Fair, just and Democratic election – Shenzhen Lions Club held its 18th general Meeting

From May 23 to 25, 2020, the 18th Lions Club Congress of Shenzhen was successfully held in the Lions Club office of Shenzhen in the form oit’sf remote vidclub是什么意思eo. Zhang Guojufairy怎么读英语n, director of lions clubheld的原型 international, the domestic long Lin Ziyu lion federationundemocratic supervisors, vice President of Zheng Degang, long before thjustinbiebere supervisors Su Zeran, shenzhen lions and 2019-2020 President WengHua ShiJianYong, zhi-qiang lu, vice chairman of the first and secondits是什么意思 deputy chairman Guo Yongyong, former President of tian wang, wu xm, XiaoXingPing, aggregates, sand), wear with sun xitss资质证书in, Depulions英语怎么读tyclubs chiheld怎么读的ef supervisor Zhelectionang Jian, secretary General Du Hengkun, Chlionsgateief Financial Officer Peng Dajust翻译ojian, Chief Affairs Liao Ronghui, chief picket officer Du Peng and other membeitselfrs of the council, the board of supervisors and members of the service team representatives a total of 251 people attended the meeting. Hou Yiheld的意思是什么sha, chifairef representative of The Domesjust翻译tic Lions Associatjustinbieberion in Shenzhen, Secretary of the Party Grdemocratic的名词oup and President of shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, Li Weihua, representative of the Domestic Liojust是什么意思ns Association in Shenzhen anjust do itd firjust怎么读st Secretary of the Party Branch of Shenzhen Lions Club, Li Lun, Depu深圳天气ty Director luo Qiwei, representative Lai Zhuoni and other leaders attended the meetinjusting as non-voting delegatejust do its. The conference was prlions的音标esided over by su Zeran, chairman of the district Annual Celectionsommittee, liu Guoliang and Liu Danghe, executive chairmen.





President Weng hua expressed his welcome and gratitude to the delegates, leaders and gelection是什么意思uestjust是什么意思s, and apprelions翻译ciated the 42 candid深圳天气ates for council and 14 candidates for superjustificationviitselfsor fjustificationor theifairr commitmentjustify to their responsibilities. He also hoped that the delegates, who shoulder the great trust of the Service Team, could exercise their rights with a highly responsible attitude and cast a sacred vote, and wished the conference a complete success.


Hou her chair heiheld中文ght must be the lion friends during the epidemic prevention and control of special work in normclub怎么读al life rhythm and regularity of disruptions, still closely unite under the banner of “our service” lionelections servi深圳疫情最新动态ce activities, measures and innovating the mode of democratic election, lions clubclub怎么读 in shenzhen social history and world history left a deep mark, This fully demonstrates the strong cohesion of Shenzhen Lions Club. She elaborated the conditions that lions club leaders should have: first, they should be consistfairyent with the CPC Central Committee and municipal Committee at the political macro leve深圳疫情最新动态l; Second, keep conits和it’s的区别sislionsgatetent with Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation and Domestic Lions’ Association; Thirdly, it can mobilize the vast majority ofdemocratically lion friends and social forces to be good and upward. Fourth,lion是什么意思中文翻译 in terms of ability, I can lead lion Friends to develop strategies, create performance and improve service ability; Fifth, in the discipline of order and prohibition; Six is in the chjustaracter of the empty mind if valley, foster strengths and circumvent weaclub是什么酒knesses, lower their own achievements, others, strict themselves, tolerance of others; Seventh, in the style of rational mild,election中文 kind to others; Eighth, to have scientific decision-making ability and rational judgment ability in intelligence. She stressed that t深圳地铁线路图he election is a good time to adjust the pace, intdemocratic是什么意思egrate the team, change the styjustsoso中文意思le, and is a good platform to sheld中文how the moral quality ofjustsoso中文意思 lions friends and loyalty to lions club. Her in all the candidfair怎么读ates must深圳大学 hav深圳大学e the courage to bear and expressing the feelinheldengs at theheld是hold的什么形式 same time, hope puma friends accurate positioning, rational voting, will vote fjustinor a real mait’snagement ability, in the hands of a really good candidate, shlions英语怎么读enzhen lions creation epic performance, improfairy的另一个情侣名ve service ability, make social ifairynfluence, make the lions unity, steadily forward.


At the meeting, deputies performed tjust怎么读heir duties with a high sense of responsibility and mission, enthusias深证指数m anitsmd pragmatifairy是什么意思英语翻译sheldenm. Deliberated and passed “shenzhen lions 18th member congress representative qualification r深圳疫情最新动态eport,” shelions翻译中文nzhen lions 18th annual general meeting agenda “, “shenzhen lions 18th annual membership congress presiitsashou微博dium suggestion list”, “shenzhen lions in 2020-2021 the Presideelectionsnt, vice President, director of the electiitss资质证书on method”, “shenzhen lions club 202 Methods for the election of chief Supervisor, Deputy Chief Supclub是什么酒ervisor and Supervisor in 0-2021, List of Sufairy的另一个情侣名pervisors Recommended for the 18th Member Congress of Lions Club shenzhen, Report on the work of theclub用英语怎么说 B深圳天气oard oclubmed官网预订f Directors in 2019-2020, Report on the work of the Board of Supervisors in 2019-2020, and Financial affairs of Lions Clubfairy英文名 shenzhen in 2019-2020 Important documents include the Work Report, The Resolution on Revising the Name and Standard of Membership fee of Lions Club Shenzlions读音hen, the Qualification Examination Report of the Candidates for president, Vice Presupheldident and Director of Lions Club Shenzhen in 2020-2021, and the Qualification Examination Report of the Candidates for chief Supervisfairor, Deputy Chieelection中文f Supervisor and Supervisor of Lions Club Shenzhen in 2020-2021. Lu Zhiqiang, presidenlionsgatet of Shenzhen Lions Club for 2020-2021, Guo Yolions翻译ngyong, first vice President and Peng Daojian, second vice president were elected. Wanclub用英语怎么说g Danya, new, Fang Shilei, Wu Jinzhi Wei Xin, kevinbales, Du Peng, li li, li xiaofeng, NieXiangDong, Chen Xusheng, Liao Ronghui, afterglow, chun-ping li, zhi-jian wu, Caelection是什么意思i Min, liu Ming, wang lina, Peng Dingkuan, Huang Yiqun, Zhang Zfair怎么读heqin, Dong Jun, xiao-ping yufairy的另一个情侣名, Ms. Wangelection是什么意思, zhang jian, Xiong Qi, soup Xue Yong, zhi-hui zhou, Deng Yiitsyou是什么意思, linlin, Wang Xuebo, &schwarz, Wang Yi soldier, a total of 35 Tang Xishun, Dai Linhua, Chen Xiaoxue, Du TaozheElected as alternate dijustifyrector; Xiao Xingping, chilions的音标ef superfairvisor; Tan Fei, Dshenzheneputy chief supervisor; And Xu Qiubiheldn, Zhu Feng, Jing Miaojun, Wanglions怎么读 Daolion是什么意思中文翻译ming, Li Zheldenhou, Wu Yuqiong,lionsgate Chen Qunhao, He Xinru, Huang Shaofang, Tangdemocratic翻译 Haozhi, Zheng GuopingCao Yingwang was elected as the alternate of 13 auditors.Thejust do it representative of the Notary office of Shenzhen municipality reads ou深圳地铁线路图t the notarial words and elects the general aelection翻译ssemblyprjust do itocessConduct gjustsoso中文意思uidance and supervision, and tjust do ithe election results are publicisEffective.





Weng Hua, President of ccPIT Xiamen ela深证指数borated on the main work of this year, including party building, organizational governance, cheldbackultural construction, social service, foreigclubsn exchange, honor aheld过去式和过去分词nd gratitude. Thiheld是hold的什么形式s year, with the theme of “The Power of Harmony”, Shenzhen Lions Club continued to improve the organizational construction, and made continuous innovation in party building, membership managitsashou微博emlions翻译ent,undemocratic service management, finelection中文ancial management and other aspecheld的原型ts. The plenary session showed a new atmosphere of vigorous developmeheldbacknt. From July 1, 2019 to Mdemocratic的名词arch 31, 2020, Lions Club shenzhenclubs carried out 621 service activities, sitsashou微博uch as assisting the disabled, community services, educational assistancefairy, medical and health care, and poverty alleviation, with a service fund of 38.923 million yuan. 11,442 members participated in the service, 325,315 benjust是什么意思eficiaries, with aheldback per capita service fund of 10,047 yuan.

With the joint efforts of all lions club members, Shenzhen Lions Cheld怎么读的lub has made remarkable achievjust怎么读ements in sociitsashou微博al services, standardized managemelion是什么意思nt, cultural inheritanheld的原型ce and other aspects, and has won recoclubsgnition and praisejust do it from all walks of life. In the international annual meeting, the Service team oflions thclub是什么酒e Main club of Lions Club shenzhen won the “1fairytale00% Maowen Service Team” award. Iclubn the 32nd International Peace Poster Competition of深圳风险等级 Lions Club Inteitstimefor和to区别rnational, the work selected by Lfairnessions Club Shenzhen won the “International Excellent Work Award”. In the selection of Shenzhen Calions怎么读ring Action, Shenzhen Lions Club was shortlisted for the “Annual Promoterclub是什么意思 Award”, and the projects of precise assistaheld的原型nce to the disabled and special Schooits是什么意思ls for children were shortlisjustifiedted for the candidate projects of “Citizens’ 100 Besclub是什么意思t Satisfacfair怎么读tion Projects”.

Chief Supervisor Shi Jianyong delfairy是什么意思ivered a report on the work of the Board of Supervisors, elaborating from the aspects of strengthening system learning, standardizing supervisory powers, actively participating in lion affairs and fulfilling supervisory duties. This year, the Board of Supervisors uphold the superdemocratic的名词vision principle of “no side, no vacancy, no vacancy”, and conscientiously study the rules and regulations of The Shenzhen Lions Club, “Rules of work oflions英语怎么读 The Shenzhen Lions Club”, “System of the Board of Supervisors oelection翻译fclub翻译 the Shenzhen Lions Club”, “Confidentiality Rules of the Shenzhen Lions Club” and other rules and regulations. Set up the appeal handling commitheld过去式和过去分词tee,justification the financial supervisilionson comfair怎么读mittee, the conits翻译ference afelection是什么意思fairs and foreign exchange supervjustifyision committee and the election supervision Committee, appoint the secretary general of the Board of Super深圳地铁线路图visors, coordinate the work of the board of supervisors, appoint the supervisors to the five regions to carry oulions的音标t services and guarantee work; Atjustinbieber th深圳市最新疫情e same time, the mem深圳bers of the board of Supervisors actively participate in the work ofdemocratic翻译 the Party branch of Shenzjust怎么读hen Lions Club and the lion service activities oclubf the service team. With a serious and rfairesponsible working attituddemocratice, solid and rigorous working style, they perform theielection中文r supervision duties and promote the healthy dclubmed官网预订evelopment of Shenzhen Lions Club.


Chief Financial Officer Peng Daojian delivered a financial report to the conference. This year, the financial work of Shenzhen Lions Club haselections made remarkable achieve深圳疫情最新动态mentheld的中文意思s under the guidance of party building and theldbackhe principlefairy怎么读英语 of “standard, legal, open and transfairy是什么意思parent”. Improve the financial system according to the actual financial work, keep pace with The Times and standardize the financialjust翻译 management; Streits和it’s的区别ngthen the trai深圳ning of the staff of the financial settlement center and the finance ofairyf the servireelectionce team theld的意思是什么o improve the effifairy是什么意思英语翻译ciency of the service telion是什么意思am; Complete bank account change and other work, simplify the financial service process; Completed bdemocratic的名词ank account change afairynd annual financlions翻译中文ial inspection efficiently and shelduccessfully, and completeshenzhend various tasks with both quality and quantity guaranteed. He said that the Financial Settlement Centre would cooperate with the service teams to complete the pre-loan write-off work and the outgoing audit work in Jlionsuly as soon as possible, so as to ensure the stable development of深圳大学 the Cheldenlub.


The candidates of president, vice president, supervisor and vice supervisor shoitsmuld make enthusiastic speeches with good spirit to express their interpretation and responsibil深圳天气iclubmedty for public welfare undertakings, cundemocraticommitment and practice of the spirit of “深圳风险等级four out”, inheritance andlions的音标 development of lion culture, and aspire to become the leader of public welfare service associations. Candidates for direlection怎么读ector and supervisoritsyou是什么意思 should express their devotion to shenzhen Lelection中文ions Club and thjustificationeir commitment and responsibility to publilion是什么意思c welfare iitstimefor和to区别n simundemocraticplfairy的另一个情侣名e wordsclubman.

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Lin Ziyu, supervisor, highly affirmed that the meeting was rigorous, standardized, meticulous and efficits是什么意思ient, which was refreshing. Thanks for careful arrangement, precise planning and hard work; Warm coelection翻译ngratulations on the successful election of the new board of Directors and members of the Board oflions怎么读 Supervisors. She praijust do itsed shenzhen Lions Club for its outstanding achievements in party building, system, organization, culture,clubman是什么牌子车 service, communication and financial supervision under the leadership of President Weng Huaheld的原型 and the joint efforts of the board of directors, bfair翻译oard of Supervisors and all lions frilions翻译ends. Thanks to the 17 presidents foits翻译r their hard work, inheritance and toljust怎么读erance, shenzhen Lions club is full of vitality. Sheits是什么意思 believes that a new council, meelection是什么意思mber of the board of supervisors to carry thjuste weightelection翻译 of lion深圳天气s clubs in shenzhen development, in the domestic lion federation and shenzhen disabled persons’ federation, undeclubmedr the correct leadership of the all of the friends of the lion support and efforfairy英文名ts, firmly lion culture, create more briheld的原型ll深圳风险等级iant achievements for shenzhen lion, provide more people with “our services”, Contribute wfairy英文名isdom and strength to build a happy and beautiful society.


Zhang Guojun, director oclubman是什么牌子车f Lions International, congratulated the new leadership on behalf of lions International. Highly affirms the format of this meeting; The joint efforts of the board of Directors, the Board of Supervisors and all liheld的原型on friends have made outstanding conitstimefor和to区别tributions to shenzhen charlionsity this year. He introduced the slogan of Lions Club International for the coming year – “Join hands in Charity and Diveelection翻译rsity”, and stressed the importance of harmodemocratic翻译ny in a diverse so深圳天气cial organization. He hoped that lit’sions friends would stay true to their original aspiration, work together in harmony towards the common vision and tell the story of Lions Club witsmell with their actionclub翻译s. At the same time, he said that adhering to the development path of the lions club with domestic ch深圳地铁线路图aracteristics should abide by the domestic laws, and embfairy的另一个情侣名ed the excelleelection怎么读ntfairy英文名 tradiitstional culture in the development of the lions club, so that the Shenzhereelectionn Lions club can always maintain its domestic characteristicjusts in the international arena. He sincerely hopes that under the leadership of the new lshenzheneadership, Shenzhen Lions club will reach a higher leheld的中文意思vel and become an outstanding leader in the whole country and even the world.


On behalf of shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation and The Pelectionsarty Branch of Shenzhen Lions Club, First Secretary Li Weihua extended warm congratulations to the newly elected memberclub是什么意思s of the Board of Di深圳地铁线路图rectoitss资质证书rs and the Boa深证指数rd of Supervisors, heaclub翻译rtfelt thanks to all member representatives who faithfully performed tfairyhedemocraticallyir duties, and high respect to all leaders and staff who organized the conference. He spoke highly of the lions club in shenzhen in the year, led by WengHua chairman, director of the team, under the strong leadership of the ShiJianYojustsoso中文意思ng supervisors support long led the tupheldeam of supervisors and strictly controlled, the lion fheld的中文意思rienclub用英语怎么说ds keep pace with The Times challenge, overcome difficulties, and has achieved obvious results, accumulatedheld中文 valuable expelection是什么意思erience, In the glorious hisitss资质证书tory of Shenzhen Lions club litsmeft an indelible mark. His remarks, newly electeshenzhend council members of the board of supedemocratic的名词rvisors “swift stance, have the courage to bear, diligently study, good at unity, dedicated”, take theheld的中文意思 lead indemocratic是什么意思 inherits the excellent tradition of lions, leading the performance of the solemn promises, is sh深圳风险等级enzhen lion cultural heritage provides the power of the written, for shenfairytalezhen lion sails injected with constant kinetic energy, codemocratic的名词mpose the shenzhen lions new chapter.


The 18th member congress of Shenzhen Lions club was successfully concluheld中文ded. This extraordinary meeting shows the wijustifysdom and cohesion of all lions club members, and also indicates the continuity of shenzhen Lions Club culture. Eighlions的音标teen years of wind and rain, 18 degrees of spring and autumn深圳大学, lion friends do not worry about their ambitions. We look forward to the new board of directors and tlions是什么意思he board of Supervisors working together to lead all lions club members to leave a coelection是什么意思mmon track on the road of sustainable development of Sitsmhenzhen Lions Club.

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[Issued] Shenzhe深圳疫情最新消息n Lions Cl深证指数ublions Office

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