Shenzhen Lions Club gave love to the disabled in 19 activities

Shenzhen Lions Club gave love to the disabled in 19 activities

Shenzhen Special Zone Newclub是什么酒s (Reporter: Liu Yongxin, correspondent: Su Zhuang Bin) During the International Day of Disabled Persons on December 3, the Ser深圳疫情最新消息vice teams of The Lions Club of Shenzhen organized 19 th深圳天气emed activities such as sending food and oactivities音标il, donating equipment and selling handicrafts for disabled people.

Yesterday, thegave的原形 disabled people who took part in the rehabilitation training at zhikang Center, Shekou street, Nanshan District were ovgave的原形erjoied. The caring lion friends of shenzhen Lions Club central District service team came here to expreshenzhenss theirgaveaway sympathy and donated two rehaactivities音标bilitation instruments worth over RMB 10,000 yuan. In the Futian Distractivities的中文ict Comprehensivlions英语怎么读e Service Center for the disabled, the activity of "Urban Exploration and Integration of Disabled Children and Teenagers in Futian" organized by the Silver Lake Service te深圳am of Shenzdisabledhen Lionsactivities是什么意思翻译成中文 Club also won great praise from disabled c深圳疫情hildren and their parents. Lion friends also donated 16,000 yuan to purchase gifts and prizes.

It is reported that from December 1 tolions读音 8, the Service teams of Shenzhenlions的音标 Lions Club will go to the physidisabledcal stores of the Disabled people's Love Mall and the street job health centers of Fubao, Qingshuihe, Yantian,clubmed官网预订 Yuehai, Xili, Guangming, Nantou, Shahe, Dongxiao, Dapeng and Nan 'ao to carry out holiday condolence activities sactivities用英语怎么说uch as grain, oil and fruit. The caring membersgaveaway of the Sheactivities音标nzhen Lions Club charity Colactivities是什么意思lection Service team will also organize the disabled f深证指数riends of Dongmen Zhikang Center to go on an outing to Lianhuashan Plions翻译ark.

Su Zeran, dgaveoutirector of Lactivitiesions Club of Shenzhen 2012-2013, said that the club has been caring about the disabled for a long time and has donated 130 million yuan in donations in the past 10 years, amoactivities的中文ng which more than 16,000 people have benefited from free cataract surgery in poor areclubsas.

News link:是什么酒ml深圳市最新疫情/2012-1love直播破解版2/04/content_23015clubmed88.htm

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