Sponsorship and fundraising program of the eighth generation of the National Lions Association

A,              Measures to encourage sponsorship of gifts and prizes:
1. The sponsorship casnational是什么意思h is 5000 yuan, and you can send one page of the special iseighth翻译sue advertisement. Thnational是什么意思e sponsorship cash is 10000 yulions是什么意思an, and you can do the bagging advertisement.
2. Gifts,eighth什么意思 prizes sponsorship value of more than 10000 yuan, can be bagged advertising, on the websiteeighth, the scene of the big screen publicity, send a special issue advertising page.
3. Back cover of the second cover 20,000 yuan/page, back covelions的音标r of thgenerations日本组合e third cover 15,000 yuan/page;
Second, eighth什么意思           &nlions是什么意思bsp; Measures for soliciting organizers and co-organizers:
1. One organizer (from RMB 150,000 for the evening party and RMB 80,000 for the golf tournament). Can enjoy the naming right, can broadcast the enterprise advertisement oeighth怎么读音发音英语n the big screen of the party, the designated positassociation英语ion outside the venue for the enterprise productgeneration翻译 dislion是什么意思中文翻译play, send the advertisement of the special issue cover two, send the advertisement of the “Liassociation什么意思on voice” publication cover two.
2. Multiple co-organizers arenational怎么读 invigeneration英语ted (50,000 RMB for the eassociation可数吗veningassociation可数吗 party and 30,000 RMB for the golf tournament). Party big screen to send advertising screen, designated location outside the venue for enterprise products display, send special issugenerations日本组合e 1P advertising.eighth是什么意思英语
3. An honor list will be set up osponsorshipn the bulletin bgenerations日本组合oard of the disteighth什么意思rassociation可数吗ict council office for donaassociation用法及搭配tions made by individuals or service teams, and will be displayed in the special issue.
Three,              Sponsor fundraising work content:
1. Donation for Lions and Service team
(1)      (Rassociation英语esponsible persons: Chen Jiandu 13902433698, Shi Jianyong 13332975888, Zhuang Xufeng 13809886388, Chen Shuhuan 135eighth什么意思0286eighth怎么读6090, each responsible for 5-6 districtsfundraising怎么读)
(2national空调)      Follow-up solicitation of named units (150,000 yuassociation翻译angenerations日本组合) and co-organizers (50,000 yuan) of the Eighth Generation Conprogram filesference (completed on May 15) (Person inprogramme charge: Zhuang Xufeng 13809886388, Zhao Xiuzhong 13316876599)
(3)      Follow-up solicitation of golf tournament title units (80,000 yuan) and co-organizers (30,000 yuan) (May 15) (generationalPerson in charge: Shi Jianyong 13332975888, Wu Zewei 139029465programme怎么读60)
(4)      Contact shiyou enterprises, social caring enterprises and caring people to sponsor thsponsor是什么意思e eighth Generation meeting (Mlions怎么读ay 15) (person in charge: Chen Jiandu 13902433698, Zhang Cheng 13316851888, Ma Min 13903022322)
2. Collectionassociation和collection的区别 of supplies, gifts and prizes for the Eighteighth怎么读音发音英语h Generation Conference (Person in charge: Chen Shuhuan 13502866generational090, Wu Jianing 13502837730, Li Aijun 13502875128, Contact person of the office: Zhang Qing 256fundraising什么意思88960)
(1) Collection of represelionsntative baglions的音标ged gifts (Quantassociationity: 800 pieces) (completed on May 15)
(2) Gifts for leaders and Vnational怎么读IP guestsassociation (Quantgenerations日本组合ity: 40 pieces planned) (completed on May 15)
(3)   lion是什么意思中文翻译   Drinks, beverages, snacks (quantity: 800 people), guest corsage 60, flowers and plants inside and outside the venue (actuaprogramsl needs), podilionsum flower 1, sign-in and table flowers, etc
(4)    paperprogrammedBag of 2nationality000
(5)      Sponsorship advertising matgeneration gapters, sponsorship cash more than 5000 yuan, send a page of specialnational day advertising, spnational怎么读onsorshipnational音标 cash more than 10000 yuan can do bagging advertising, on the wprogrammeebsite, the scene of the bignationality screen publicity, covnationalitieser two back cnationalityover 20,000 / page, cover 315,000 / page; Gift sponsorship value should be more than 10000 yuaneighth音标, can do a special issue. (Completed on May 15)
(6)      Sponsored tea Ceremony Performance Group 1 (Leader: Chen Jiandu 13902433698) (completed on Maassociation英语y 15)

Shenzhen Lions Clulion是什么意思b
May 5, 2013

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