Eight years of the lion Road family

Eight years of the lion Road family
— — Central district service team 8teightyh year celebrationroad是什么意思 charity party

            September 10, 2012 is a memorable day, coinciding with the 28th Teachers’ Day. The warm sun of early autroadcamumn isfamily翻译 gently spreading on the blue sea in the east of Shenzhen. The charity party themed by troadcam下载he 8th anniversary of the founding of the Shenzhen Lions Club central District Syearservice Team was held in the multi-function hall of Dameisha Yacht Clubyearsago中文翻译.
            In central service celebration of the guest has disabled persons’ federation of shenzhen, shenzhen lions, the director of the leadership, a former governor, district council members, chairman of each special comfamilyhookupsmittee chairman, friend will be for eight years and enterprlion复数ises on behalf of the central service established profound friendship love, China merchants syears英语怎么读treet community representatives counterpart aid andeighteen怎么读 loving people from all walks of life, etc. A total of more than 160 people.
      &nroadcambsp;     The celebration started at 5.30pm punlionsctually, with two former prroad怎么读esidents oroadf the Central District Servicefamily Team, Brother Cao yan shi and Sister Zhou Chfamily家庭树图片en Shi as thelion是什么意思 hosts. A & other; Eight years of wind and rain charieightty road & RDquo; The short film has brought us into a deep memory,lion复数 eight yearroadcam行车记录仪s of time is not too long, it is not too short, looking at the short film a touching photos, a happy picture, a group of real data, let us sigh with emotion. …
  &nbspfamilytherapy中文;         In the eight years since its establishment, the Central District Service Team has organized 15 ffamily家庭树图片und-raising activities and raised 11 million yuan. Directly participated in and organized 24 educational service activities, 11 disability service actiyearsago翻译vities, 6 blind service activities, 9 disaster relief service activities, 7 poverty alleviation activities, 8 community service activities, 12 speciafamilyl public service actiyearsago中文翻译vities (red action), donaeight怎么读ted 330,000 ml of blood.
          In the past eight years, the croadblockentral Districfamily翻译t service team has conducted more than 80 charitable service activities with a total service fund of 10,727,500 yuan, of which 1,026.50 yuan and 462,500 yuan worth ofeight前面是用a还是an educational, poverty alleviation and disaster relief materials have been doroad怎么读nated. Ten lion schools have been built, benefiting thousands ofyears英语怎么读 people.
Tlion复数he ceremony was follyears怎么读owed by the poem recitation with music by the 8th president. The melodious and meaningful melody and the true words brought everyone’s thoughts into every charity activity of the 8th year. …
            As the birthday song was sung, champagne was raised, and an eight-story birthday cake was slowly pushed to theroad怎么读 center of the stage. All the lion friends oyearsirf the central district service team walked onto the stalion翻译ge to celebrate their eighth birthday together, and the celebration camyears英语怎么读e to afamily家庭树图片 climax.
            Alion怎么读t the celebration, we awarded certificates of honor to 9 lion friends who are 10 years olfamily翻译d and 12 lion friends who are 8 yearyearsbtcs old. Throadblocke certificates of honor in red hot gold condensed the selfless dedication and deeyearsago中文翻译p lyears英语怎么读ove of the old lion friends. Chen Qiufen, 10 years’ representative of lion Friendsyearsago中文翻译,years andyearsago翻译 Huang Xinguo, 8 years’ representatiroadsve of lion friends, gave speeches on stage respecroadcamtively.
            Founding president Xiao Xineight翻译gping lion sister affectionately reviewed the cenlionkktral district service team eight years of wind and rain course, several moved tears in her eyes, several choked words can not contineighteen怎么读ue to speak, the final sentence & LDquo; Thank you very much. Condensed xiao Shi elder sister’s truefamily的复数形式 feelings.
&nbseight怎么读peight怎么读英语;           On behalf of the Central District Service Team, Mr. Chen Nengting, the president of this year, presented a certificate of appreciyears怎么读ation to the enterprises and organizationsyearsir that have made contributions to teighteen的中文是什么he charity service actlion的中文意思ivities.
          &nbspeight前面是用a还是an; The last part was a charity auction for schoofamily复数ls in remote and poor areas. Spring Breeze Library & RDquo; Lioyears英语怎么读n friends took out some of thlionkkeir precious items naked donated to the club, the aufamily翻译ction funds are all usedlion for this year’s charity service activities. The lilion翻译on friendroadblocks who donated nfamilyhookupsaked items for charity auction were Xiao Xingping, Zhao Hua, Chen Nengting, Cao Yan, Lin Yuehong, Li Hua, Zhang Xuwen, Mo Jianfang and Chen Qiufen, and the total amount of donations was nearly 200,000 YUfamilyAN.
      &nbfamilytherapy中文sp;   “ Forget thisfamilyhookups night, say goodbye to this night, whether new friends or old frieroadx轮胎nds … ” As theroadblock celebration drew to a close with music we spent a memorable and unforgettaeight怎么读英语ble day together.
            Eight years of wind and rain hand in hand, eight years of lion love a family. Thfamily是什么意思翻译成中文e Central District Service Team weightill continue to uphold the Happy Service ” The purpose of the founding of the Association is to move forward happily on the lion road, to help others and to serve the society. We hope tfamily是什么意思翻译成中文o go through the second and third eight years tfamily是什么意思翻译成中文ogether. … We are happy in the happy service to the futueight怎么读re. …

Central District Service team


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