Lions club of Shenzhen held the appraisal meeting of “Lions club of Shenzhen” service project

On September 11, 2019, shenzhen Lions Club held the selection meeting of “100 Lions Club” service project of 2019-2020 in treappraisalhe big conference room of Shenzhen Lions Club officeclub用英语怎么说. At the selection meeting, each team presented their projects on stage, and the team reprprojectionesentatives selected the “100 Team Lions” clions的音标andidate projects by secret ballot.

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Mr. Weng Hua, the presidproject是什么意思ent of Lions Club shenzhlion是什么意思en, introduced the service pservice翻译roject of lions Club Shenzhen, in response to this year’s slogan of “Sharing service Sharing harmprojectorony”, pr深圳天气oviding a platform for the service team to display service projclub翻译ects, sharing service experience, pooling service strength, improving serviceclubmed level, and promoting friendship between lions club shenzhen.service和serve的区别 The selection of projects is based on the principle of “fairneheld的意思是什么ss, justice and opennesmeeting翻译s”, supervised by the members of the district Council, and voted by secret ballot “shenzhenone team, one vote” byheld the service team. Hope each深证指数 service team i深圳风险等级n the project selection activity “spemeeting是什么意思ak oupheldut the level, coshenzhenmpetition friendship”. Each selectedclub用英语怎么说 “100 team Lions” project will深圳疫情 receive project allocation, which will be undertaken by the service team applying the project, and all donation service teams (co-sponsoring service team) will participate in the project. The undertaking service team must actively organizelions是什么意思 and contact tshenzhenhe lion friends of the co-organizing service team toappraisal和assessment区别 serve togethprojectioner. The importance of the project lies in participation and friendship. I hope all the se深圳疫情最新消息rvice teams will join hands in the future with the project of “100 teams will be lions” as a bond.

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Project demo, Burson-marstelleclub是什么酒r, C深圳大学hinese entre深圳地铁线路图prelionsneurs, splendid, earth, lotus, zhenhlionsua, alex, charity collectioservice是什么意思中文翻译n, stakes, love, nature, shell, the east Cservice和serve的区别hina sea, hong ya, happiness, Oriental rose, the relevant, bright pupil, datong, sheclubmannzhlions翻译中文en bay, mileage深圳风险等级, dream, central districheld是hold的什么形式t, shenyang, H深圳大学uaYue, yproject中成本分为itian, Lord will, shajing, yantian, British, beishan, fuyong, hua hanappraisal翻译, virtues, matsuoka, day Germany, yheld中文i, is Representatives of 42 service teams, including Dao, Xin ‘an, Shi Ai Football, Qi Cheng and Tai ‘an, took the stage to share their projects.

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Then, the representatives of each service team voted on the service items by secret ballot. After a hotlyheld是hold的什么形式 contested vote, Blue, very school, community public welfare action films, “lion line long march road” zunyi public welfaprojectorre, and on thheld中文e spine healthy adolescents “stand domestic backbone”, “building study interpreta dream” yunnan yuntai primary reconstruction of camclubmedpus student activities, and wimeeting是什么意思中文翻译nter jasmine, zhanjiang NaoZhou island stumeetingtencentcomdent activities and poor fammeeting怎么读英语ilies dangerous house renovation project of person of outstanding abilit深圳大学y, sunshine, HPV screeningclub翻译 for cervical canservice和serve的区别cer, lam ophthalmic clinical rescue The 11 projects wil深圳l be voted by the executive council and深圳风险等级 officially become the “100 Team Lions” projects.

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President Weng Hua made a concluding speech, thank深圳疫情ing all the service teservice怎么读ams for their active participation in the selectiolionsn of “100 Team Lions” service projects, and congratulating the service teams selected as “100 team Lions” cproject翻译anprojectiondilions英语怎么读date service projects. He pointed out that regardless of the result of the selection, all the service teams should work toappraisalgether, learn from eachprojects怎么读 other and grow together, so as to contribute to the sustainable development of Shenzhen Lions Club.

He will also thank the Lord, yantian, bagua ling, hua yuan, Oriental rose, bright pupil, nature, silver lake, happiness, peace, with small, thlionse earth, taian, bijia mountain, blue sky, yi lu, datong, checkpo深圳疫情最新消息int, lotus, nameetingyou是什么意思meplates, goodmeetings products, joint, ganten, shservice是什么故障灯ell, the spark, Victoria towers, ceclubman是什么牌子车ntral, yitlion是什么意思ian chenggang, red, the clionsolor field, virtues, land, grace, beauty, zhongtian, inscription ,service翻译 taolionsgateyuan, beishan, burson-marsteller, humble love, sea, yun, wallions是什么意思ly, 51, xinan, leshan, fuymeetingtencentcomong, tiande, treasuresmeetingtencentcom, miservice是什么意思中文翻译leage, tiancheng, lions, love football, matsuoka, HuaYue, Gospel, shenyaclubmedng, ovaltine, Mongolia, liuzhou,club是什么意思 ale深证指数x, shenzhou, mooring love, Chinese entrepreneurs, macro Yang, charity colllions的音标ection splendid, the path, hand in hand, dream, it is good, tai, sunshine, hua han, fla深圳天气t, etc. 72 The service team actively doservicebionat深圳疫情ed to help organize tservicemanhis project. Shenzhen Lions club will present spservicebioecial support award and certificate of honor to the service team.

Shenzhen Lions Club President Weng Huclubsa, second Vice President Guo Yongyong, Secretary Genlions读音eral Du Hengkun, chief inspeservice怎么读ctor Du Peng, Deputy Secretaappraisal是什么意思ry General Xu Qiubin, regional chairmen Cui Weiying, Li Zhou, Chelions的音标n Guangxi, Ru Chunxu, regappraisalional chairmen Zhao Yunpeng, Yi Shumin, Zhu Feng, Li Li, Tang Quanhui, Wei Xinxin, Li Xiaofenclubmedg, Wu Jinzhi, More than 80 people attended the meetclub用英语怎么说ing, incluserviceding Mr Lai Man-chiu, Mr Chproject是什么意思iu Siu-chung, committee cprojectionhairmen and service team representatives. The meeting was chairheld的原型ed by Weng Hua and Presided over by Du Peng.

[Text] Zhou Wenguang

[Photo] Zhou Wservice是什么故障灯engservice是什么意思中文翻译uang

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Llions翻译in Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Cllions读音ub Office

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