Caring for the Disabled on subsistence allowance -- Lions Club of Shenzhen funded the low-income families of the disabled in Luohu District, Yantian District and Dapeng New District

Caring for the Disabled on subsistence allowance -- Lions Club of Shenzhen funded the low-income families of the disabled in Luohu District, Yantian District and Dapeng New District

The well-off socclub是什么意思iety of the disabled is an im深证指数portant part of the overall well-off society. On December 1, the third event of the "Targeted Assistanclionsedistrict缩写是什么 for the Disabled" serie深圳大学s of public welfare activities of Shenzhen Lions Club was successfully held in the classroomdistrict和region区别 on the first floor of the Party School of Yantian District. The event distriballowance的中文意思uted 1,000 yallowance造句uan of consolation money tclub怎么读o each of 162 persons with disabilities from subsistence allowance families in Luohu Dclubsistrict, Yantian District and Dapeng New Area, andallowance造句 the service funds were 162,000 yuan.

Mr. Zhang Jian, chief Financial Ofdisabled造句ficer of Licaring是什么意思英语ons Club shenzdistrict怎么读hen 2017-2018, introduced tdistrict怎么读he guests and extended his sincere thandistrictks to the lion Frienddisabled造句简单带翻译s who came to support the evallowanceent in their busy schedule.

Ch 'eng Zheng Huoping, Chairman of the Conference and Chairman of Lions Club Of Shenzhen 2017-2018 Region 1, introduced the project. He pointed out that this year, Shenzhen Lions Club and Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation jointly promoted the "Targeted Assistance for the Disabled" service activities. They planned to hold five activities covering the whole city from October 14, 2017 to February 5, 2018. So far, three activities have been successfully held. Successfully visited a total of 421 people with disabilities from subsistallowance是什么意思英语翻译ence living families in Futian District, Nanshan District, Bao 'an District, Luodisabled电脑启动项hlions怎么读u Diclub是什么意思strict, Yantian Distallowance翻译rict and Dapeng New District. The next two cdistrict的中文意思ondolence activities will be clions是什么意思onducted in Longgang District and Longhua District.

Shenzhen lions club President of 201allowance的中文意思7-2018, tian wang, vice President of the first Mfunded翻译a Min co-orgdisabled造句简单带翻译anizers, second deputy chairman WengHua led to undertake, on behalf of mutual read out a petition, calling for more service and social love ass深圳疫情最新动态istive precisely, care fo深圳疫情最新动态r low-income families to join the team for the disabled, help the disabled to improve work, study and living conditions, accelerating the we深证指数ll-off process for the disabdisabled电脑启动项led.

Weng Hua, the second viallowance是什么意思英语翻译ce President of shclubsenzhen Disabled Personlions翻译中文s' Federation, delivered a speech, thanking shenzhen Lions Club for providing accurate information and data for its series of activities for the disabled, and the lion Friends, thelion是什么意思 service tdistrict缩写是什么eam that undertook alions英语怎么读nddisabled造句简单带翻译 co-organized the event, for running around all regions of Shenzhen and caring for the disabled from subsistence families, making them feel the warmth of the social family. He believes that with the correct guidance of shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation and the efforts of lioncaring怎么读 Friends and深圳市最新疫情 caring people in the community, the cause of the disabled will surely carry forward the past and advance to a new stage.

Dfun的短语isabled pers深圳市最新疫情ons' fedeallowance是什么意思英语翻译ration of shallowance是什么意思enzdistrict是什么意思英语hen peng ying, vice director of nine wofunded翻译men to the深圳疫情 luohu district on behalf of the municipaclubsl disabled persons' federation, yantian district, dapeng district of disabled persons and cordial greetinallowance怎么读g todistrict怎么读 their relacaring英语tives, in shenzallowanceshenlions翻译 lionssubsistence是什么意思 long-term value, to extend my sincere thanks to support the work for disabled persons, seldisabled的形容词f-esteem self-reliance, the handicapped friends hope strongly to achshenzhenieve dreams, to create a more happy and beautiful life.

L深圳eaders of Shenzhen Lions Club adisabled是开启还是关闭nd representallowance的近义词atives of lion F深圳天气riends, the service team that unallowance翻译dertook and co-organized, distributed condolence money to the disadisabled是什么意思bled from subsistence allowance families. The disabled recipients were deeply moved and said they would actively face life and bravely meet the challenges of life.

Peng Yingjiu, vice-chairman of Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation, Liu Yudadistrict翻译, Vice-chairman of Luohu Disallowances翻译trict Disabled Persons' Federation, Chen Menghua, Secretary-general of Yantian Disclubstrict Disabled Persons' Federation, Lions Club of Sclub是什么酒henzhelions是什么意思n 2017-2018caring President Tian Xiclubmed官网预订ngwang, First Vice President Ma Min, Second Vice President Weng Hua, Deputy Chief Supervisor Liao Ronghui, Chief Financial Officer Zhang Jian, Chief Executive Peng Daojian, Chairman Zheng Guoping of Zone 1, Chairman Wu Yuqiong of Zone 6, Chairman Tan Fei of Zone 13, Supervisor Chen Zong, Morcaringlye than 100 persons with disabilities and thecaringir families from low-income families in Luohu District, Yantian District and Dapeng New District attended the event. The activity was presided over by wu Jian, the head of the art troupe.

This activity is directed by Sdistrict翻译henzhen Disabled Persons' Federation and organized by Shenzhen Lions Club. Shenzhen lions taiadisabledn, central distcaring是什么意思rict, lions, love football, best bei, liuzhou, PengCheng, silver lake, hofunded什么意思ng ya, yantian, mileage, the blue sky, grace, baoan, happiness and future, the Lord, theclub Kings, the color field, yi, Oriental rose, it is good, bright pupil, Mr Fukuda, fairy lcaringlyake, ridge top, yitian, nameplates, good quality, united, day DE 29 service jointly undertake, Wenjin, Classic, Huaxiang, Bagualing, Qihang, Spallowance和subsidy的区别ark, Huayuan, Tailailions是什么意思, Dayzhuan, Hualei, Fuan, Jingfeng, Datdisabled电脑启动项ong, Fuyin, Dream, Fuai, High-tech, one in one, Hualin, Elite, Mindistrictinggren, Jiangshan, Xixiang, Boshang Elite, Nanhai, Jidistrict什么意思npai, Qianhaicaring和careful区别, Brocadallowances翻译e and other 28 service teamsallowance是什么意思 jointly organized.

[Text] Office Xu Shener

[Photo] Xu Shener, Agallowances翻译ency office of Chen Weiming

[Editor] Office Ma Huijuan

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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