Central District Service Team: held the eighth regular meeting of 2020-2021

  On February 28, 2021, the eighth regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Central District Service Team for 2020-2021 was held in opportunity Health Theme restaurant, Shcentralecentral和center区别nye Garden, Fuzhong Road, Futiaupheldn District. Xiao Xingpinservice翻译g, supervisor of Shenzhen Lions Club, Li Li, chairman of the third Zone, Xie Yan, captain of theservice是什么意思 central Service Team, zhang Xuwen, former captain Wang Xiangbo, Second vice capeighth翻译tain Xie Zhuling, third vice captain Hou Qingkai, former captains Hu Xin and Zhao Hua, Secretary Hu Jianjun, Finance Yao Jie, General Afeighth基数词fairs Wang Huiqing, and impost Mo Jianfang, Cmeeting怎么读英语aptain team members Dong Shiying, Zhan Hongjun and other more than 30 people attended the meeting. Caregularptain Tsang Li of Upstep Service team, Captain Li Xuefi of Warin Service Theld过去式和过去分词eam, captain Wong Wai-keung of Mile Service team andcentral翻译 capcentral翻译tain Yan Wing-qian of Long Term Service team were present at the meeting. Meeting by Zhan Hongjun, Wang Huiqing, Mo Jianfangservice as executive chairman, Wang Huiqing chaired.

Wechat picture _20210304115439.jpg

Captain Xservicemanie Yan delivdistrict缩写是什么ered the work report of the central District Service team in the first half of the year, and introduced the New Year greeting activities of HKU Hospital. Zhang Xuwen introduced the “March 8” International Women’s Day condolence activities of HKU Hospital. Li Li, Yu Yifeng and Ma Wei shared their experience of lion work in the first half of the year; Wang Xiangbo and Xie Yan put forward constructive suggestions on the construction of the team leader next year. Cao Yan shared his understanding of kindness, fraternaupheldl pregularizationiety and fileighth英语怎么读ial piety. Supervisor Xiao Xingping hopes forteam是什么意思翻译 the future development of the central service team.


By Hu Jianjun

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