Shenzhen Lions Club attended the 2015-2016 secretariat meeting of Lions League of China

Shenzhen Lions Club attended the 2015-2016 secretariat meeting of Lions League of China

          From August 28 to 29, 2015,深圳大学 the 2015-2016 secretarmeetingtencentcomiat meeting of The Chinese Lio深圳天气ns Assattendedocialions怎么读tion was held in Harbin Changjiang Building. You Hong, President of China Lion Association; Lei Jianwei, Su Zeran, Xu Wushun, Liu Lianteng, Vice Presidents; Zhang Guojun, Chairman of China Lion Fund; Liu Jing, Se深圳大学cretary-general; Fu Rong, Director of office; Tang Li, Chairman of finance Commilions英语怎么读ttee; Chen Shijun, Viclions的音标e Chairmen; Hu Zhongwei; Wang Caixia, director of Financclubmed官网预订ial Settleclub翻译ment Center;meeting是什么意思 Harbin ming-fei guo, chairmlions翻译an of the member of the management committeemeeting of 2015-2016, first deputy chairman Li Ping, second deputy chairman Wang Yuqi and from shenzhen, guangdong lions,unattended dalia深圳n, Qingdao, Beijing, shenyang, zhejiang, sichuan, hainan, yunnan, shaanxi, Harbin members such as深圳 the management committee of thsecretarial是什么意思e secretary-general, chief financial officer, deputy secretary general, financial, chairman of tmeetingyou是什么意思he committeelion是什么意思中文翻译, Nearly 80 people, including secretariat director gclubmaneneral, financial center director and accountant, attended the meeting.


          Mr. Zeng Shiyang, Secretary Genermeetingal of Lions Club Shenzhen, Mr. Bi Yongtao, Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Wang Shoujun, Chairman of thmeeting的音标e Financial Steering Committee, Ms. Mattendeda Huijuan, Executive Deputy Director General, Mleague翻译s. Zhou Xiuyuan and Mslions读音. Ma Haixia, Finance officers attended the meeting.

        &lions英语怎么读nbsp; The meeting waleagueclients held by you Hong Hui with a ringing bell and presided over by Secretary-general深圳大学 Lileague of legendsu Jing. Mr. Du Zhong, vice president of Hmeetingtencentcomarbin Disabled Persons’ Fleague翻译ederation and Harbin Representative Officlub是什么酒ce of Chinese Lion Association, gave a welcome speech to the Chinese Lion Association and its friends from all over the country.
  &nmeeting翻译bsp;       Liu Jing explained the Work ideclubsa of the Secretariat of the Doclubmed官网预订mestic Lion Association, Zhangleague怎么读音 Gu深圳风险等级ojun expl深圳地铁线路图ained the tasks and chalsecretariatlenges of the Domestimeeting是什么中文意思c Lion Assolions翻译中文ciation in the new era, Lei Jianwei emphasized the Regulations深证指数 on the management of the Nammeetingtencentcome and posleaguepediaition of the Domestic Lion Associationshenzhen, Chen Shijun reiterated the relevant requirsecretarial翻译ements of the Financial managattended怎么读ement of the Domestic Lion Association. Funattendedu Rong explained in deta深圳疫情il the work of tmeeting是什么意思中文翻译he federation office, member深圳天气ship mansecretarial翻译ageclubment and the visual image identification systclubman是什么牌子车em.
      &nmeetingtencentcombsp;   Imeeting是什么中文意思n the warm applauslion是什么意思中文翻译e of the participants, President You Hong shared the lion business with everyone.






          Isecretariat是什么意思n the domestic Lions Association financial symposium, the chief financial officer of member management institutions respectively reported the 2014-2015 financial work summary and 2015-2016 fmeeting是什么意思中文翻译inancial work plan. The meeting explaineclubmed官网预订d the “guidanclubmance on the standardizatio深圳大学n of servicclub是什么意思e team financial m深圳疫情最新消息anagement”, “Dom深圳疫情最新消息estic Lion Associationclubs accounting and subject standard guideli深圳天气nes”, “service team financial manleague什么意思ual” and so on, to guide the financial work around.


      &nmeetingtencentcombsp;   During the meeting, the participants couplet will the secclubmanretariat work and financial work in the heated discmeetingussion, said the conference content is rich, height, depth and targeted, daily work have the very big helclub怎么读p for the secretariat, hope cib seminar fo深圳疫情最新消息r such more, discuss learning, for domestic lion federation standardization, standardization, specmeeting怎么读英语ialization construction makes a bigger clions翻译ontribution.




By Ma Huijuan

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