600 poor cataract patients regain sight (Source: B15 edition of Shenzhen Evening News, Monday, May 19, 2014)

Shenzhen Lions Club & LDquo; Attended & throughout; To Jiangmen Maoming
600 poor cataract patients get their sight back.

           Shenzhen Evening News (rep哔哩哔哩orter CAI Zhijun) an old man suffering from cataracts for many years, due to economic difficulties has noregained意思t sought tisightmely treatment, but yesterday, a free operation let her regain sight, she took the hands of lions club members kept saying & LDquo; Thank you very much. ; A little sistersource是什么意思 who was born with cacataracttaracts that would have doomed her if she had not been operated on qupatients是什么意思ickly saw the world clear yesterday with an expressources是什么文件夹sion of delight that moved those presentregained意思 after free surgery.

            Twelve service teams working together

  &npatient是什么意思bsp;         Yesterday, the Lions Club o百度翻译f Shenzhen hosted the Attended & throughout; (cataract recovery) to start a new round of large-scale action. Shenzhen Lions Club Xiaotong, main club, Tiande, Miles, Sea Scataractsky, Peacsource是什么意思e, Binhe, Bijia Mountain, OVERSEAS Chinese Town, Taoyuan, Xixiang, Hongli and sheedition翻译nzhen Lions Golf United jointly formed a medi百度官网cal poverty alleviation team, the firspatients怎么读t station to jiaedition是什么意思英语ngmen, the famoupoorlys hometown of overseas Chinese, to carry out the love of overseas Chinese hometown & LDquo; Spread light, Practice lcataractsove & RDquo; 600 poor cataract patients incataract是什么意思 Jiangmen were treatedpatient什么意思中文 free of charge.

            Jiangmen station operation was jointly organized by Shenzhen Lions Club and Jiangmen Disabled Persons’ Federation. Twelve service teams of Shen笔趣阁zhen Lions Club donated 240,000 yuan, and xinhui New Hope Eye Hospital provided surgeries for 600 patients.

            The 90-year-old is seeing again

        &sightlynbsp;   Xinhui is a famous historical anedition中文意思d cultural city in Soueditionthern Guangdong province. Especially poor families, young adults, teenagers and chilpoor是什么意思dren ” The principle of patient fsightseeing翻译irst, focusing on & LDquo; Five old & throughout; More than 600 patients were selecpatient是什么意思中文翻译ted to receive free treatment, ranging from a 90-year-old old man to a 10-year-old conpoor是什么意思中文genital cataract patient, and all regained their sight in this activity.

      &sources是什么文件夹nbsp;  patients是什么意思   After jiangmen station, shregainedenzhen Lions Club xiaotong, Zhuhui, Tiande, Tiandi, Sea Sky, Peace, Binhe, Bijia Moun不接12304电话的后果tain, OVERSEAS Chinese Town, Taoyuan, Xixiang andedition酒店 Honglipoor 12 service teams willpoor是什么意思中文 josource翻译in forces to send百度 light to 500 poor cataract patients in Maoming on June 22.

“ Attended & throughout; Send light tregainedo the cataract elderly

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