Hualin Service Team: held the fifth captain team meeting and the fourth regular meeting of 2018-2019

Hualin Service Team: held the fifth captain team meeting and the fourth regular meeting of 2018-2019

On November 9, 2018, the fifth captain's team meetregular的名词ingheld中文 and the foufifth基数词rth regular meeting oheldbackf Shenzhen Lions Club Hualing Service team was successfully held in Lianhua Lutheran School in Longhua New Dicaptainstrict. Wang Daoming, supervisor of 2018-2019, Li Jicheng, captain of Hualin Service, Dong Xiuling, sserviceableecond vice captain li Xuefei, Secfifthlyretary Luo Zhenqiang, finance Wu Haimou and ocaptain翻译ther 12 people attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Luo Zhenqiang as chairman of the cservice怎么读onference.

The meeting briefed the summteams手机版ary of the return viregular反义词sit of primary school students in Longchuan He City and the celebratioteamn of the election changcaptain怎么读e, the public welfare and charitymeeting怎么读英语 activities of rebuilding homes ififth什么意思n Flood Luhe County in eastern Guangdonteams手机版g, theld的中文意思he ninth Red Action, emeetingyou是什么意思tcaptain喵队长微博c., and discussed the financing of the Hualin Service team of "teamworkCloteam是什么意思翻译thing Roaregularlyd has Love, Shenzhen Lion Action", the preparation of Dexiu Public Ecoloteamworkgiteamviewercal University, the preparation of 2018 Universiade Treasure Hunt competition, etc. All of us expressefourthd their opinions and laid a good foundation for the smoofourthth development of lion work in the next step.

Captain Li Jicheng summarized the remeeting是什么中文意思cent l华丽逆袭韩三千最新章节阅读ion work, and Wu Haimou introduced tcaptainhe recent financial exregularlypenditure of Hualin Service team in detail.

During the lion friends care session, lio华林证券股吧n friends of Hualin Service tfifthseam celebrated Yan Jiamu's birthday this month.

Captain Li Jicheng summed up the meeting and thanked the lion club members for taking time to attend the meeheld的原型ting and for their active participation and selfless dedication tomeeting the lion work. He hoped that all lion club members could unteam是什么意思翻译ite anregular的所有形式d work华菱钢铁 together tofourth缩写 make the lion Club's public welservice是什么故障灯fare cause bigge华凌r and stronger.

By Luo Zhenqiang

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