Happy Service Team: held the eighth captain team meeting and regular meeting of 2017-2018

Happy Service Team: held the eighth captain team meeting and regular meeting of 2017-2018meeting翻译

Golden roservice和serve的区别oster bids farewell to the old year, red dog heralds spring. On February 24happy birthday, 2018, the 8th captain team meeting and regulaeighth怎么读音发音英语r meeting of The year 2017-2018 of Shenzhen Lions Club Happy Service team was held ieighth什么意思n Tang Chao Restaurant, Bagua SAN Road, Luohu District. Guo Yongyong, chairmanmeetingtencentcom of the second zone of Shenzhen Lions Club 2017-2018, CAI Min, chairman of the Committee for preventing and helping the Blind, the last caheld的意思是什么ptain of tmeeting是什么意思中文翻译he happy service team, Lin Chunhao, the captain of the happy service team, Liu Wei, the first vice captain, Zhang Shengzhou, secretaryregular翻译 Zhang Wenjing, liu Yunhuan, dteamviewerirector Chen Xiaobin, Liservice和serve的区别n Xiaoyi, Zang Wei and other 17 peopmeetingyou是什么意思le attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Wu Shaoyi and presided over by Lin Chunhao.

At the meeeighthting, lion friends spoke one aftecaptaindarkr anothregular什么意思er and shareeighthd their lion road journey after joining the Happy Service Team. They thanked the service teaeighth怎么读音发音英语m for giving them a platform to learn and grow and said they wouldheld的意思是什么 continue to uphold it.held的中文意思 With the mission of "building a healthy and loving paradise on Earth", practicing the spirit of "four out", we will do our best for the development of happiness serviservicece team and open up a better tomorrow!

Here, we wish you all a happy New Yeareighth音标 and a happy and healthy familmeeting是什么中文意思y!

Photo by Liu Yunhuan

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