Notice on the application for listing of "Warm Project" service project of Domestic Lion Association

Service teams:

According to the notice of domestic Lions Association on launching "Warm Project" Service Project listing Activity, the association plans to launch 100 new listing jobs. Each suapplicationsccessfully listed workstation will be given a service subsidy of 5000 yuassociation什么意思an. The publicity committee of the Federation will shoot publicity videos for the "Warm Project" workstations whproject是什么意思ich have been listed in each region, and which are representative, sustainable and outstanding in performanclisting优化e, so as to widely spread the experiencedomestic翻译 and reputation of brand projectassociation什么意思中文翻译成s and provide the participatnotice过去式ion of service teams in each region. Specific listing content is as follows:

First, "warm engineeringdomestic" workstation listing requirements

(1) There arewarming fixed service places (communities, schools,projector servilion翻译ce centers for the disabled, non-profit nursing homes, etc.).

(2) The nwarm翻译umber of applicants shouassociation怎么读音ld not be less than 10 members, and prioritynotice的固定搭配 should be given to those who halion翻译ve no successful application record.

(iii) Promise to provide service for the applied workstation more than 4listing包括哪些内容 times a year (more than 2 times in this year), and invest more than 2domestic0,000 yuan of service funds (including materials) every year, and provide continuous service for more than 2 years.

(4) Eachlion怎么读 service team cservice是什么意思an only apply for one work station. Workstations that have received service subsidies fromassociation用法及搭配 Chproject软件ina Lion Foundation are not allowed to apply for one more time.


Second, the principle of distribution

The Domestic Lions Association proposed 100 pieces of new workstation listlioneling,listing机制的优缺点 respectively 80 pieces of directional listing and 20 pieces of on-demand listinglion复数, among which, Shelisting在电商中什么意思nzhen Lions Club can apply for 10 pieces of directinoticeableonal listinglion的音标.

Accprojectionording to the actual situation, each distrdomestic是什么意思ict will declare to the CSC service Committee,service翻译 and the CSC service Committee will give distribution after comprehensive evaluation.


Iii. Declaration process

(a) service application is listed, should be the domestic lion federation "quality engineering" service project approved application form (applion怎么读endix 1) and the domestic lion federation project engineering to "warm" service agreemproject软件使用教程ent "(aassociation怎么读音ttachment 2) complete and submilion是什么意思t the originalnotice作文 district office, led by the dproject软件istrict will rapplication什么意思eview later, unified submitted to cib service activities committee community working group. Application shodomestic怎么记忆uld be accompanied by 200 words of information, 2 pictures (more than 3M).

(IIlionkk) Targeted listing and on-demand listing application will be carried out at the same time. The Federation Service Conoticemmittee will organize the evaluation committee to make a final review ofnotice同义词 all applications, and each suwarm翻译ccessful project will be given a one-time service subsapplicationcontext.xml配置文件idy of RMB 5,000.

(3) Service teams that have been listed in the "Warm Project" and have received service subsidies from China Lion Foundation (Appendix 3) shoulservicemand submit the implementwarm怎么读语音ation report of listed Work stations in 2019-2020 (Appendilisting翻译x 4).


4. Deadline and contact person

Deadline for submission: April 23, 2021

Contact: Yang Xin officer 25688590


Thank you for your stroapplication的动词ng suppoapplication翻译rt to the "warm project"lion listingwarm怎么读语音 work!



Attachment 1: Applicatiolion怎么读n form of "Warm Project" service Project of China Lions Association. XLS

Attachmenliont 2: Servassociation和collection的区别ice Agreement of "Warm Project" of China Lionsapplication什么意思 Association. Doc

Appendix 3: List owarmf shenzhen Lions Clubs that have been lwarm是什么意思isted as "Warm Project" and have been subsidized by Chiapplicationna Lions Foudomestic是什么意思ndation. XLS

Attachment 4: Domesprojecttic Lions Association "Warm Project" workstation listing implementation stadomestically翻译tistics.donotice翻译c


 Shenzhen Lions Club

March 1warmth5, 2021

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