The initiative to carry out the "Warm Project - Light up the Blue Lamp" service activity

Service teams:

The United Nations has observed World Autism Day on April 2 every year sicarrynce 2008 to raise awareness of research, dwarm是什么意思iagnosis and peoploutlooke with auinitiativestism. "Warm Project - Light up the Blue Light" is a large-scale serviuponce actoutivity of caring for autistic chiprojectdollldren organizedwarming by the Nationalinitiatively Lion Assbluetoothociation (hereinafter referred to as the Association) around "Worlinitiative的名词d Autism Day", aiming to arouse people's attention and care for autism, continuously publicize the knowledge of autism and help autistic peopllamp是什么意思e.

The theme for the 14th World Autism Day 2021 is "Working Together to address and Eliuplayminate barriers to education and employment for people with autism!" , focusing on the educatioutrageon and employment of the autism community, calls for joint efforts of the whole society to eliblue是什么意思minate theproject软件使用教程 autlightroom安卓版下载istic people barriers into the barrier-free career development education and employment, to consolidate the well-off achievewarm怎么读语音ments, promote the development of the society with high quality and protect the rights of autistic people survival and theupdate development to explorbluetoothe the feasible solution. In accordance with the spirit of "Domestic Lion Association's Initiative on launching the" Warm Project - Lighting up the Bllighthouseue Light "Service Activity", we propose that each service team launch the "Lighting up the Blue Liginitiative怎么读ht" themed service activcarryity on April 2. The relevant information is as follows:

I. Theme and slogbluemingan of the activity

Theme: "Warm project - Light up the blue light".

Slogan: Light up the blue lamp to help dream forward.

Two, activity time

April 2, 2021 all day (19:00 with blue licarry全场ghts on landmark buildings across thoutfite country).

Iprojectdollii. Suggestibluemingons on activity content

Each service team carries ououtlinet its own service activilight的反义词ties, the specific form is not limited. The Logo, VI design and activityprojectdoll plan related to the event arelight的反义词 provided by the "Light up blue Light" working growarm翻译upbluetooth of the Servicwarm的名词e Activity Committee of the Fedeinitiativesration, and each region can adjust according to the specific sitlamp的中文翻译uation. The background platelamps of the event is designed and made by itself. Content Suggestions comboutlineined local disabled persons' federation, foundproject翻译ationlamp的中文翻译, rehabilitation organizations, other socialightroom安卓版下载l organizations and the colleblued注册不了ginitiative的名词e volunteewarm是什么意思rs, etc., in the form of combination of onlinitiative的用法ine and offline, but online light landmark buildings, exhibition held offline, hiking, movie,light free clinic screening service activities, such as donation can also carry out rehabicarry怎么读语音litainitiative翻译tion period, parents pslight的反义词ychological counseling and other precision service project.

Four, other

1. It is proposed that each service team send the video of "Light up the Blue Light" activity held in past years to thelight翻译 email address of the district Committee before March 25, and the district Committee will send it to the Serviceoutstanding Committee of the Federation in a unified mannoutlooker. The Service Committee of the Federation will cooperate with the publicity Commilightroom安卓版下载ttee to display and broadcast the video on the public platform of the Federation.

2. We pcarry onropose that all lion friends and volunteers change their wechat profile pictures during the service aoutstandingctivities (see attachment).

3. This service actiupvity will be reported to China Disabled Persons' Federation and Lions Club International as a brand project of the Federblued注册不了ation. All service teams are requested to make summary work actively, the main indicators incwarmlude: activilampoty content (less than 500 wouplayrds), number of service participants, number of beneficiaries,ups service funds, service duration, etc., and send summary report and photos (3-5) to by April 5project软件th.initiative翻译

4. Contact person and contact infowarm是什么意思rmation: Service Officer Yang Xin 25688590


httpwarmers://    Extprojectorraction code: 1234&NBsp;



Sheoutnzhen Lions Club & NBSP;    

March 16, 2021

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