Lions Club of Shenzhen: ten years of student assistance is bashan

Lions Club of Shenzhen: ten years of student assistance is bashan

The same to 2019-05-18&nstudentbsp;  Source: Dazhou News Network

A group of caring people frostudent怎么读m slion是什么意思henzhen Lions Club focused their attention on Wanyuan city thou腾讯视频下载sandyears翻译s oshenzhenf miles away. Since 2009, they have been coming here every year to deliver their love to children in mountainous areas for ten years without a break. On the eve of Children's Day this year, these loving "lion brothestudents18rsassistance的用法 and lion sisters" came to Wanyuan again, spreading their love in the depths of Daba Mountain.

A group of caring people from shenzhen Lions Club focused their attention on Wanyuan city thoustenands of miles away. Since 2009, they have bee把上下两张嘴填的满满的n coming here every year to deliver the腾讯视频下载ir love to children in mountainous areas for ten years without a break. On the eve of Children's Day this year, these loving "lion brothers and lion s深圳天气isters" came to Waclubmednyuan again, spreading their lovyears怎么读e in theyears英语怎么读 depths of Daba Mountain.

On May 17th, 60 lionclub是什么酒s brothers and sisters from Shenzhen Lions Club visited Baiyang Township Central Primary School, Ji把上下两张嘴填的满满的uyuan Town Centra腾讯漫画l Primary School and Shiqiao Primary School in Wanyuan city for a ten-year visit. This time, they brought a 240,000 yuan donation to support p腾飞我的航空时代oor students anclubsd excellent teachers, harden the playground, anstudent的复数形式d buy supplies.

At the scene of the activity, brothers and sisters distryearsbtcibuted clothes and schoolbags to studenyears翻译ts. In order to welcome their arrival, thshenzhene students wear red scarves for them, perform cultural performances, and presented a banner for them.

Cayearsbtco Linllions翻译ing, Shenzhen Lions Tiande Service Team: Eclub是什么酒veclubmed官网预订ry time we come here to study, we a深圳re actually very excited, because these children are really lovely, their eager eyes, their enthstudent同义词usiastic spirit infected us.

Liu Shu, a native of Wanyuan, islionsgate the specific leader of the campaign. In 1992, Liuyears是什么意思 moved south and settled down in Shenzhen. In 2008, by chance, she received an invassistance动词itatassistance动词ion to join the Shenzyearsago中文翻译hen Lions Club, a public welfare organization. Heart of the development of her hometown, she wanted to br深圳市最新疫情ing the opportunity to help the poor bassistance可数吗ack to Wanyuan.

Liu Shu, Shenzhen Lions Tiande Service Teclub是什么意思am: Because I know thatassistance是什么意思 the qualitystudent是什么意思 of education in my hometown is still very poor. They need a lot of facilities and peopl八上语文人教版电子书e to care for themassistance和help的区别. So, whclubmanen I joined the Lions Club, I told them,assistance you can't go to our Wanyuan to help students and poverty alleviation.

Located in the hinterland of Dastudent复数ba Mountain, Wanyuan is a state-level key poverty-strickstudent的中文意思en county. Under the leadership of Liu Shu, the lions bclub怎么读rothers and sisters of Shenzhen Lions Club Tiande Service team came to Wanstudent同义词yuan for the first time in 2009 and were deeply shocked by the backward teaching conditions there. They istudentmmediately decided to buy desks, beds, tables, bags and clothes for the stulions翻译中文dents at wanyuan Fengtong Pclub翻译ristudent的复数形式mary School.

Yang Haotian, Shenzhen Lions Club Tiande Service Team: The environment at that time was really sad to see. Basicaassistance是什么意思英语lly there were no desks and the houses were rotten. I just fclub是什么酒elt how th巴山夜雨ese children could suffer like this. So we want to be able to help these kids.

In 2010, Shenzhen Lions Tiande Service Team selected Baiyang Toclubmedwnship Centrshenzhenal Primary School in Wanyuan city, Jiuyuan Town Central Prclubmanimary School and Shiqiao Primary School as the aid schools, an腾讯会议d led shenzh把上下两张嘴填的满满的en Lions Club blue Sky, Datong, Chuandi, Hap腾讯视频下载piness and other service tstudents18eams to join in.

Chen Haiyan, S把上下两张嘴填的满满的henzhen Lion腾讯nbas Club Blueassistance的用法 Sky Service Team: The orilionsgategina腾讯会议app下载l intention is to care for everyo把上下两张嘴填的满满的ne around us, we hope to use ou深圳大学r humbstudents18le love, to infect people around us, to腾讯nbagether for the children who are s深圳疫情最新动态till in the mountain area, give them some love.

Huang Shaojie, leader of The Tiande Se腾讯客服rvice Team of The Lions Clustudent翻译b of Shenzhen, said, "We hope that our students can feel that there are a group of aunts and uncles who are willing to help them.

Syearsago翻译ince 2009, the Lilionsgateons brothers and sisters of Shenzhen Lions Club have been prov腾讯会议iding assisclub怎么读tance to the深圳市最新疫情 schools in the poor mountainous area of Wanyuanlion是什么意思 for ten years. They have not only built new teaching buildingsyears, strengthened pl深证指数aygrounds, purchased sports faci巴山夜雨l腾讯地图ities a深圳大学nd equipyearsago中文翻译ment, built Confucius sta八上四下开一码猜数字tues, but also providedclub用英语怎么说 financial assistance and spiritual encouragement to poor students. Overbashan the past 10 years, wanyuan has donated more than 4 millshenzhenion yuan to help students.

Guo Guoxing, principal of Bayearsago翻译iyang Township Central Primary School in Wanyuan City, said: "They have been doing this for tassistance的用法en years withlion是什么意思out sclub用英语怎么说topping. This kind of great love, so that we moved. We will educate students to pass on this great love frolions是什么意思m generation to generation, with excellent results, to repay the society, Thalions怎么读nksgiving society.

Hstudent和pupil的区别uang Junping, leader of shenzhen Lions Club blue Sky Service Team: Our lio坝上草原n friends will continue to pay attention to the education of Wanyuan, support the development of childclub翻译ren as always, and strive to improve the hardware and software facilities of the school. I hope the children will study hard and realize theclubmed官网预订ir oassistancewn value regardless of their family conditions.

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