Sichuan ya 'an earthquake relief proposal

        Lushan County, Ya 'an city, Sichuan Province, On April 20, 2013, a 7.0 earthquake occurred at 8:02, the f妖神记ocal depth of 13earthquake英语怎么读 km. The epicente杨紫r in Lushan County longmen township. As of 11:46 am, 44 people have been kilproposal是什么意思英语led and more than 500 injured in the ya 'an earthquake, the People's Daily said on its microblog杨洋. Earthquake experts said the earthquake was more complex than wenchuan, and it was not pos四川疫情最新消息sible to determine the type of earthquake and whether it was a single-layer or double-layer fault.

      &earthquake翻译成中文nbsp; Here, shenzhen Lions club all lion friends to the disaster area compatriots express deep sympathy! At the same time研招网, sichuan province ya 'an earthquake relief work urgproposal的动词ently, Shenproposal写作格式zhen Lions clearthquake怎么读ub wyaas immediately established. Orga研招网nizirelief怎么读ng Committee of Srelief形容词ichuan Ya 'an Earthquake Relief & RDQearthquake什么意思UO; , and proposed the shenzhen Lions club each service team and the lioearthquake翻译n friends to t四川人事考试网ake active action, let us carry forwardproposal的动词 ldquo; One party is diff四川大学icult, eight party support ” Carryya forward the fine tradition of the Chirelief翻译成中文nese nation. We serve ” Liproposal是什么意思英语on spirit, extend a helping hand, dedication selfless l亚洲无砖砖区免费ove, genero亚洲无砖砖区免费us donations, raisearthquakee disaster relief materiproposal什么意思als, with practical action to support the affected people to restore normal production and life, the reconstruction of their homes to make a contribution.
        It is recearthquakes翻译ommended that the service teams and lion friends do not go to the disaster areaearthquake alone to avoid personal injury. If you plan to go to the disaster area to relieve the disa四川人事考试网ster or have relief materials sent to the disaster area, please contact the Shenzhen Lions Clu四川疫情b Sichuan Ya 'an杨洋 Earthquake Relief Committee for coordinated action. Contact person: Huang Cheng, Chairma四川1岁孩子确诊n of The Committee for Education, Povearthquakeerty alleviation and Disability Assistance 1proposal写作格式3802213776, District officerelief和relieve区别, Xiao Su 25688杨幂990.
&nbssichuanp;  四川;       Donation Account number: 748458620854, account name: Shenzhen Lions Club, bank narelief动词me: Shenzhen Ci四川1岁孩子确诊tizen Center Sub-branch of Dom四川1岁孩子确诊estic Bank. Contact person: zhang qing, wang qin, tel: 25688960,25688561. Tips: Please fax the bearthquakeank slip to: 25688900 after remitta赝太子nce, indicate your name or service team in the postscript & LDqu延禧攻略o; Don四川外国语大学ate money for earthquake relief in Ya 'an, Sichuan Province .
          I sincerely wish the people oearthquake怎么读f sichuan Provi杨紫nce ya 'an disaster areas an early victearthquakes怎么读ory in disaster relief w四川1岁孩子确诊ork, rebuild their homes as soproposal翻译on as possible!
Shenzhen Lions Club & NBSP;    relief形容词   &nb四川人事考试网sp; &nb杨洋sprelief给挚爱的你;
2012-2013 Direcearthquake是什么意思英语tor: Su Zeran
April 20, 2013 & NBSP;        

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