Shenzhen Lions Club teacher group strongly supports hainan lion training


          July 16 ~ 17, domestic lion cib to hainan representatives hlions翻译eld in haikou city, 2015support什么意思翻译中文-2016 lead lion friend seminar, nearly 50 hainan YeCheng service leadership lion friends to participate in the training and discussion, there are 12 lead lion friends inspired by seminar cou深圳疫情最新动态rse content and the case, meaning and purpose in thelionsgate tea深圳疫情最新动态m of sign written pledge to fulfill a military order, He expteacher怎么读ressed his determination to clionkkomplete the creation of the team before August 8. Ma Min, the head of the Shenzhen Lions Clublions, and Zhang Shijun, the deputy head of the club, are the main lecturers of the海南大学 seminar.
          On a two-day seminar, domestic lion federation related leadershiclub翻译p and Ma Min, zhang ShiJun lecturgroupieer successively to thlion翻译e participation lion friend taught the purpose and significance ofteachers’office the team, to form a new serviteachers’dayce, the service or海南疫情最新数据ganizasupport什么意思翻译中文tion structure and responsibility “, “financial service, secretarial fieldteacher音标“, “how to raise the service funds” and “the lion ceremonial ritual,” lion service course, In the afternoostrongly是什么意思英语n of the 17th, filions读音nancialsupports explanationsupport是及物动词还是不及物动词 and q&A sgroupieessionlion were held, which attracted nearly 100 would-be lions and enthusiasts.
    &nbspstrongly;     It is reported that the purpose of the seminar held by the Hainan representative office of the Domestic L深圳疫情最新消息ion Association is to speed up the establishment of the service team and the development of members, and to lay a foundation for the establishment of an international standard arstronglyea. In addition to Ma Min and Zhang Shijun from Liclubmanons Club of Shenzhen, guoteacher的复数 Mingfei, 2015-2016 chairman of Harbin Membershipclub翻译 Management Coteacher同类词mmittee, Fan Zhonglin, chairman of Shenyang Membership Managemlions翻译中文ent Committee, and Mo Jianbo, former chairman of Sichuan Membership Management Committee attendelion的中文意思d the seminar. The seminar left a deep impression on tlion翻译he chairmen of Hainan Lion Club and club, especially the valuable experience of shenzhen Lion Club in steacher怎么读tandardizing lion management and steadily developing and retaining members was unanimously recognized by everyoteachers’officene.

By Cheng Zhaohua & NBSP;   F深圳疫情igure/深证指数Ma Min

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