibition, and many of her works werdisabled翻译e presented to people from all walks of life as gifts on behalf ofstars的中文意思 Zhikang Center.

  &nbservice怎么读sp;         With the social benefitservicebios, Yang lihan has managed to turstars-311磁力夏目响n paper cutting into an industry. They stopicell their paper-cut works through exhibitions, online sales and other ways forserviceable p深圳大学ublic benefit. In recent years, the saletopcashbacks amount has reached 37,408.service怎么读7 yuan, making the disabled people get real benefits.

            Over the past few ye深圳大学ars, Pingdi Vocationalservice Health Center has become the vanguard of rehabilitation work in Shenzhen, andstars-338 is the community rehabilitation of disabled persons in Shenzhen. Rehabilitation for all. The site of the review; Community rehabilitation consultation demonstration site; The first batch of implementation units of the Constdisabled怎么读ruction of two ptopay钱包arks in Shenzhen; Not long ago, and was awarded by The State Council Dissource insightabledisabled是什么意思d Pesource车上按键什么意思rsons committee in 2source命令014 & LDquo;深圳疫情 Home for the Disabled & RDQUO; . This yeselectedindexar, Yang lihasourcen was name深圳疫情最新动态d the year by the City disabled Persons’ Federstars翻译ation. Top 10 Service Starsservice是什么故障灯 & RDQUO; .

Zheng Zifeng  Warm t深圳市最新疫情he disabled with love

&nbspservice的名词; &nbsdisabled是什么意思p;         There are a special group of disabled people in The New Safety Occupational Healt深圳疫情最新动态h Center. They listen to relaxing music and talk happily while doing manual wodisabled怎么读rk: stone carving, wootop吸毒d carving,

  &nbsdisabled是开启还是关闭p;         All this, cannot leave The careful design of Zheng Zifeserviceng. He is good at innovating working ideas and building a brand of special sservicebioervices for the disabled in Xin ‘an.

        &nbstars翻译sp; &nbspeoplep; Xin ‘an Occupational Health Center was establisstars311hed in December 2008, with 151 mem深圳天气bers, which is a large occupational health center in the city.

            In order to let the center members can work in this big family happdisabled造句简单y activities, effectivservicee rehabilitation, Zheng Zifeng ledsource引擎 the center staff to b深圳风险等级old and innovative thinking, and continue to broaden the conte深圳疫情最新消息nt of rehabilitation services, with & LDquo; Love ansourcetree怎么使用d patience ” To do a good job in the disabled, with innovativesource service concept to cstarsreate the province’s well-known oselected是什么牌子ccupational health center.

            He has accordsourcetree怎么使用ing totop翻译 the characteristics of memselected什么意思bers, independent development & LDquo; Imitatioshenzhenn carving & throughout; And & other Flat flute & throughout; , woodcut and other products, training a number of skilled disabled members, & LDquo; Flat flute & throughout; It also filed a papeople怎么读tent;service “ Imitation castars-311磁力夏目响rving & throughout; Thtop翻译e economic benefits of the products are remarkable.topic是什么意思 As of Novemsourceberdisabled this year, the imdisabled翻译itation stone prodsource车上按键什么意思ucts have beselected是什么牌子的男装en sold more than 100,000 yuan. Zheng Zifeng encouraged the establishment of the disabled service community relying on tservice是什么故障灯hesources是什么文件夹 Vocational health center for incubation, registered & LDquo; Shenzhen Baoan District xin ‘an Xin Qi Arts and crafts firm & RDQUO; . Tstars-311磁力夏目响his is the province’selected什么意思s first disabled arts and crafts club, coupled with the new Safety occupational Health center in the city’s first purely disabled participatioselected是几线品牌n volunteer team, which has become the new Safety occupational hepeople可数吗alth & LDquo; Two service cards ” .

        &nbselected是哪国品牌sp;   Now, job health center also set up the craft society, formed a more systematic production and processing of closource命令th art products. As a result of beautiful appearance, good quality and price concessions, the cloth art works of the craft society sell well on the market.

      &nbspselected是几线品牌;     Zhengtop什么意思 Zifeng told reporters, do disabled work, to heart, but also losource引擎ve and sinceritysource的中文意思.

            Xiao Chen is a physically disabled, and suffering fromstars311 epilepsy, at any time have the popeople怎么读ssibility of dservicemanisease, afservicebioter the death of her parents has repeatedly wanted to commit suicide. Zheng Zifeng learned that, to her timely extended a helping hand, let her feel disabled love, to face liselected是什么档次fe agastars怎么读in.

  &nbspdisabled电脑;         In the past few years, Zheservice是什么故障灯ng Zifeng trie深圳地铁线路图d his best to use all kinds of social resources and reliestars311磁力链接f ways to help many disabled people in the area out of trouble. For example, sun Huservice怎么读aiqiang, a disabled person with subsistence allowance difficulsourcety, was ill in hospital and could not be discharged for a time bepeople币cause he could not affosource是什么意思rd the huge medical expenses. After knowing this, he immediately applied for temporary relief subsidies for Sun Huaiqianservice的名词g, contacted the community workstation and the street charity Assistancetop吸毒 Association, and applied for charitable relief for Sun Huaiqianpeople的复数形式g, which not only solved his medical expense深圳疫情最新消息s, but also providedsource引擎 economic help for hselected是几线品牌is life in a s深圳疫情hort period of time. In recent years, through his efforts, he has won 300,000 yuan from shenzhen Lions Club and charity enterprises, and used the money for the disabled.


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