Notice | notice about shenzhen lion emblem collection campaign

Notice on the selection and solicitation of shenzhen Lions Club logo

In order to better reflect the pulion怎么读rpose of Shenzhen Lions Club "Helping others and serving the society" and shenzhen characteristiemblem是什么意思cs, show the achievements of shenzhen Lionscampaigning Clu深圳市最新疫情b's 16 years of development, better carry out various lion work, gather acollectionsnd call on the lion friends to devote themselves to the lion Club's services withnotice的形容词 full enthusiascollections.sort用法m and gooaboutcgd state, Shenzhen Lions Club plans to start the selection and solicitation of shenzhen Lioncollections下载s Club logo folionr anotice作文ll lion club members from now on. The relevant matters are hereby aaboutnnouncedshenzhen as follows:

1. Time of solicitation

Time for this open call: From November 12, 2018 to December 25, 2018 before 5pm.

Second, thlion怎么读e required

1. Summarize the purpose and spirit of "Helping onotice用法thers and serving the society" of Shenzhen Lions Club, and hcollection翻译ighlight the spiriemblem是什么意思t of "we serve" ofcollection是什么意思 Shenzhen Lions Club, wh深圳疫情ich hacollection怎么读s distinct characteristics of The Times and docampaignermestic culture.

Shenzhen is advancembleming with The Times, forglion的音标ing ahead, building a harmonious society and realizing the elegant dem深圳天气eanour of new strides.

3campaigner, reflect internationalizationlionkk, face thecollection怎么读 world, so that people from difcampaignersferent countries and regions, different cultural backgrounds can understand and accept.

4, simple and lively, infectious and visual impact, can move people, suitable for variouscampaign广告 uses such as plane publicity.

5, have bright symbolic meaning, at the same time to be creative, simple composition, rich inabout是介词吗 beauty, prominent theme. Strive to fully reflect the puemblematicrpose, culture and naturemblematice of shenzhen Lions Club.

6. The work must be original and unpublished by the author. Works involving plagiarism, borrowing and other infringement shall be bo深圳地铁线路图rne by the author himself. Once the work is selected, shenzhen Lions Club has the right to modify and use, and the author has thlion的中文意思e right of authorship.

Iii. Selectlion复数ion methlion翻译od

Sheemblem是什么意思nzhen Lions Club will set up a seleccollections.sort用法tion panel to select tabout是介词吗he entries in accordance with the principles of openness, fairness and iemblem是什么意思mpartiality.

The specific schedule is as follows:

At the end of December, a stancampaign音标ding Council meeting will be held to select 5 candidates.

On January 5, 2019, the third council meeting was held to select the top 3 works by secret ballot.

From January 7 to 11, the cnotice同义词andidate works w深圳大学ill be publicized on the website of Shenzhen Lions Club.

On April 20, the se深圳地铁线路图venteenth session of the general Assembly was held深圳风险等级 to review 3 candidate works of the emblem and finally determine a深证指数 emblem.

Iv. Way of manuscript submissionotice过去式n

Emblem document requirements: ONE CDlion怎么读R source file, one Jcollection是什么牌子PG fillion复数e.

The applicant should send the desigaboutcg网站n draft as an attachment to Contact person: Lin Wenjie,深圳疫情最新消息 tel: 0755-2568 8570,shenzhen fax: 0755-2568 8900.

V. Honoaboutrs and awards

1. The first prizelion的音标 will belion是什么意思 awarded the "President's Special Contribution Award" with a深证指数 bonus of 2000 YUAN;

2. Thlion复数e second prize will be awarded the "notice翻译Onotice用法utstanding Contemblematizeribuabout-facetion深圳风险等级 Award ofcollection presidecampaigningnt" with a bonus of 1000 YUAN;

3. The third prizlion是什么意思e will be awarded the "President contribution Award" with a深圳 bonus of 500 YUAN;

4. Certificate of Honor for shortlisted works.

Vi. Other matterscampaigner

All disputes in connection with tcollection接口his event shabout翻译all be governed by the laws of the People'campaigners Republic of China, and Shenzhen Lions Club reserves the right to interpret this event.

Lion friends are welclion复数ome to participate in the collection and show your creativity and wisdom!

Shenzhen Lions Club & NBSP;  

December 4, 2018

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