A list of the most urgently needed medical supplies in the earthquake-hit city of Mianyang


  According to the latest news from Sichuan Provincial Office in Shenzhen, the office has received a list of the most urgently needed medical supplies from mianlist背单词yang city, the hardest hit amedical treatmentrea of Searthquake前面加a还是anichuan earthquake. We look forward tearthquakeso the timely support from shenzhen Lions Club and caring people from all walks of life. People in the disaster area need your support!

      Medical supplies in short supmost用法ply are as follows:

      All kinds of antibiotics (injection, tablet, capsule), painkillers, disinfection dressings, normal saline, disposable bagmostly翻译s, Catheters, bandages, sewing bag, disposable water bag, the bleeding and clotting medicine, transfusion belt (with needle), narcotics, empty disposable needles, thermometer, bone screws, plywood, plaster bandage, face towel, medical cotton swabs, infusion frame, air disinfhitachi是什么品牌ectant, all kindhitachi是什么品牌s of monitoring equipment, empty breathing machine, disposable needles, portable ultrasmost用法ound, walistenrm clothing, rain boots, heat drugs, adrenaline Tetanus immune protein (TAT)

   medical的名词 Food supplies:

    Generator, flashlight, plenty oineededf drinking watersupplies在会计里的意思, candles, emergency lights, instant noodles, ham sausage, bread

    If you can help the disaster aearthquake怎么读rea to solve the urgent need of supplies, please contact mianyang Disaster reliemedicalwhiskeyf office of sichuan Party Committee directly. Contearthquake英语怎么读act demost用法tails are as fearthquakesollows:

    Sichuan Mianysupplies翻译ang Municipal Party Committee Disasthitachi是什么品牌er Relief Officeneeded怎么读 0816-2543043  0816-2543064

    Wang Jun, Depumostty Secreearthquake翻译tary-General; 13listen的ing形式508100278

&nbsmostly翻译p;   Chen Yujiu 13608117855

              &nbsphit;                    hitch                                               &nearthquake英语怎么读bsp;list翻译    listen的ing形式           &nbsurgentlyp;                   &city是什么意思nbsp;             &hitsnbsp;   &nbscitydop;           May 15, 2008

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