Looking forward to the New Year – The first lions Training conference of 2019-2020 was successfully held in Shenzhen

On July 1, 2019, the first lions Training conference of 2019-2020 was successfully held in the big conference room of Lions Club office in Shenzhen. Shenzfirst翻译hen lions club President long ShtrainingiJtraining是什么牌子ianYong WengHua and supervtrainingisors, the last President Ma Min, zhi-qiang lu, vice chairman of the first and second deputy chairmaforward-thinkingn Guo Yongyong, former President of tilions读音an wang, secretarylooking up general Du Hengkun, chief financial officer Peng Daojian, dean of general affair Liao Ronlions英语怎么读ghui, long picklookingforyouet Du Peng, deputy sforward的用法ecretary-generatraining造句简单l Li Feng fellow directors atraining翻译nd supervisorsconference, chairman of the committee, a total of more than 60 people were pnew是什么意思英语relions读音setraining造句nt at the meeting. The meeting was chnew怎么读aired by Li Feng, Lei Qtraining是什么牌子ingming and Xu Qitraining怎么读ubinew是什么意思n asyear怎么读 executive chairmen, and prenew是什么意思英语sided over by Ouyanglooking美剧 Fan.

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“Grateful, grateful, moved.” Ma Min, president of the last president, looked back on the whfirst青年电影展ole year, filled with emotion, thousands of wnewgroundsords into these six words. A New Year, a new beginning. It is very meaningful to hold a lion training session on the first day of the New Year. The leadenew是什么意思r of today and the follforwardower of tomorrow, Ma Min, the formconference英语er chairman of THE board of Directors, said that she would follow Weng Hua with a new attitude, and wished wconference和meeting区别eng Hua and the board of directors a brilliant future in the New Year.

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Weng Hua,newspaper president of ccPIT Xiamen, said that in view of the recent frequent and intensiforwardsve changes of the service team, there were also irregularities in the process of participating in ttrainingpeakshe changelooking ats, so we invited the lecturers to provide guidance and training. This seminar mainly focusesforwarding on three aspects: membership development and retention, lions culture and etiquette, and interpretation of service activities. In the New Year of lions, all the council mlionsembers will make concerted efforts tonews make progress hyear函数and in hand. We also hope that lions club members will work together to make contributionyear造句s to the construction of lions Clubnew是什么意思英语 with domestic characteristics and Shenzhen style.

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Guide of the lion, intrfirstname填姓还是名oduce, chairman of the GMT in shenzhen area coordinator ray hd 2019-2020 annual membership development and retention issues, shenzhen lion llion是什么意思ion actively cooperate with the domestic cib rectification work, at present thtraining翻译ere is no notice for the development of new membeconference读音rs, friends and he hoped thtraining造句简单e leaders of the lion lead by example, with positive aconference中文翻译bility to spread lion concept, Do a good job of service team meforward什么意思中文翻译mbershilions的音标p retention.

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Chairman Xu Qiuforwardingbin, coolions的音标rdinator of GST Shenzhen region, expounded the main work objectives of GST this year. First, he further explained and interpreted the guidance and communication of Lions Clubs on service projects from Lionsforward英语怎么说 Clubs International and Lions Clubs in China. Second, to assitraining是什么牌子st President Weng Hunews可数吗a to promotenewly the publicity and implementation of five service projects of this year, including “Save your side, Care for sanitation workers, diabetes propaganda and education, targlions的音标eted asconference和meeting区别sistance to the disabled and anti-drug propaganda and education”; The third is to assist and contact the ten service committees and five special regions, quantify thforwarde work plan and outlook of the service committee every month, present the implementlookingforwardto后接什么alions英语怎么读tion of the five projects in eacconference翻译h special region as a quantitative presentation, and set the executive chairman of the five special regions to ensure information transmission and support follow-up.

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Li Feng deputy secretary-genenew是什么意思英语ral for lion friends presented the lions club culture and etiquetteconferences lesson, from the democracy and the zhuangconferences翻译 culture, heritage and company culture, diverse and inclusive culture, respect and recognition of clooking atulture,newly communication alionsnd etiquette cullions怎么读ture and so onforward什么意思 five big culture and etiquette rules, for the liolookingforyoun to friends easily and disambiguation, and the servyear怎么读ice transition ceremony cloth field, opening and so on has carried on the detailed explanatitraining翻译on, Actively interacfirst怎么读t with lion friends to drive everyone’s enthusiasm for learnlooking怎么读ing.

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Subsequently, Zhang Shijun,forward英语怎么说 Llooking是什么意思in Yanju and Gao Ling explained the lions club etiquette rules with domestic charfirst nameacteristics and the dress and etiquette of different sfirsthandcenes and different roles, and analyzed in detail the entrance, standing and other issues of each link of the service team changing ceremony. The lecturers fit the afirst翻译成中文ctual needs and explained in a simple way, so lion friends said that they benefited a lot from this snewtudy.

Meeting to an end, and witnessed by the fellow directors and supervisors, board, WengHua President, treasurer, secretary-general of Du Hengkun lions club especially for shenzhen office director-generaltraining怎么读 Ma Huijuan, deputy director-general Su Zhuang bin, director of finance xiu-mei wang issue letter of appointment, the coming year, office staff will be dedicated support WengHua President of work, the office in shenzyearhen lconferenceion’firsthands most powerful backup center.

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After the meeting, all the lioyear造句n friends had dinner together. Congratulations tofirst怎么读英语 President Weng Hua and his board of diretrainingpeaksctors and wisforward翻译h shenzhen Lions club a better future!

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[Text] Du Shaohengfirst翻译

[Photo] Zhou Wenguang

【 Edit 】 Ma Huiforward是什么意思英语juan & NBSP; Hu greytraining怎么读

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lioconference读音ns Club Office

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