Gratitude and Gratitude — Letter from Ma Min, president of Shenzhen Lions Club for 2018-2019 to all lions

Be thankful be thankful be touched

— Letter from Ma Min, president of Shenzhen Lions Club for 2018-2letter纸张尺寸大小019 to all lions


Dear Leo,

In a flash, the one-year term is about to expire. It seems like only yest漫画台erday that I was inaugurated at last year’s convention in Las Vegas.

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Looking back on the unforgettable 365 days, there are hardships, sweat, joy and t民航局发布东航飞行事故初步报告ouching. Eletters的中文意思ach picture and scene is so clear and unforgettable, which makes me difficult to calm down for a long time. This year, we sent spresident怎么读upplies to the victims of the chaonan flood and helpemad them rebuild their homes. “570 Warm Project”, “Y明星大侦探ilu Love Deep Lion Ac麻衣神婿tion” and the third Warm Lion Love Carnival were in full swing. In this year, we successfully co-hosted the 57th Annual Convention of Southeast Asia and succesgratitude词性变化sfully rletter怎么读eceived gudrun, president of Lipresidential是什么意思ons Cllions翻译中文ub International, and his del麻衣神婿egation to Shenzhen, which were highly relionsgatecognized and praisedlions by lions League of China and Lions Club Inteclubsrnational. Orga蚂蚁庄园今日答案nizing the “Enabling Program” to g漫画台row together with lion friends, caring fo马思纯r lion friends, making lionletter英语怎么读 club more cohesive…… This year, we strengthen the party leading the lion services, the organization conclubmed官网预订struction mor民法典e solid stability, business management more standardized, to a new level of social service, concentrate the power of lions love culture cpresident和chairman区别onstruction,club是什么意思 again crowned “5 a-class social organization” title, was awarded a tax-明星大侦探exempt status and pre-tax deduction qualific迷你世界ation, a former President of Lin Ziyu马思纯 elclub是什么意思ected domestic lion lion sistelions英语怎么读r cib supervisor, Mr. Zheng Degangclubman是什么牌子车, formpresident什么意思中文翻译er president, was elected vice president of lions Associ深圳市最新疫情ation in China, and Mr. Zhang Guojun, former ppresidentresident, was elected international diclub是什么酒rector of Lions Club International. The plenary session presented a new atmosphere of vigorous development. With practical actions, we have gone beyon深圳天气d the horizon again and again, expressing the beauty of time wlions翻译ith a pure heart of public welfare.

Time in a hurry, take away tgratitude的形容词he memory, leaving the eternal life moved. This year’迷你世界s term of office will surely be an unforgettable and precilions英语怎么读ous moclub是什么意思ment in my life. As I am about to step down, I wlions怎么读ould like to express my special thanks to the Domestic Lions Association, the Municipal Disabled Persons’ Fegratitude是什么意思deration, th猫咪官网e Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, the Municipal Social Organization Administration bureau and other relevant departments for their care and guidance. I would like to thank the Council, the Committee, the s明日方舟ervice teams and the lion friends for their support. Thanks to the board of Supervisors for their serious responsibility and escort马思纯; I would like to thank all深圳疫情最新消息 the past presidents for their dedication to the club. Sppresident是什么意思中文ecial thanks to all the lion friends who have accompanied and supported me all these years. Thanks to yourpresident翻译 support and trust, I have the hon深圳天气or tlions是什么意思o work妈妈在等你 side by side with all of you to create and witness the development and changes of Shenzhen Lions Club. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you for your great trust, support and selfless help.club用英语怎么说 Thank you!  

Today’s leader,gratitude词性变化 tomorrow’s follower. After my retirement, I will be a good follower and assist President Weng Hua in various lion affairs while inheriting lion culture. I hope that under the leadership of President Wenggratitude的用法 Hua, Shenzh明日方舟en Lions Club will forge ahead with pioneering and innovativlionse efforts and build a better socialist opresidentialrganization with dom深证指数estic characteristics with the “harmonious f深圳天气orce” as its core.

Finally, I sincerely wish the shenzhen Lions Club a better tomorrow, and I sincerely wish all the lion friends, in the new journey of lion Road, you will be touched, happy and beautiful. I wish you a prosperous and smooth calionsreer.

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Shenzhen Lions Club 2018-2019

President:Ma Mi民航局发布东航飞行事故初步报告n

  &nbsp明星大侦探; &nletter英语怎么读bsp;          club      lions翻译                       &clubman是什么牌子车nbsp;       June 30, 2019

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