Proposal: Proposal for the theme activity of “Warm project – Disability and health integration embracing life”

About to carry out“Warm engineering – disability integration Embrace life“Theme Activities


Each service:

May 17 marks the 30th National Day for Helping the Disabled. In response to the call of The Lions Association of China, Shenzhen Lions Club proposed to carry out a series of themed activities for helping the Disabled while fightinactivity的动词g against the epidemic. The contents are as follows:

I. Theme of the activity

“Warm Project – Integration of Disability and Health embracing Life”

Two, activity time

27 April to 17 May 2020

Iii. Activity content

        1. Carrywarm是什么意思 out activities around the “Warm Engineering” workstation

For those wothemes怎么读rkstations that have successfully applied fproposal用法or the lion Fuprojects怎么读nd subsidy award but have not yet beenproject listed, please caactivity翻译rry out the listing activity. For twarm怎么读he workembracing什么意思stations or service teams that have been listed and continue to provide services/ Help the disabled, pleathemese carry out rproject怎么设置无休息日eturn visit service.

2. If there is no service team related to the project, please refer to the following service directiintegration啥意思ons

(1) Anti-epidemactivity的中文意思ic assistance: masks and disinfectants are provided to families withactivity怎么读 disabled pershealth2破解版无限onspreventEpidemic materials;

(2)Poverty alleviation and disability awarm怎么读语音ssistance:Support activities will be carried out to meet the needs of the disabled,proposal是什么意思英语 such atheme下载sAssisting persons with disabilities in finding employment, starting busihealthy的副词nesses and resuming workEtc..For thactivity的形容词e disabledDo practical work, send warmth,helphelpPoor disabled people should be lifted out of poverty as soon as possible.

Fourtheme下载, othproposal的动词er

1. Each service team is requested to actively carry out colorfuproject怎么设置无休息日l assistance services and publicity activities, so that the whole society can knowthemelive more about assistance services for thethemelive disabled and expand its soreintegrationcial influencehealth2下载;

2. Each service team shall reportintegration怎么读 for approval before carrying out service actproject中成本分为ivities accortheme和topicding to procedures.Before the activity7 working days to submit:Shenzhen Lions Clubintegration的中文 Service Aproject软件ctivity Application foprojectionrm (attached)1), servhealth2海外官网下载ice team leader team resolution (annex2), procurement contract(if any).After the approval of the Shenzhen Litheme的意思ons Club can be carried out;

3.When carrying out activities, please pay attention to comply with the requirements of the official epidemic preventionhealth2下载 policy, control the scale and number of participants, and fully protect the sactivity的动词afetthemelyy of lion friends and customers;

4Please use VI (attachment) desihealthy是什么意思gned by the Service Activities Committee of The Domestic Lions Asproposal用法sociation3);

5Afteractivity工作流 the launch of the activittheme下载y, each service team is rethemelyquested to submit the statistical tablintegration怎么读e of service activities (annex)integration怎么读 by 10:00 a.m. on 19 May4) athemely主题官网nd press releases (text) No more than 200 words and 2 photos), sent to thproject软件使用教程e district couactivity怎么读ncil email szlhealthy是什么意思, by the offembracingice of the unified report to the Domestic Lions associthemes怎么读ation.

Contacts:Deputy Director of the Office service Deparprojectiontment Yang25688590.



Proposal: Proposal for the theme activity ofApptheme下载endix 1: Appliwarm翻译cation form for Shenzhen Lions Club Servproposal写作格式ice Activities.doc

Proposal: Proposal for the theme activity ofAttachment 2: Shenzhen Lionactivity翻译s Club Captain’projects怎么读s teamresolution.doc

Proposal: Proposal for the theme activity ofAnnextheme的意思 3: VI Design for the 30th National Day for The Disabledproposal翻译 1.pdf

Proposal: Proposal for the theme activity ofAnnex 3: VI Dthemeliveesign for the 30th National Day for The Disabled 2.pdf

Proposal: Proposal for the theme activity ofAwarmingnnex 4: Statistics of the 30th National Day fowarmthr Disabled Persons service Activities

                    &nbhealthysp;       &nbspactivity复数;       &warm怎么读nbsp;   Shenzhen Lions Club & NBSP;

26 April 2020

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