Oriental Rose Service Team: Hold the inaugural ceremony of the 2020-2021 term change

Roses, hands have lingering fragrance. In the past 16 years since the establishment of lions Club shenzhen Oriental Rose Service Team, lion friends have stayed true to their original aspiration and kept their mission firmly in mind. They have actioriental pearlvely carrieteambitiond out educational assistancinaugurale, respect for the elderlrosemaryy, red action and other service activities to care for countlessholder children and the elderly, which has won widespread ateamworkttention and praise from the society.

On July 25, 2020, the inaugural ceremony of shenzhen Lions Club Oriental Roriental翻译ose Servicceremony怎么读e Team 2020-2021 was held in Dongguan Luoinaugural address课文pptfu Mountain Quadrangle. Lion friends from all over the woteamviewerrld gathered togetheceremony造句r to witness the exciting moment of the inauguration of the new captain team members of the Oriental Rrose翻译ose Service Team. Shenzhrose是什么意思en lions second zone Wei Xin, chairman of thceremony同义词e new cservice怎么读hairmceremonyan, &schwarz, chairman of the fifth sectioservicebion, the second partceremonyition xiao-ping yu, li xiaofeng, chainauguralirman of the fourth partition, partition chairman Wangservicebio Yi 15 soldiers, guide the lion group deputy head even ChuHai, community serservicevice committee, executive chairmateam什么意思norientalism of Zhang Yongtao, red action committee chairman Zhang Zhining, executive chairman xiao-inauguraladdress课件pptxue Chen, The ceremony was attended by yuan Juan, thservice翻译e chairman of the Student Education Committee, Wang Hansong, Lao Lian-xu, the executive chairmen, Li Bo, the foriental和east的区别ormer captain of Jingtian Servicrose新歌e Team, Yuceremony用什么介词 Qiushi, the former captain ofrose怎么读 Lion Love Football Team, Zheng Jianhai, the fceremony和celebration的区别ormer captain of Long Term Servicinaugural address翻译e team, and the lholdingion friends of Oriental Rose Service Team and their families. The cerholderemony was preservice的名词sided overinauguraladdress课件ppt by Yuan Jrose翻译uan and Gao Ling.

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Before the ceremony, Oriental Rose Service team and Shenzhen Tiantian Lighting Group Co., Ltd. carried out the elderly care service in Boluohu Towceremony翻译n nursing home.

In the warm music, the change of leadership activities opened the curtain. The 25 lion friends of the Oriental Rose Service team, dressed irosen white uniforms andinaugural是什么意思 wearing beautiful garlands,teambition marched into the meeting place.

Wechat picture _202007291551408.jpg

The venue was fuceremony的名词ll of guests. Lin Yuqi, former captain of Orioriental怎么读ental Rose team, introduced the guests. The first vice Captain, Ms. Gao Yi Shan, gave a welcome speech, thanking everyone for their busy schedule and witnessing the growth of Oriental Rose Service team.

The last thold不住eam leader Chen Xiservice是什么意思中文翻译aoxue made the annual summary. In the past year, captain Chen Xiaoxu leceremony造句d the service team to complete 18 service activities, including asshold不住isting the disabled, helping students, caring for returned overseas Chinese, visiting and sendiinaugural是什么意思ng warmth, caring for saservice翻译nitation workers, etc. Chen xiaoxue said that during the epidemic period, the team leader of the Oriental Rose Service Team responded to the call of the district council and actively donated money and materials. In a short period of 20 daoriental翻译ys, the team showed stronghold不住 cohesion and combat effectiveness, demonstrating the high sense of socholdial responsibility of Shenzhen Lion Friends.

Financial Report by Yao Meiying. She introducholdinged tteamprohe annual service and administrative expenditure of the service team.

Lion friends prepared romantic candlelight, fragrant roses, thanks to Chen Xiaoxue last captainserviceman's great love to pay, the scinaugural address翻译ene iinaugural address翻译s very warm.

Wechat picture _202007291551406.jpg

Chen Xiaoxue, the former team leader, presentedservice怎么读 the 2oriental的意思019-2020 Outstanding Lion Friend Award, Outstanding Lion Friend Award, Anti-epidemic Award and Best Companion Award to the lion frorientalismiends.

With the witness of alhold过去式l lion friends, Chen Xiaoxue hhold是什么意思anded over the ribbon and scepte to Wang Yanrong, and the two sidholderes exchanged gifts.

Wechat picture _202007291551405.jpg

President Wei Xinxin gave a speech, expressing her appreciation for the past achievements of Oriental Rose Service team and her eservicemanxpectations for the new leadership of the service team! Entruceremony和celebration的区别sted by President Lu Zhiqiang, New President Wei Xin sent blessings and scarves to the two captains. Yuoriental pearlan Juan, chairman of the Studentservice是什么故障灯 Services Committee, also brought two cakes of custom-maoriental有歧视东方的意思吗de Pu 'er tea to the two captains.

Captain Wang Yanrong introduced the annual work plan, saying that he would carry forwarteamworkd traditional projects such as gooteamod education and red Action, and further carry out servrose照片ices such as respeservice是什么意思cting the elderly and helping the disabled, carioriental和east的区别ng for lion friends and lion love relay station. She called on lion friends tooriental的意思 start from the needs of service, improve the inrose的农村生活fluencinauguraladdress课件ppte of service, and then affect the caring people around, lrose朴彩英et the rose of love bloom the earoriental有歧视东方的意思吗th!

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Captain Wang Yanrong presented tceremony造句he certificate of appointment to theinaugural翻译 new captain team. Team leader Lai xinyou presented the "Lion Love Family" gift to each lion family.

Wechat picture _2020072915514077.jpg

Presiservicebiodent Gao Yishan rang the bell and adjourned. Second vice cservice的名词aptain Wang Li gave a speech of appreciation. At the beginning of theservice怎么读 banquetrose翻译, the tholdingeam leadershold是什么意思 toasted the guests and celebrated the July birthday.


Article/photo & have spent Eastern Rose Service team

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