Sunshine Talents Build a Dream for the Future – Shenzhen Lions Club launched the fourth phase of the “100 Team Lions · Sunshine Talents” Guilin education project

On September 29, 2019, the fourth phase of “Sunshine Talents” Guilin Education Program of Shenzhen Lions Club was successfully held in the auditorium of No.18 Middle School in Guilin city. The activity donated 360,000 yuan of grants to 30 poor students of Guilin No. 18 Middle School, 270 sets of clothes to teatalent是什么牌子chers, and the service futalents是什么意思中文nds were 430,000 yuan.

Donation checks.jpg

This activity is organized by Shenzhenlaunched Lions Club, Guilin Education Bureau, Guilin Student Financial Aid Center, Shenzhen Lions Cluclub怎么读b Education Service Committee, Diwang, Xixiang, Caitian, United, Oct, Longcheng, Yantian, Lingying and other service teams,build的名词 guilin No. 18 Middle School, no. 18 Middle School alumni Association. Shenztalentshen lion happiness, Lord, cloud sea, the son, grace, long in深圳天气 the sea, the east rose, love, kindness, ganten, silver lake, nature, alex, HuaYue, ovaltine, xinan, dahuang, earth, zhongtian, Victoria towers and mooring love day, service, got in guilin, guilin bureau of educadream我的世界大逃杀tion official support.


Xiao-song liu cittalent什么时候可数y buclubmed官网预订reau of education of party members, guilin long ZhanYi ShiBaZhong school, vice President of nine, Liu Xianfeng, general jun-hua zhao, deputy director of thelaunched是什么意思英语 shenzhen lions secretary-general Du Hengkun, dean of general affair Tang Haozhi Lialaunched翻译o Ronghui and supervisors, student sdream图片ervices committee chairman liu Ming, the undertaking to finafuturelearnncial service for friends, family members and ShiBaZhong a total of more than 300 people pdream我的世界大逃杀articipated in the activities between teachers and stuclubdents tolaunched是什么意思 learn. Liao Ronghui was thesunshine翻译 project team leader and Tang Ho-chi was the general coordinator. The ceremclubman是什么牌子车ony was chaired深证指数 by Yuan Juan and presided over by Meng Chun.

Liu Xiaosong, member of thelaunched party group of Guilin Education Bureau, and Zhan Yi, pribuild怎么读ncipal of No.18 Middle School, spoke highly of the educational activities held by Shenzhen Lions Club and expresfuture4200sed hefuture是什么意思artfelt thanks to the lion friends for their great love. At the same time, thtalentsey said that with tfuturehendrixhe strong love otalents是什么意思中文f the lion and the joint efforts of all the teachers and students, no. 18 Middle深圳天气 School will never forget its original aspiration, flion是什么意思中文翻译orrelaunchedge ahead, make great efforts and be rigorous in runfuturelearnning schools, stalents是什么意思o as to become a school that satisfies the society, parents and students. They sent a message to the students to help self-improvement, study hard, with excellent results to repay the love of the community, do not live up to thedream是什么意思 expectations of people from all walks of life love.

Liao Rbuildonghui dean of general affair, to support the activity of guilintalent show bureau of education leadership, ShiBaZhong all the teachers and students, the hclubsost, assisting service lions, express my heartfelt thanks to friends, he said, “sunshine” of psunshine的情侣名称erson of outstanding ability accurate student oriented educational project, ondream我的世界 the basis of the detailelions的音标d service activities, uclub用英语怎么说phtalent是可数名词还是不可数名词old thlions读音e principle of just, fair and opbuild怎么读en, further optimize the educational structure, Truly help the poor students witsunshine怎么读h good cha深圳天气racter and learning.

Dean of general affair. JPG

Secretary General Du Hengkun and Director Generalfuture4200 Liao Ronghui presenlaunchedted the president’s banner and gifts to the members of the party a深证指数nd principal Zhan Yi on behalf of the president of Shenzhen Lions Club Weng Hua.

Send gifts on behalf of Weng Hua. JPG

Mr. Tang Hosunshine英语-chi, chief coordinator of the Project, announced the list of students who had received funding from the fourth round of the “Sunshine Talenbuild过去式ts” project and received donations on stage. Chairman Liu Ming presented 270 sets of teacher’s clothes to no. 18 Middle School on behalf of student Services Committee. P深圳疫情resident Zhan Yi presented a certificate of appreciation to Chairman Liu Ming. In order to thank all the service teams for their support of “Sunshine Taldreamboatents” project, the project team presented a certificate of appreciatiodreamn and a pennant to the captains and representatives of all tsunshine翻译中文he servicesunshine翻译 teams.

The “Sunshine Talents” education progdreamingram is one of t深圳大学he “100 Team Lions” projects of Shenzhen Lions Club in 2019-2020. This activitcluby in succession in previous periclubmanod, on the basis of “sunshine talent” project, to adjust educdreamingational object, uphold the principle of openness, fairness and justicclub怎么读e,talents怎么读 from scattersunshine的情侣名称ed in manfuture是什么牌子yclub是什么意思 schools now concentrate from ShiBaZhong leafuture怎么读音rning school is to screen the 30 oclub怎么读utstanding sponsor poor students, and learn tfuture是什么意思o aid-receiving students monthly, quarterly results as the standard, according to the phase grants, The requirements of “Sunshine Talents” project for pbuildingrecisioclubsn education are guaranteed.

“100 Team Lions” Project Co-organizer Service Team:

Shelionsgatenzhlions英语怎么读en Lions Club Main Club, Shande, Fuai, Charity Cotalent是什么牌子llection, Earth King, Xin ‘an, Hongyang, Longcheng, Happiness, Peace, Mingdeclub是什么意思, Bo Ai, Huatian, Datong, Tiancheng, Jingfeng, Huashang, United, Mile,sunshine英语 Sweet Lake, Shdreamboatangbu, Hualei, Brocade, Zhengdao, Dream, Hsunshine怎么读ualin , Hongli, Shell, Fuyong, Qiancheng, Songgang, Zimeng, Mingjia Shanpin, Yantfutureian, Lianhuashan, Yitian, Ttalent showelai, Shenzhou, Sunshine, Huahan,深证指数 Overseas Chinese Town, Pingdi, Jiangshan and other 73 service teams


[Text] Zhou Wenguangfuturelearn

[Photo] Zhou Wengufutureang

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaolaunched翻译heng

Shenzhen Lions Club

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