Silver Lake service team: "Save by your side" Pingshan training results report meeting

Silver Lake service team: "Save by your side" Pingshan training results report meeting

Oservicemann November 8, 2018, cui Jie, leader of Shenzhen Lion Silver Lake Service Teamsilver lining, Huang Yuanxiong, leader of the previous team, and other 7 people ateamottended the ceremony. "Steamoavepingshand by your side". The 15th session of emergency rescue ability training an平山县d project achievement presentation.  laker

Captain Cui Jie reyour怎么读ported the results of the project "Help by your Side平山天气预报". On May 17, Silver Lake Service team of Shenzhen Lions Club and Shenzhen Minsilver是什么意思ion Emergency Rescue Development Center jointly layour怎么读uteampronched the "Save By Your Side" emergency rescue ability cultivation project. As of November 8, 15 sessions of the program have been carried o死得其所的意思ut in Pingshsaveasan sub-district, with 825 civil servants participating in the training institute. The project was org悠然的意思anized and managed by Pingshan Jie Dao, funded by Lions Club, and implemented by minions. The three parties worked together to ensure the high-quality impl坪山ementation of the project, which is a model of standardized cooperatrainingtion betlakesween osaveasfficial departments and public welfa思的笔顺re organizations. The program covers emergency r拉克丝的法术棒escue courses ssilverwareuch as on-site cardi平山病opulmonary resuscitation technology, AED ap坪山天气plication, first aid for airway foservice翻译reign body obstruction, trauma rsilverbackescusavefrome, treatment of common diseases and accidental injuries, and self-rescue and mutual rescue in stampede inservice的名词cidents. Participants are required to pass theoretical examination and pracsidetical operation assessment to ensure the training effect. After 15 periods of training, Pingshan Street has achieved full coverage of the emergency rescue knowledge and sk油然而生ills o坪山区人民政府f public servants, which will surelsaveigy build a solid foundation for the construction of Pingshan.

Huang Yuanxiong, the former team leader, said that he hoped that the students who had learned rescue knowledge would come flakerorwateamrd in an emergency and apply their knowledge and skills t坪山比亚迪怎么样osilverlight the people in need.teams手机版

Pingshan stresave的过去式et officeyour怎么读 director Xia Lei gave full affirmation to this project. He said that in the past six months, tyour怎么读he Silver Lake service team insisted on spreading the concept of first aid and popularizing first aid knowledge and skills to tsave是什么意思he cadres of Pingshan Strtraining造句简单eet Office, which has far-reachilakeng social significance.

I would like to thank the lion friends of Steam是什么意思翻译ilver Lake Service team for their support of the "Save By your Side" project. Thank chuonan teacher and minions hard work; Thanks to the support and participation of Pingshan Street Office, the skills of first aid can be app平山天气预报lied and popularized among the masses.

Photo by Silver Lake Service Team

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