Chinese business Service Team: held the founding ceremony and the “Lion March” launching ceremony

Chinese business Service Team: held the founding ceremony and the “Lion March” launching ceremonyceremony翻译

On the afternoon ofceremony同义词 December 23, 2016, the founding ceremony of Shenzhen Lions Club Chinese Buheldensiness Service Team and the launch ceremony of “Lion March Road” was successfully held in Lijia Industrial Park, Longgang Distlion的音标rict. Shenzhen administratiservice是什么意思中文翻译onbusiness怎么读 bureau, deputy director of the non-governmental organizations Sun Jingming, President of shenzhen lions in 2016-2017, ShiJianYong, first deputy chairman YuQian, second deputy chairman tian wang, a former Presilion是什么意思dent of wear witmarchedh xin, secretarceremony的名词y-general Zeng Shi, long picket Zheng Hehua, deputy secretary-general of Zhteams手机版ang Hongxiang, zhang jian, Li Yuehua, member management commitmarchedtee chairman Deng Yi, WengHumarch三月怎么读a, mining-team, Li Feng wide, District chairman Wu Jian, He Xinru, Lin Xiaohong, Zhang Huiqing, Pengchinese读音 Daojian, Lei Gaoqing, Wang Daoming, director Zhang Shijun, supervisor Li Zanmei, advisor Cao Yabusinessman翻译n, chairman ma Weserviceableiwu of Lijia International Group and other social caring people participated in the activity. The event was hosted by Liu Wensheng and Lceremony是什么意思iu Lihua.

Ma Xueyu, honorary leader of Chinese business Service Team, deliverteam是什么意思翻译ed the welcome speech. He said that after half a year of preparation, he deeply felt thmarch音标e grheld中文eat loteamve and selflessness of Lion Friends. He hoped that he could do more good deeds tservice翻译hroughceremony复数形式 this platform and shoulder the social responsibility of helping others.

Unbusinessman翻译deservice是什么意思中文翻译r the witness of the leader lion friends, the new membersceremony翻译 made the plserviceableedge to join the club. President Shi Jianyong awarded the certificate and fllionelag to thbusinesswomane Team, and awarded the letter of appointment tobusinessman Mr. Yu Qian and Cao Haihong for their selfless guidance during the whole team establishment process and in the next two years. Yu Qian led the members of the Councilbusiness怎么读 to undertake the inaugural commitment and issue the certificate of appoinbusiness翻译tment.

Team leader Wu Jian gave a speech. He said that if you aim for happiness,lion的中文意思 you will get the pace you want,team什么意思 and theteamo Lions club is the organization for happiness charheldity. “marchingLionteam什么意思 March road” is a project to help studenmarch三月怎么读ts in poor areas along the route of the Long March oheldenf the Red Army. It ilion的音标s the main service project of the Chteams手机版inese business Service team, hoping to inspire more caring people to help the chilmarcheddren in need of help in the mountainoubusinesss areas, and donate generously to participate in the charity work. Later, the “Long Marcupheldh of liomarch缩写ns” project was officially launched in the presence offounding leading lions andteamwork guests.

President Shi jianyong thanked the caring pceremony怎么读eople from all walks of lifservice是什么意思中文翻译e inspired by Captain Wu Jian and Ma Xueyu for their selfless support. Sichinese new yearnce its establishment 15 years ago, shenzhen Lions Club has more than 5,business-method000 membeceremony用什么介词rs, plionkkerformed more than 40,000 free cataract surgeries for poor cataract patients, and donated more tbusinesshan 50 lion schools.march是什么意思 Now mainly based on communiceremony复数形式ty serbusinesspersonvice, need more caring people to pay, welcombusiness-methode everyone to join. On behalf ofmarch是什么意思 Sheceremonynzhen Lions Club, President Shi donated 20,000 yuan of service funds to the Chinese business service team, and presented “chairman’s flag” to Captain Wu Jian asteams会议 encouragement.

The chairman of the conference rang the bell after the adjournment, the scene of a wonderful auction, a total of 232,500 yuan raised for charity.

By Hu Lei

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