Oct Service Team: held the seventh regular meeting of 2016-2017

Oct Service Team: held the seventh regular meeting of 2016-2017

On the afternoon of February 21, 2017, the seventh regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club oct Servregular是什么意思英语ice Team for 2seventhmonth是什么意思016-2017 was succeoctetstream建筑图纸ssfully helserviceabled in Longgang Xianzhibao Food Co., LTD. Overseas Chimeeting是什么意思中文翻译nese Town service team captain Li Chunchang, the first vice captain Qiang Qiuxia, the third vice captain Luo Yangui, secretary Tang Rulinmeeting翻译g, finance Sun Rui and more than 10 people attended the meeting. Mr. Chen Zong, chairman of the sixth District of The 2016-2october017 Lions Cloctetstream建筑图纸ub of Shenzhen, and Mr. Zhang Shijun, leader of the teachers’ group, attended tseventh翻译he meeting. The meeting was chaired by Wei Yanchao.

Qimeeting腾讯会议ang Qiuxia introduced guests, Wei Yanoctchao gave a welcome speech, welcome everyone to gather together, I hope that we can work hard towards the common goheldbackal of public weseventh翻译lfare. Chairman Chenseventh翻译 zong said that he appreciated the visit of lion enterprises, and that he could exchange feelingsmeeting的音标 more deeply through understanding lion friend enterprises. Mr. Zhang explainservice和serve的区别ed how to sregular什么意思uccesseventh是什么意思sfully carry out lions Club service in simple terms fromeeting怎么读英语m three aspects: whatupheld is lions Club service, siregular反义词x effective steps to successfully carry out Lions Club serheld的原型vupheldice, and five criteria to successfully carry out Lions Club service.

In the summary and sharing stage of the preliminary workservice翻译, Luo Yangui anseventhd Tang Ruling shareregular是什么意思英语d their thoughts on “Red Actiheld中文on”; Li Chunchang shared the annual meetingmeetingtencentcom with the theme of “Good Young Books Workshop”, the fellowship of “Taste deliciheldous Lteam什么意思amb, Welcome the Spring Fesregular的名词tival”, and the training ofteams手机版 teachers’ group. Strong autumn xia, Wei Yanchao shared tregular的所有形式he feeling of taking part in the hong Ya service team regular meetregularly意思中文翻译ing, hoping to communicate more wregular翻译ith friends, strong together, so that tregularityhe servservicebioice team mheld的中文意思ore attractive; Lanxiang, a new lion friend, was touched by the enthusiasm of the lioct试验on friends for public welfare. Sun Rui makes financial reports on the expenses and balances of the financial department.

As for the recent work of the conferegularlyrence, lion friendseventhepeoples had a discussion and appointed the executive chairman to follow up; In terms of service activities, the activities of Sungang vocational health visit, Rainbow Home special children enrollmenservice怎么读t, sichuan Bazhong Educateams会议tionteams手机版 and so on were approved by on-steambitionite voting.

By Hu Lei

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