Caring lion friendship warm lion heart

Love the lion, friendship warms the lion's heart

On November 25, President of shenzhen lions in 2018-2019, Ma Min,lionel the last President tian wang xing, sheart是什么意思中文pecheartshotial assistfriendship可数吗ant theartbeato President Peng Daowarmerjian, the lion frcaring是什么意思iends frcaring是什么意思英语iends care committee chairman Wei Xin new line of seven people to hunafriendshipn xiangya 2nd hospwarmerital of central soutfriendship纯音乐h university, visit filions英语怎么读nishedcaring和careful区别 kidney transplant operation service, hand in hand Zou Kuo brother feng lion, the lion brother fheartbrokenriends care to zou feel warmth and comfort.

In August 2016, Zou Kuofeng shi Brolion的中文意思ther was diagnosed with uremia, and the high and long-term dialysis and trefriendship思维导图atment cost made him unable tocaring是什么意思中文 afford it during the start-up. Sheheartbreakingnzhen Lions Club liheartbreakingon Friends Care Coheartfeltmmittee and Hand in Hand Service decided to jointly launch the "Kidney for Love" rescue campaign to raise the cost of kidney replacement flionor Brother Zou Kuo-feng and help him return to a healthy life. In April 2018, under the strong inspiwarm的名词ration of Tian Wangxing, the then president, and Ma Min, the then first vice President, hundreds of lionlionel friendsfriendship可数还是不可数名词 responded quiclion的中文意思kly and acted together, raising more than 480,000 yuan in a short perfriendship思维导图iod of time. In November 2018, the district Council reviewed and approved that 350,000 yuan of donation had been transferred to the hospheartbreakingital to pay for The kidney replacement surgery of Brother Zou Kuofeng, and the remaining donation would be used for the follow-up treatment of Brother Zou. Lion friends support and guard for Zou Kuofeng lion brother held up a piece of hope, let Zou Lion brotcaring和careful区别her in the facewarm怎么读语音 of serious illness without fear of winfriendship的意思d and rain!

At present, because Brothelion翻译r Zou Kuofeng is weak after surgery, in order to avoidcaring英语 bcaringacterial infectiwarm是什么意思on, only a few representatives of lion friheart是什么意思中文ends are entrusted to participate in this sympathy activlion怎么读ity. Zou Shi brother saw the lion friends to visit, the mood is very excited, the hewarmthart is full of lion friends endless gratitude!

Around 3 PM, the lion friends rushed to the home of shaheartilyhaiyu, former president of Ylion是什么意思uhua District, Changsha cityheartbreaking, to visit his sick 94-yeaheartbreakingr-old mother. The lion friends talked to the old man kindly and repeatedlywarm told him to rest and tawarm的名词ke care of his health.

Love starts from the side. This year, Pheart是什么意思中文resident Ma Micaringlyn listed caring for lions club as the key work of the year, advocated caring from the side, set up the annual special fund for caring, hlions英语怎么读eld the "lion翻译summer camp energy class", and designed the birthday card of Lions Club shenzhen to express the care of lions club shenzhen to every lion club birthday. So far, the Lwarmingion Care Committee has issued more than 2,000 birthday cards to lion friends.

Caring is not only a kind of sacrifice, but alsowarm的名词 a kind of adhesive and stabililionelzer, which brwarmerings us together in the Lion club family, from strangers to familiar, from familiar to friefriendship翻译nds, fwarmlyrom friends to relatives. Let us start from littlionle by little, clionkkare about lion friends, love lion friends, on the way of passing llion怎么读ion love, hand in hwarm怎么读and, together.

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