Dong Xiu, party secretary of Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation, visited shenzhen Lions Club for research

On March 26, 2021, Dong Xiu, party secretary of Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation and candidate for president of S修真聊天群henzhen Disabled Persons' Federation, visited the Office of Shenzhen Lions Club to investigate the work of Shenzvisited是什么意思英语hen Lions Club. Shenzhen disabled persons' federatsecretary中文翻译ion member of the party group, dep深圳地铁线路图uty director of Li Lun, xuan (right), deputy director of the group Luo Qiwei to attend东南大学 the meeting, the do东北大学mes深圳疫情最新动态tic representative in shenzhen, shenzhen federation of lion lion li wh, first secretaryvisited的意思 of the party brsecretary什么意思anch and the international lions club directors and the lion standing vice President of cib before domestic Zhang Guojun, domestic lion federation supervisor Lin Ziyu, vice President of Zheng Degang, Shenzhen Lions club 2020-2021 president Lu Zhiqiang, last president Weng Hua, first vice President Guo Yongyong, second vice President Pvisited的过去式eng Daojian, party branch secretary, former president Tian Wangxing, deputy supervisor Tan Fei, secretary General Lai Zhuoni, chief financial officer Nie Xiangdong, Chivisited及物不及物ef Executive Deng Yi, chief inspector Zhang Jian attended tpersons是什么意思英语he symposium, the meeting was pparty复数resided over by Lu Zhiqiang.

President Lu Zhiqian东华大学g introd羞耻的近义词uced the guests and gave welcome speeches. He thanked Dong Xiu, secretary of the party group and the candidate for the chairman of shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation, and the leaders of Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation for their attention and support to the work of Shenzhen Lions Club. He made a report on the东方财富网 general situation of S东北大学henzhen Lions Club,深圳天气 the深圳 work of the club this year, the main sesecretary怎么读音英语rvice activities, honors and awards, etc. Shenzhen lions will be at home, he said,修仙从沙漠开始 disabled persons' federation, do东方财富网mestic lionsecretary什么意思翻译 federatiosecretary什么意思中文n, the shenzhen municipal committee of th深圳e municipal authorities, municipal disabled persons' federation, the civil affairs bureau and other relevant departments of the lepersons和people区别adersh深圳ip and guidance, bear as, hard work, out ofpersons和people a domestic characteristic style, shenzhen lions public road, strong support the realization of the "two" one hund修仙就是这样子的red goals.

Zhi-qiang lu (2). JPG

Tan Feivisited用法, Deputy Supervisor, reported the work东莞疫情 of the Board of Supervisoperson是什么意思rs of Shenzhen Lions Club. He introduced the work objectives, team building, system building and participation of the Board of Supervisors of Shsecretary和assistant有什么区别enzhen Lions Club this year. Work of this ysecretary中文翻译ear, he said, the board of supervisors, without修罗刀帝 the board of trustees, specialized work and service support, the members of the board of supervisors should time stresecretary怎么读ngthen learning, explore innovation, clear responsib修仙就是这样子的ilities and positioning, advapersonsncing with The Times to perfect the system construction, keep in minsecretary和assistant有什么区别d, matter and afterwards "advance" three supervision mode and "not absence, good place, not offside" basic workinparty英文意思g principle, In the premise of adhering to the princip羞耻的近义词les, thesecretary和assistant有什么区别 use of "consultation" approach to the relevandisabled电脑t issues.

Tan Fei JPG.

Lfederation翻译i Weihua, first Secretary of the Party branch of Shenzhen Lisecretary什么意思中文ons Club introduced the organization and construction of the party bravisited及物不及物nch, the main work, the characteristics of the party covisited音标nstruction work and the current problems. Shenzhen lion, he said, the party branch will follow the instructions of the city disabled persons' federation of this research work spirit as a guide, closely combining the reality of shenzhen lions party constructionvisited翻译, a complete coverage of the organizational, and registration of all party members, role play, positions al深圳天气l occupied, give full play to the sociparty是我家下载mp3al pparty是我家下载mp3olitical party construction leading,深圳 qualivisited及物不及物ty policy, lions, the role of the service, Strive to play its due role for the healthy and oparty是我家下载mp3rderly development of Shenzhen Lions Club and fulfill its own responsibilitiedisabled造句s.

Li wh. JPG

During the discussion, Zheng Degang, vicsecretary-generale President of Shenzhen Disabled Persvisited及物不及物ons' Federatpersons翻译ion, thanked the leaders of Shenzhen Lions Club for their atvisited怎么读英语tention, care and support. He conveyed the spirit of the sixfederation什么意思th council of tdisabledhe Domestic Lion Association held ipartynextdoorn Kunming on March 17, and briefly explaipersons和personal的区别ned the adjustment, enhancement and refinement ofvisited的过去式 the or深圳疫情gperson所有形式anizational govervisited英语怎么说npartyance system scheme. He修仙从沙漠开始 hoped that shenzhen Lions Club would contin修罗刀帝ue to improve its governance capacity, improve its governance system, practice internal skills, improve its quality and strengthen its service, so as to present a new look to the lvisited英语怎么说ion club in the coming 20th birthday.

Zheng Degang JPG.

Supervisor Lin Ziy修仙死路一条u said that the brilliant achievements of Shenzhen Lions Club in the past 19 years cannot be separated from the attention and guidance of the City Disab东航坠机led Persons' Federation, and the joint efpersons怎么念forts of the previous presidents and all lions club members. She introduced the causes, current situation and achievements of the reform of the federation's organi深圳天气zational governance system. Shenzhen Lions Club has made a posi深圳地铁线路图tive conpersons翻译tribution to the development and constrpersons和personal的区别uction of the association. She fully affirmed and praised the w东航坠机ork of the council, the Board of Supervisorfederations and the Party branch this year.

Lin Ziyu JPG.

Zvisited怎么读hang Guojun lions the background of the establishment of a brief review of the international director of shenzhen, the shenz东莞天气hen lions achi深圳evements said sure, he thought, as a new era of social organization, to improve the stance and becofederation翻译me a soc修仙就是这样子的ial service, financial fairness, social organization leading the law-abiding, the creator of tperson是单数还是复数he new age the good lifepersons怎么念 and show; We should broaden our intervisited音标natiosecretary什么意思翻译nal vision, tell our domestic stories well, demvisited怎么读onstrate international human修仙从沙漠开始itarianism, demonstrate the strength of major countries, and act as practitioners and promoters of the common destiny of mankind. Tvisited音标o be based on the present, bassecretary怎么读ed on the loc深圳疫情最新消息al, serve the community, constantly东方财富网 innovative serperson是什么意思vices, improve social satisfaction. On major issues,disabled的形容词 party members should respect the main body and the charactepersons怎么读ristic修仙死路一条s of social organizations, conduct democratisecretary-generalc consultation, and ensure that their positions are not missing or ovedisabled造句简单rstepped, he said. Competent departments should play a leading role and Party members spersons和personal的区别hould play a pion修罗天帝eering and exem修真聊天群plvisited用法ary roldisabled造句简单e in grassroots organizations.

Zhang Guojun JPG.

Dong Xiu, party secretary of Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federatiopersons和people区别n and candidate forparty复数 the chairman of the board,东方财富网 spoke highly of the work of Shenzhen Lions Club, the construction of the Party branch and the work of the board of supervisors. She spoke highly of the lion Frieparty是我家nds' love, kindness and sense of responsibility for acparty是我家tively devoting th修罗武神evisited是什么意思英语mselves to publvisited的意思ic welfare avisited怎么读nd charity, helpiperson是单数还是复数ng others and serving the society. At the same time, she on behalf of the cpersons和people区别ity disabled persons' Federation party group, the board of lion friends to extend high respect ashenzhennd heartfelt thanks. Considering tha懂车帝t the whole Party is currently carrying out the party history study and education activities, Secretary Dong Xiu put forward three sdisabled造句简单带翻译uggestions: First, hope that tperson所有形式he Party bvisited用法ranch of Shenzhepersons和peoplen Lions Club can carry out theparty英文意思 Party history study and education activities, consolidate the foundation of the development of Lions Cfederationlub, improve its political position, and play th修仙就是这样子的e rparty模式ole of the party branch as a fortress; Second, we should focus on strengthening our own construction, combine the realit东莞疫情y of Shenzhen, fulfill our duties according to the requivisited英语怎么说rements of the superiors, and promote the healpersons和people区别thy and orderlyvisited dedisabled造句简单带翻译velopment of lions Club. The third is to maintain close communication with the competent authorities. In accordance with the requirements of the东莞天气 superiors and within thesecretary framework of the policies, the City Disabled Psecretary是什么意思英语ersons' Federation provides necessary guidance and suppopersonsrt to tdisabled翻译he Lions Club, and actively supports the Club to become a standard, efficien深证指数t and dynamic social organization and an important new fvisited是什么意思英语orce in disability assistance services.



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