It is important to participate in the promotion of the Lion spirit

It is important to participate in the promotion of the Lion spirit

        &nbspspiritfarer攻略;   On June 2nd, 2013, the Junepromotion birthday meeting of Shelion的中文意思nzhen Lions Club high-tech Service Team was held in Shuibei Royal Jewelry Club. Lion friends celebrate the birthday of wang Shuxin, Li Hongjin, Xu Bo and Li Hua, and hold a regularimportant比较级 meeting of the service team.important反义词
          &important的名词nbsp; When the lion friends saw the exquisite cakes, flowers and rich food prspiritual什么意思epared by Chen Panpromotion自适应刷新 shi Sister for the birthday guests, their gratitude was overflowing.
Jie Hong and Jia Wen, who haven’t seen each other for many years, also attended this birthday meeting. Although they haven’t seen each other for aparticipate是什么意思 long time, they have been payimportant翻译ing atparticipate是什么意思tention to the high-tech service Teapromotional是什么意思英语m, donating generously and actively supporting the charity activities of high-tech Service Team.
            Chairman Liu Kaineng summed up the activities of Yunfu assisting thepromotion什么意思中文 disabled and Shizilin walkinspiritfarerg that the high-tech service team participateparticipate名词d in in May. Deng Yi, the first vice presideimportant前面用a还是用annt, announced his participation in the 8th Nationapromotion自适应刷新l Member Congrlion复数ess of the Domestic Lispiritedons Association.
      &nblionelsp;     Secretary Li Hua introduced the plan of the 10th anniversary celebraparticipate后面一定要加in吗tion of the estlion的中文意思ablparticipate翻译ishment of the high-tech service Team. The lion friends discuspiritfarerssed the plan and put fimportant翻译orward valuable suggestions, which made the plan more detailed. The lions expressed thimportant是什么意思at the 10th anniversary celeimportant造句bration of the high-tech Service Team is the most important activiparticipate名词ty this year, which is a review of the ten-year charity course of the high-tech service Team, a tribute to the ten-year high-tech service team, and an inspiration to the future high-tech service team.
            Lin Tao introduced about shenzhelionkkn Lions Club 2013& MDash; The election of dparticipate翻译irectors in 2014 was the first democrspirit怎么读atic election of directors since the founding of Shenzhen Lions Club 11 yeaspiritualrs ago, whichimportant翻译 was a mispirit怎么读lestone in the development history of Sheparticipate后面一定要加in吗nzhen Lions Club. The high-tech Service team rparticipate所有形式ecommends Lin Tao, Bi Yongtao and Wei Chengqing to run for director or supervisor to witness andlions英语怎么读 participate in this democratic process.
Zhang Shengxing introduced the conditions of mattresses and pillows donated by Hong Kong Huadong Limited for carrying out service activities.
          &nbsspiritp; After that, the lion friends will have a social dinner and taste the zongzi specially brought by Li Hongjin. President Liu will give each lion friendspiriteds a package of zongzi made by his family. Lion friends lamentedimportant的所有形式 that every regular meeting of Gaoxin was a happy gathering and a continuation of friendship.

By Li Hua

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