Remember the long March and Show the future -- The activities organized by shenzhen Lions Club party and the return visit of Taoxi Shenzhen Lions (main Club) Primary School were held smoothly

In order to further strengthen the party spirit education, firm ideals and beliefs, inherit the spirimarch翻译t of the Long Marcclubmed官网预订h, seriously implement the implementation of the CPC Central Committee, the Municipal Committee to carry oshowingutWith the theme of "Stay True toactivities翻译 oumarch23rd怎么读r Original Aspiration and keep our Mission firmly in mind", on June 29, 2019, on the occasion of the birthday of the Cactivities和activity的区别ommunist Party of China, the Party branch and functional Party Branch of The Lionlions怎么读s Club of Shenzhen organized party members aactivities思维导图nd party membership activists to vshow的过去式isit the memorial Park whmarch音标ere tlions翻译中文he Red Army's Long March staclubsrted. On the way, I learned the spirit of relevantmarch documents such as the arrangement of e深圳ducamarchedtion work on the theme of "Staying true to our originallion是什么意思中文翻译 aspshow是什么意思iration and keeping our mission firmly in miclub是什么意思nd". On June 30th, party members of Shenzhen Lions Club went to Taoxremember的反义词i Shenzhen Lions (Main Club) Primary School for a return visit. They visited the students and iactivities用英语怎么说nspected the infuture4200frastructure of the school.

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A group of Members of the Shenzhen Lions Club arrived at the memorial Park where the Red Army's Long March started at 9 am on Sunday. Local educatifutureon authorities arranged a guide to elions怎么读xplainshenzhen the whole journey. It is understood that on April 8, 19activities是什么意思翻译成中文29, the Red Fourth army and the Red fifth ArmyassembledYudu county seat.On April 12, under the direct guidance of MAO Zedong and the Red Fourth Army, gannan's fir龙猫st county-level red political power - Yudu county Workers, Peasants and Soldiers Revolutionary Committee was established in The zhaozhong Temple of Yudu coulions读音nty, becoming the central area of the central revolutionary base area. Ilions的音标n the fifth counter-" encircle and supprlions是什么意思ession "campaign of the Red Army in the Central Soviet Area, because bogu, the official centralfuture糖果 leader, aremembersnd Li De,club是什么酒 the mlionsgateilitary adviser sent by the Comintern,remembers first carremember翻译ried out the adventurist offensive strategy, andremembers then carried out the conservative defensiveactivities怎么读 strategy, the Red Army lost many battles and the Soviet arefuture糖果a was shrinking day by day.In 1934,In early October, the K深圳疫情最新动态uomintang armarch23rd怎么读my alion是什么意思中文翻译ttacked the central area of the central Soviet area anclubsd quickly occupied xingguo, Ningdu and Shicheng. The Red Army was forced to withdraw from the Soviet are龙王医婿a. Latemarch是什么意思r on the evening of 1remember怎么读语音7 to 20, the central red army main force five corps and深证指数 the central, military organs and directly affiliated units and more than 86000 peofuture糖果ple, from the east gate of yudu county ferry Simon at the foot of the tower, the south gate fershow是什么意思ry, the fremember怎么读语音erry, catalpa hills mountain dam town meng mouthclub用英语怎么说 ferry ferry, depression, carp tail ferry ferry, stone, jing stone township of fisherman port femarch怎么读音英语rry crossiremember的中文意思ng yudu river, Embarked on the journey of strategic shift, began the famous "Long March".

Subsequently, shenzhen Lions party members came to the Central Red Army long March departure memorial h龙王殿all, v龙王医婿isited the red Army long March period left precious pictures a龙胆泻肝丸nd items, learning the red Army long March peri龙猫od not afraid of sacrifactivities翻译ice, courage, dare to win the spirit of proletarian revolutionary optimism. Thremember翻译e Long March spirit is the highest expressmarch音标ion of t深圳疫情he Indomitablefuture4200 and unyielding national spirit of the Chi深圳天气nese natclub用英语怎么说ion, and a powe深圳天气rful spirfuturehendrixitual forc深圳e that ensures the victory of oushow的过去式r revolution and cactivities的中文onstructiolions怎么读n. Under the new historical conditions, we must contimarch三月怎么读nue to carry forward the Revolutionary spirit of the Party, takmarch是几月e the Leadership of the Party as the core, unswervingly follow the path of socialism with Domestic characteristics, and strive for tactivities翻译he great rejuvenation of the Chinesemarch缩写 nation. In the meantime, always take one"Original aspiration", bear in mind that our present good life was forged by revolutionary martyrs with the flshowedesh and blood, is the correct leadership of the Party and the great spirit oshowcasef the achievement. Our g深圳风险等级eneractivities怎么读ationlong should shoulder the resactivities和activity的区别ponsibility of our times and contribute wisdom and strenglions翻译中文th to the dream offuture糖果 a strong country.

On the afternoon of the same day, a party of shenzhen Lions Club members went to Visit General Secretary Xi JinpingVisit "Tantou Village" and "Zishan Selenium-rich Vegetable Induclubman是什么牌子车strial Park", learn about local folk customs and industrial pillar, and learn the smarch是几月pe深圳地铁线路图ech spirit of General Secretary Xremembersi Jinping seriously.

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On the morniremember的反义词ng of 30th, party membersremember的用法 of Shenzhen Lions Club v深圳疫情isited the students of Shenzhen Lions (Main Club) Primary Schofuture是什么意思ol in Taoxi and inspected the school's infrastructure. Have learned, at the beginning of the schshow怎么读ool, the sheactivities和activity的区别nzhen lion of tian wang led the lion friends deep peach creek elementary sremember的反义词chool field trips, and have made a plan to build a hope prmarch缩写imary school, in the local county, township and other offactivitiesicial sector suppo龙王医婿rt, the peach brook shenzhen lion (main) primary school completed in November 2014, a total investment of 2.95 million yuan, construction area of 1921 square meters. Among them, the main asactivities思维导图sociation of Shenzhen Lions Club donmarch是几月ated 1.5 million yualongn to build an area olion是什么意思中文翻译f 964 square meters,march翻译 and also donated to build school gates, walls and other facilities, hardening and greening the playground. After the completion of the school has become a first-cremember什么意思lass school conditions in the county. However, taoxi深圳疫情 Shemarch音标nzhen Lion Primary School currently has a simple office, tfuture是什么牌子he corresponding teaching fremember的中文意思acfuturelearnilities are not perferememberct.

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Local bureau of education related department heads and peach brook shenzhen lion (main) elementary school princifuture翻译pals to express a warm welcome to the arrival of the lion friends, and said,show thank you very much for shenzhen lions fundi龙族ng for impoclub怎么读verished students, let them at the time of life is the most difficult, can have books to read, study, I sincerely wish all shenzhen lion lion friendrememberings, good health and a lion you successhow怎么读s.

Mr. L深证指数iao Ronghui, Mr. Jing Miaojun, and Mr. Luo Junping, chairman of Shenzhen Lions Club, made speeches and thanked the lactivities思维导图ocal education dactivities是什么意思epartment and school for their welcome. At the same time, they said, under the national policy of advocating ta龙胆泻肝丸rgeted poverty alleviation, Shenzhen Lions Club has been adhering toThe purpose of "helping others and serving the society" is to send caclubsre and warmth to those who need help most in the society. I hope the students of Taoxi Shenzheremember翻译n Lion primary School will work hard and become tclubhe pillar of our countryremember怎么读语音 asclub是什么酒 soon as possible.

The successful completion of the event reminded the party members of the spirit of the Long March, strengthened their faith in following the Party, and saw the brilliant brilliance left by the Shenzhen Lions Club on the road oactivitiesf pubremember翻译lic welfare. We believe that龙胆泻肝丸 under tclub是什么意思he correct leadership of the Party, shenzhen Lions club will be more firlionsgatemly committed to pub龙蛇演义lic welfare and charity, and contribute to the developmeclubnt and construction oshow的过去式f Shenzhen Lions Club!

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