Shenzhen Lions club set up earthquake relief committee


  This morning, the Lions Club of Shenzhen held an emergency board meeting to discuss the sichuan earth深圳大学quake relief and set up a special sichuan earthquake relief committee.

      District ccommitteehairmen and lion friends briefed on the current relief situation. Mr. Wang Shao-ming, chairman of the third district, saidset是什么意思 that at the tupstairshird district meeting heearthquake怎么读ld lastrelief翻译成中文 night, mupsetore than 800,000 yuan was rsettlementaised for disaster relief through the actrelief用法及搭配ive fund-raising of the service teams. District 6 chairwoman Xiao Xingping, Central District Service Team Member Huang Chengshi and Nature Service Teamcommittee谓语动词用单数吗 member He Xclub翻译inru Have also been in contlions英语怎么说读act with the Sichuan provincial office in Shenuplayzhen.

      After the consultation of all the members of the committee, the Sichuan Earthquake Relief Committee was speciaup是什么意思呢lly established, with Director Zhang Weixian as commande深圳疫情最新动态r in chief, Director Wang Jinlianset是什么意思车上的g and deputy Director Zhang Guojun aclubmed官网预订s deputy comman深圳大学der in chief, and the division of labor was carried out for each groupdateup of the committee.

    List of Sichuan Earthquake Relief Committee:

&nlionsgatebsp;   &nbsearthquakesp;   &nbspclub是什么意思;   Job & have spent Business & have spent &nrelief怎么读bsp; &nbearthquake是什么意思英语sp;     &nbs深圳天气pupper;         &nbs深圳市最新疫情p;               Name & have spent Name & have spent               &nbspearthquake;                  lions翻译中文                       Electrup主ical & have spent   words
            Commander in chief & have spent &nlions英语怎么说读bsp;       &nb深圳sp;   &nrelief翻译成中文bsp;    lions读音                 Wei-xian zhang & have spent &nlions怎么读bsp;                             &nbsplions是什么意思;                  set翻译     13802深证指数239389
          Deputy Comlions翻译中文mclub翻译ander & NBSP;               &nrelief形容词bsp;       &nbscommittee是什么意思p; &relief形容词nbsp;       Jin-liang wang & have spent &nearthquake什么意思bsp;          lions英语怎么读     &nbspsettle;                 &nlionsbsp; &nbspset翻译;  settle               13802702shenzhen318
                &nbsprelief给挚爱的你;      up主                             &nbsprelief形容词;         Zhang Gucommittee是什么意思ojun & have spent     &nbclub怎么读sp;    club是什么酒                       &nreliefbsp;     &n深证指数bsp;         &upsnbsp;     13316969333

                                &nbsearthquake什么意思p;             &ncommittee造句bsp;         &nbslions是什么意思p;     The song & have spent Sharp & have spenup是什么意思呢t       &nbspshenzhen;                     &lions读音nbsp;   &earthquakenbsp;           &nbup是什么意思呢sp;         13603033333


      The doncommittee是什么意思ations collected by each service team will be deposited into the acco深圳天气unt of tearthquake课文原文hcommittee是什么意思e district club and then donated to the disaster area in the narelief和relieve区别me of Shenzhen Lions Club.
  &nbearthquake是什么意思英语sp;   If the service teams have service activities to ssettleichuan disascommittee是单数还是复数ter area, please report the service activities to the district counc深证指数il, andclubmed官网预订 then carry out the publicity activities in the name of Shenzhesettlementn Lions Club. The district club will org深圳大学anize lion club members to visrelief是什么意思啊it shenzhen lions Club in batches accordinearthquake什么意思g to the registration conditions, so as to enhanset是什么按键ce the influence of Shenzhen Lions Club, unify the logo and image, and ensure the safety of lion club members.

      As of 17 May 14: 00, the district will receive various service teams and social contributions of 647,000 yuan, incluearthquake是什么意思英语ding the Color tian service team 392,500 yuan, the main meeting service team 16,500 yuan, xiacommitteesn Lake service team 24500 yuan, Futian service team 70,000 yuan, Nanshan service team 50,000 yuan, sandwell service team 2earthquake什么意思0,000 yuan, riverside service team 10,000 yuan, He Zhenpeng 10000 yuan, Luan Jing Shi Brother 3000 yuan, Hu Songyan 500 yuan.

        I hope all the service tecommittee和councilams, lion friends and social caring people generouslcommitteey donate their money, give your loveups, and people in the dlions翻译isastelions翻译r area together with the earthquake disaster.upset

              &nbsuponp; &nbs深圳p;                       &relief翻译成中文nbsp;                   &nreliefbsp;                           &nbssettingp;     &committee是单数还是复数nbsp;   &nlions读音bsp;       &committee是什么意思nbsp;        club是什么意思                      setting         &nbsset offp;     May 14, 2008

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