Peace of mind — New Security Service Team: held the first captain team meeting of 2021-2022

On July 3, 2021, the first captain team meeting of New Security Service team of Shenzhen Lions Club was held in Yihe Garden, 5th floor, Building 1, Fuguo Industrial Zone, Kaifeng Road, Shangmeilin, Futian District. Shenzpeacemakerhen Lionsteam Club supervisorcaptain音标 Wu Zhijian, Xin ‘an Servpeacebird是什么牌子ice team captain Liu Jun, first vice capcaptain音标tain Zhang Yuanyteamworkuan, second vice captain Wen Xueqing, third vice captain Tan Xiaohui, former captain Zhao Yunpteams手机版eng, Wu Wenkang, Chen Zong, Huang Yongsheng, Yang Qiuju and other 18 peoplsecurity怎么读e attended theteam meeting. The meeting was chaisecurity的形容词red by Liu Jteamworkun and Zhateam是什么意思翻译ng Yuanyuan.

At the meeting, Captain Liu Jun proposed theld怎么读的he service slogan of the New Security Service Team in 2021-2022: “Great love is simple, good way is at peace”, which was approved unanimously. Capt民调局异闻录ain Liu jun introduced in denew是什么意思英语tail the organizational structure chart of the new team leadcaptainer and theteam是什么意思翻译 post responsi民的笔顺biliticaptain怎么读es of each team leader, so that everyone could fully understand their lion responsibility in the Newmindful Year.

Then, Zhang Yuanyuan explained the prsecurity是什么意思ocess and ppeacefulreparatory work arrangement of the inauguration ceremony of the new Security Service Teasecurity和safety的区别m, and For民调局异闻录之勉传mer captain Chen Zong proposed incentive measures for members who do not attend attendance.

Wechat picture _202107141142311.jpg

Wu Zhijian highly pmind用法raised the efficient and orderly team meeting. He expects that in the New Year, Captain Liu Jun will lead the team members to actively respond tsecurity guardo the purpose of “keeping the orimind用法ginal aspiratiopeaceful翻译n and serving together” put forward by Chairman Guo Yopeacemakerngyong, anteamworkd jointly bring the New Security Service team to a new height.


By Tan Xiaohui

Ppeacebird是什么牌子hoto/Chen Weiming

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