Lions Club shenzhen attended the 96th lions Club International Convention in Germany

Lions Club shenzhen attended the 96th lions Club International Convention in Germany

              From July 5 to 9, 2013, tlions是什么意思he 96th Lions Club International Annual Conference was succeinternational翻译ssfully held in Hamburg, Gerlion是什么意思中文翻译many. More than 20,000 lion lovers from 208 countries and regions gathered in Halion是什么意思中文翻译mburg to cel桃花源记ebrate the annual lions Festival. Mr. Zhang Guoyu退婚后大佬她又美又飒n, vice President of The National Lions Aconvention什么意思ssociation and former director of Shenzhen Lions Club, Mr. Xiao Xingping, Financial Director of the National Lions Association and former Director of Shenzhen Lions Club, More than 300 lion friends, including 2013-2014 Director Wu Xiaominlion是什么意思g and His Wife, 2012-2013 Director Su Zeran, 2013-attended是什么意思2014 first Deputy Director Lin Ziyu, 2013-2014 second deputy Director Liclub是什么意思n Tao, former director Dai Tongxin and his wife, have worked with Guangdong Lions Club. More than one thousand lio深圳疫情n members from dalian, Qingdao, Beijing, Zhejianlionsgateg, Shenyang, Shaanxi and Harbin participated in this annual meeting, leaving a deep mem深圳天气ory in Hamburg.
          &nthinbsp;  An iconic port city for more than 100 years, Hamburg is Germany’s largest seaport, home to numerous cruis桃花源记翻译e ships, Eur深圳opealions是什么意思n culture, cui深圳sine and music. Because of the convention,thin Hamburg airport, station, street, lake everywhereconvention形容词 hang the 96th conventconventionion flag and say welcome lion friends to Hamburg banner, makinternational labour day翻译e lion friends feel warm and proud to be a lion friends.

    &nbsp深证指数;        On the morningermany的中文意思g of July 6, about 15conventional读音发音,germany德国人000 lions from around the world took part in the international parade. The parade route runs along the magnificent Lake Of Inner Ulste深圳天气r, and the parades of various countries advertise the cultural characteristics of their cogermany的中文意思untriegermany什么意思s by displaying national flags, national cclubmed官网预订ostumes, floats, bands, and folk dances. More than 300 members of the Shenzhen Lions Club wore parade costumes and pulled. National Lions Association & RDQUO; Banners, Shouting “ Domesclubstic, domestic, we serve! ” “germany是什么国家, with a smile oclub是什么意思n his face, with neat steps and magnificent momentum marching in the parade, showing the spi深圳疫情最新消息rit of solidarthity o通货膨胀下什么最保值f lion friends. Wang Nalions翻译中文ikun, presideinternational怎么读nt oflions读音 the Natgermany复数用英语ional Lion Association, waved to the lclubions as they marlions英语怎么读ched to the bottom of the rostrum.

            On the evening of 6th, more than 80 shenzhen lion friendgermany是什么国家s participated in the dragon Night party organized by 303 District of Hong Kong and Macau in the banquet hall of Grand Elysee Hotelions英语怎么读l Hamburg, and they had a beautifullions的音标 and unforgettable night.
            On the morning of July 7th, Shenzhen Lion Friends atteclub用英语怎么说nded the opening cer深圳风险等级emony of the annual conference in Hamburg Convention center. The opening ceremony was co-hosted by Hamburg Mayunattendedor Olaf andconventional反义词 president of the 9club用英语怎么说6th Internationconventional什么意思中文al Convention Wien. A colorful flag ceremony of the host country of the Lions Club was held to the accompaniment of cheerful music at the packed auditorium. The conference was organized by深证指数 Wayne A&bull,conventional什么意思中文 International President; Wayneinternationalcupid A• Hosted by Madden, fclubman是什么牌子车ormer First Laconventional什么意思中文dy Laura Bush & Bull; Laura Welch Bush delivered the kinternational英语eynote address, discussing her involvement in global issues.

         club翻译   &nbsgermany复数用英语p;On the aftelions是什么意思rnoon of 7th, Mr. Wu Xiaoming, the director, and his wife hosted a banquet for Shenzhen Lion friends at a local restaurant in Hamburg wharf, tasting delicious steak dinner and traditional German beer. Nearly 160 lion friends gathered together to celebrate the friendship oconventionsf lions.

            &nbsclub是什么意思p;On the morning of July 8th, Shenzhen Lion Friends attended the second general meeting i深证指数n Hamburg Convention center. At tconventional是什么意思he meeting, The president of The International Association, Mr. Michael Maeden, announced that Mr. Su Z深圳大学iran, the director of Shenzhen Lgermany是什么国家ions Club 2012-2深证指数013, was awardinternationally歌曲ed the world’s Best Lion Friend awclubard and presented to Mr. Su Ziran as a gift with “ldclub是什么酒quo;international The World of Service & RDquo; MEDALS and a group photo. Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands addressed the lions and guests on the topic of literacy, and Dr. Tam Wing-lions是什么意思gan, President of Lions Foundalions的音标tion International, shared how the foundation had made an impact this year through grants, aid work and ot褪黑素her humanitarian activities. The Lions Club Flionsoundation has announced its commitment to doclubsnate us $7.8 million to the International Special Olympic Committclubee (IOC) to stgermany怎么读rengthen support and protection of the rights and interests of people withlions读音 intellectual disabilities and promoclubman是什么牌子车teinternationalcupid worldwide acceptance and inclus深圳天气ion. Tim Bull, Pregermany是什么国家sideninternational英语t and CEO of the Special Olympic Committee; Interinternationally歌曲national Special Olympic Committee (IOC) Global Board member Yao Mconventional反义词ing, Australian Special Olympics athlete Ben bull; Hattendeduck, special Olympics International – Lions Bright Eyes prolions读音ject foun童话故事der Paul. Dr. Berman attended the d深圳天气edication ceremony. At深证指数 the meeting, Dr. Tan Ronggen, president of Liattended翻译ons Found童话故事ation international, awarded Yao Ming honorary membership of lions Club in rec桃花源记翻译ognition of his contribution to promoting the developmenclub用英语怎么说t of youth charities in China.

&nbinternational是什么意思sp;           &nbattended翻译sp;At 10:30 am on 8th, more than 30 lion friends, including Lin Ziyu, the first deputy director of Shenzhen Lions Club 2013-2014, went to Gro&szlig, MD111ON district, Berlin and Germany; Er Stern lions have a lion exc深圳疫情最新动态hange at the 60-year-old SCHLEUSEN陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿KRUG Brewery near the Berlin Zoo. Ch深证指数ristian Paschen, president of Lion Club of Big Star, warmly received the Lion friends of Shenzhen.
          &nbsclub翻译p;  On the afternoon of 8th, more than 30 me陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿mbers of shenzhen Lions club and Wandsbek Lthinions club in MD111N district of Germany were sharing lion business with each other at the beautifullion是什么意思中文翻译 cen深圳风险等级tral Lake wharf in downtown Hamburg. Mr. Zhang Guoyun, vice President of Domestic Lions Association and former Dithinrector of Shenzhen Lions Club;club用英语怎么说 Mr. Su Zeran, director of Shenzhen Lions Club 2012-2013; Mrgermany复数用英语. Zheng Degang, Director of Shenzhenlion是什么意思 Lions Club 2011-2012; Dr. Claus Dieter桃花源记 Brandt, fattendedormer director of German MD111N district, Hans-Albert Schultz, President of Wandsbek Lions Club ROSKEN and other leshenzhenaders attended the meeting.
On the mogermanyrning of July 9, lions who are eligible to vote went to the Hamburg Convention Center to castlions翻译中文 their sacred vote. Mr. Dai Tinternationalismongxin, former director of Lions Club shenzhen, was in charge of the qualification examination as a member of the qualification examination committee. Berry & B童话故事ull from Australia; BARRY J. PALMER wasgermany德国人 elgermany复数用英语ected as lions Interconventional是什么意思national President for 2013-2014, and Sister Wen Jinhuan, former director ofshenzhen Distrunattendedict 303, Hong Kong and Macau, was elected lions Internconvention翻译ational D桃花源记irector for 2013-2015.

             At 10 am on 9th, shenzhen Lion Friends aattended翻译ttended the closing ceremony of the international conference in Hamburg Convention center. Andrea & Bull, blind Italian singer; Mr. Bocelli received this year’s highest honor from lions International. — “ Humanitarian Award & RDQUO; In recognition of Andre & Bull; Mr. Bocelli’s significant contribution to the humanitarian cause. Lions Fclub翻译oundation International will allocate usattended是什么意思 $250,000 to this prize to encourage continued development of humanitarian service activities.
           thin  2013 — 2014 International President Berry & Bull; Pomermer proposed “ Follow Your Dream. “Is an annual slogan that calls on lioclub是什么酒ns around the world to challclubmanenge and follow their dreams to reach the next level and work together to fulfill their dreams of making clubs, communities and lions clubs stronger.
             In his inaugural speech, President Pomermo said thalionst as we strive to realize our dreams, we need responsible leaders to provide timely advice, shoul褪黑素der thclub怎么读e responsibilitthoughy of teamwork and the spir深圳大学it of cooperatio深圳疫情n. Our collective dream for the organizatio深圳疫情最新动态n is to serve the poor in einternationalvery community of the world. To achieve thconventionis dream, we must strengthen our existing clubs, add new clubs, r深证指数ecruit neunattendedw members and expand ourgermany是什么国家 reach.

            &nb通货膨胀下什么最保值sp;As annclubmedounced by President Pomermo, district governors-degermany德国人signate w深圳天气ill be installed after the last governor removes the goveinternational怎么读rnors-designate ribbon. Brother Wu Xiaoming was appointed as dirgermany是什么国家ector of Shenzhen Lions Club 2lions读音013-2014. The Lions Club has officially entered the new Liclubon year.
             Although the 96th International Conference has come to an end, the excitement will continue. Let’s get together again next year at the 97th International Cogermany怎么读nventiconvention翻译on in Tlion是什么意思中文翻译oronto, Canada!


Articlubmed官网预订cle by Zhou Jconvention的用法iaolong Photo by Zhou Jiaolong and Zhang Licen

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