Shenzhen Lions Club held the third joint captain's Watch in district 20 of 2018-2019

Shenzhen Lions Club held the third joint captain's Watch in district 20 of 2018-2019

On November 9, 2clubman是什么牌子车018, the third joint observation meeting of the leaders of the 20tclub是什么酒h District of Shenzhen Lions Club in 2018-2019 was successfuwatchmygfriendslly held in Wutong Mountain Art Town, Luohu District. The 20th district chairmdistrictan Luo Jlions翻译unping, art troupe head Lin Xiaocaptaindarkhong, guide lionwatch手表 grodistrict是什么意思英语up deputy head, dream service team leader Qi Kelin, dream service team captadistrict怎么读in Lai Jinhua, gold sent service team captain CAI Minghua, the instructor group deputy head Wu Zhijian, executive chairman of the Student services Committee Ma Feng, Gu Weixia and other 18 people aclubttended the meeting. The meeting as the president of the conference by thjoint翻译e flower, chaired by Liu Shuru.

Bcaptain喵队长微博efore the meeting, Wu Zhijian presented a training course witjointh the theme of "the left hand of enterprisesthird and the right hand of public welfare" to the lion friends. He explaincaptaindarked in detail the mutual promotion rheldelationship between public welfare and commercial activities, and guided the lion friends to skillfully use public welfare donations to serve the enterprises, wlionsgatehich benefited the lion friends present a lot. Lion friends expressed their hope that the seminar could share more experiencejointly and help lion friends to do awatching good job in public welfare while promoting the development of enterprises and indivlions读音iduals, so as to better serve the society. Laijin flower captain for lecturers to send their own custom bookcaptain怎么读marks to express gclubra深圳天气titude!

The joint meeting was organized around the深圳大学 regular meetjoint efforting of dreamupheld Service team. Lai Jinhua captain reported the dream service team in the recen深圳天气t lion work, including "Qinghai Yushu Hope primary school" service project assistance, etc., and "let love voice" project listing "Deepdistrict造句 lion public welfare school" activities were summarized; We call on lion friends to actively participate in "Red Action", "Wetland Park Environmental Protection" and other service projeccaptain翻译ts, and provide suggestions and suggestions for the organization of service activities.

During the sharing session, lions club members expressed their opinions, expounded their understanding of lions Club cwatch手表ulture, shared theircaptaindark views on the combindistrict是什么意思英语ation of public weclubslfare and business model, and expressed their willingness to alions翻译中文ctively participate in s深证指数ervice acticaptain喵队长微博vities to support the development of pubheld的原型lic welfare. At the scene, four lion friends said they would pledge to donate the Lion awatch的过去式ward and The Maowen Zhongshi Award.

Gan nenglin calls on lion friends to donateclubs the Hua Lion Award a深证指数nd make tclub是什么酒heir own contribution to public welfare. Lin Xiaohong and Qikelin put fodistrict词根rward valuable opinions on some details of the regular meeting and stressed the importance of the regular meeting of the service teams. They hoped that the service teams would make serious preparations and organize mjoint ventureembers to participate actively to ensure the normal and orderly development of lion work.

Chairman Luo Junpingclub是什么酒 made a summary of the meeting, thanking the lecturing group anheldd the participating lion friends for their support to the joint深证指数 meeting, hijoint是什么意思ghly appraising the regular me深圳地铁线路图eting process of the Dredistrict翻译am Service Team, encouraging everyone to actively participatheld的意思是什么e in the regular meeting and service activities, and hoping that everyone could make progress together through this meeting. At the same tjointheclub是谁ime, he called on the service teams to actclubsively donate to the Wah Lion Award, Chung Lion Award and Mau Man Chung Shi Award, so as to carry forward the spheld怎么读的irit of lions club and carry forwwatch怎么读ard the lion culture together.

Article/Lai Flower picture/Liu Shuru

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