Deep fusion of lion disability fun sports with fun

On September 28, 2019, the first "Shenshan-Lion Fusion" Cup Sports meeting and the second International Deaf Festival Badmintofusion是什么意思n Match for Disabled people was held in the badminton court on the third floodeeplr of Shenzhen Comprehefusion公司nsive Service Center for The Ddeepl翻译isabled with adeepen service fund of 8,000 YUAN.fusionapp下载

Du Hengkun, secresports用英语怎么说tary general of Liofundnslion翻译 Club of Shenzhen, said tdeepesthat the badminton match of the Internationalion怎么读l Deaf Festival provides a platfordeepinm for delion复数af friends to show themselves, which is in line with thfusion翻译e direction of lions Club of Shenzhen to provdeepestide accurate assistance to the disabled. I hope that lions ffuneralriend妇女权益保障法s can compete with deaf athletes in the badminton match in line with the principle of "friendship ffunkirst, competition second". I wish the activity a complete success.


Zhu Xianxian, chairman of Shenzhen Deaf Association, delivered a speech, expressing gratitude to shenzhen Lions Club and fsportsmeet翻译中文riedeepestnds from all walks of lifun是什么意思fe for csports怎么读英语单词aring and supporting the cause of deaf peoplelion怎么读 on behalf of Shenzhen Deaf Association. She said there are about 20.75 millionsports怎么读英语单词 hearing impaired people in China, and althoufusion360gh they cannfusion翻译ot hear, many of them are talented people who are sfusiontriving to make progress. She thanked the Lions club for providing a platform for deaf friends to show their skills, anddisability hoped that more caring enterprises and organizations would join in the disabled and health harmony to hesports怎么读英语单词lp more deaf friends integrate into the society and jointly share a better life.


Su Jianhua, chairman of shenzhen Lfusion是什么意思ions Club poverty Alleviation and Assistancefusion怎么读 Committee, gave a speech and briefly introduced shenzhen Lions Club and thsportsweare origin of this event. , she said in response to ZhongCanLian and the lion's csportswearall, runoff well-off deaf friends and common developmentlion翻译 hasportsmeet翻译中文nd in hand, this year, shenzhen liolionsns to "cultural quality, project operating activfunctionities, dideepl下载splay social advance" as the model, echo Wengsports怎么读英语单词Hua President "with servicsports用英语怎么说es, harmony" spirit of service, supporfusion公司t of rich and colorful style activities held by shenzhen association of the deaf, Guide and encourage the hearing disability self-esteem, self-confidence, self-improvemfun是什么意思ent, self-relifundamentalance, help them out of the home to society. I hope that with the continuous development of the activities, the whole society will pay attention to the disabled friends, give them support and encouragement, so that they can share the fruits of economic and social development.


Lu Zhiqiang, the filion的音标rst vice president of Lions Club shenzhen, affirmed the importance of strengthening physical exercise for the physical and mental development of deaf frsports翻译iends. On the occasion of the 62nd Intsports翻译ernational Festival of the Deaf, he extsportsended festfundival greetings to tfundamentalhe deaf friends on behalf of Lions Club Shenzh妇女权益保障法en andsportswear expressed the hope that such cultural and sports activities would continue. He hopes that through such activities, the whole society will pay attention to and care for deaf friends, and build more plalionkktforms fofunr deaf friensportsmeet翻译中文ds to display and communicate.


After that, the referelionse expllions英语怎么读ained the rulesportsmanships of the competition, and all the athletes were divided into eight teamsdeepl, which were divided into 21 points based on the best ofdeeply three games. Lion friends cultusports翻译re and sports fellowship centefunctionr chairman Liu Jun do on-site msports用英语怎么说obilization. Z妇女权益保障法hang Zhining, chairman of the conference, announced the official start of the competition. After a day oflion的中文意思 fiercedeepl翻译 competition, deaf friends won many awards by virtue of their own level. The resu呋喃唑酮片lt is: champion futian team, runner-up Luohu team, third nanshan team, fourth Longgang team, fifth Longhua team, sixth Baoan team. The judges awardedfusion是什么意思 the athletes with gifts sponsored by the caring enterprises anfusion怎么读d indeepdividuals, and the organizers allionelso alion的中文意思wardesports和sport的区别d the caring groups and individuals with certificates of appreciation.

In line with the purpose of sports, health adeepestnd publicfunction welfare, this competition not only promotes public welfare construcliontionsportsman and promotes health awareness, but also provides a platform for communication and interaction between deaf associations in various districts and Shenzhen Lion Friends.

The badminton game was organized by Shenzhen Lions Club and Shenzhen Association of deaf people, organized by Shenzhen Lions Club Poverty Alleviation andisabilityd Disability Support Committee and Lion Friends Sports and Sports Center. Shenzhen lions Victoria towers, zhongtian, stakes, burson-marsteller, lions, love footdisabilityball, fu, gfusion音乐anten, alex, yantian, long in the sea, hong ya, mooring love, lily, lotsportsman翻译us, the spark, the goodisabilityd German, Wen Jin, Chinese entrepreneurs, wutong mountsportsman翻译ain, happiness, liuzhou,function oct, the path, HuaYue, red, silver lake, the xin li, mooring love, blue sky, checkpoint, macro Yang, maritime, grace, Orielionsntal rose, reaching for the sky It is co-organized by 59 service teams such as Nature, Dadi, Hualin, Tiande and shenzhen Lions Badeepestdminton Team.

Shenzhfusionaccessen lions first vice-chafunkirman zhi-qiang lu 2019-2020 and the secretary-genefunctionral Du Hengkun, li xiaofeng, chairman of the 11th partition, poverty alleviation and assistive committee chairman jian-hua su, lion friendly style fellowship center chairman, Yale, poverty allevifusion翻译ation and assistive committee, executive chairman of the team, shenzhen deaf associafusion是什么意思tion President zhu string string, shenzhen Wanlion是什么意思g Yiqiang deaf association vice chairman, More than 100 participants participated in the activity, including the chairman team of shenzhen Deaf Assportsmeet翻译中文sociation, liao Zhenwu, secretary of Shenzhen Disabledlion Persons' Association Office, and the deaf friends, volunteer Union and kecheng Experimental School student volunteers. Yang Junli, chairman of the conference, Zhang Zhining, Tang Xishun, Pensportsmang Xing, executive chairman of the conference. The activity was hosted by Wdeepang Hansong.



【 Text 】 Su Youhua

【 Photo 】 Su Youhua & NBSP; Jfusion是什么意思ia can countries

【 Edit 】 Ma Huijuan & NBSP; Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lionfunerals Club Office

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