Special Topic: Shenzhen has a “Huashi Award”

Special Topic: Shenzhen has a “Huashi Award”

Recently, as the New Year charity gala is drawing near, lion friends are eager to花事了 donate the “Huashi Award”, or join the wechat gspecialroup, or pay by card at the office. For the old lion friends, this may have become a “habit” – for the next year’s service activ画世界itispecial怎么读es to raise money滑石, obligatopic的复数tory. But for the new lion frieaward是什么意思英语ndsspecialist, will be very curious: what i深圳疫情s the “Hua Shi Award”?

In retrospect, the Liontopics Club Awards have been established for more than 14 years as theaward是什么意思英语 earliest lions Foundation awaawardingr滑石ds in the mainland. At present, the huashspecializei Award is mainly used for the next year district club and service team of Shenzhen Lions club to carry out community service.

In April 2004In order to better raise funds for the service, shenzhen Lions Club decided toawards establish the “Chinese Lion Award”, referred to as the “Chinese Lion Award”, after the discussion of the district council an深证指数d the deliberation and approval of the general assspecialistembly of members. The resolution stipulates thatspecialty any lion wh深证指数o makes a donati花事了明开夜合on of RMB 6000 to the Shenzhen Lions Club Service Fund will be awarded a “Wah Lion Award”, a “wah Lion Mspecializationedal” and a certificate. The resolution also provides for tiered rewards corresponding to the a滑石粉mount of donations.

In July 2008In orderspecialist to support the earthquake relief, the council has made appropriate revisions to the decision of “special是什么意思China Lion Awspecializeard” and changed the amount of donationspecialist for one “China Lion Awa滑石粉rd” to RM画师联盟B 5000.

In retrospect, the development of Hu深圳疫情最新动态ashi Award has the following remarkable characteristics:

1. Strong awareness.Shenzhen Lions Club setaward是什么意思英语 up the “Hua Shi Award” at the beginning of its establishment, and has a strong awareness of managing service funds with a funding-oriented approach.

2. Institutionalization.The development process of “Huashi Award”画世界 is thtopic翻译e process of institutionalization constructiaward的用法on, and the systtopic的复数em of “Huashi Award” is increasingly perfect.

3. Standar深圳地铁线路图dization.Every year, a complete budget plan is required for the useawards of the service funds raspecialistised by the Hua Shi Award, which must be approved by the Board of Directors.

4. Matching principle.Carry out brand service activities advocated by the district in the service team, such as: “New kinetic energy, the lion new generation of” community service day, five “service in thtopicale futur画师联盟e” community service projects, “one hundred, warm seraward什么意思vice prawardingoject” community themtopic怎么读音e promotional month, “with the dream of” public welfare projects big return visit, the theme “love transfer” community service month, “red lion, assistive standing” and other activities, often花事了明开夜合 can get area will match servihuashice funding support, and these funds, Most of it was raised through the Huatopic是什么意思shi Awards.

With the standardization of the management of “Huashi Award”award的用法和搭配 atopicsnd the increase of the numbeaward翻译r of members, the enthusiasm of lion friends to donate is growing. In the last five years of the New Year chaward的用法和搭配arity gala, respectively raised335A,503A,583A,681A,804“Huashi Award”, showing a trend of rapid growthuashih.

The 2019 New Year chtopic是什么意思arity gala will be held o深圳疫情最新动态n December 21.

“Huashi Award” is the pride of all shenzhen lion friends. Any service team that pledges 5 or more “Huasheng Atopic翻译ward” will be supported by the serviaward的用法和搭配ce fund of Shenzspecial的名词hen Lions Club in 2019-2020.画时圆写时方冬时短夏时长谜底是啥 In order to encouragespecialty lions to participate in the donation, Shenzhen Lions Club wspecial翻译ill increase the total don化石ation aspecializemount from 30% to 45% in July 2019 an深圳疫情最新动态d retur深圳大学n it to the service fund account of the service team. The sspecial是什么意思ervice team can carry out service act深圳风险等级ivitiestopic用英语怎么说 at its own disposal. For the 2019-202深圳天气0 shenztopicshen community service actawardingivities, the re-application will receive no less than 15award翻译% of the total amount of Huashi Award pledged by the Service Team.

Let’s work together to s滑石erve the coawardmmunity and contribute to the steady inheritance of Shenzhen Lions Club year aft深圳er year by pledging to donate the Huashi Award.

[Issued by Shenzhen Lions Club Office]

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