Ten years of student assistance is bashan

News Center 2019-05-20

Chen Wei, ZHENG Jun & NBSP; Chen Shijuan

Authors: Dazhou Broadcasting &八上四下开一码猜数字 NBSP;

Editor in charge: Jiang Hua

Introduc滕王阁序tion to the

Wanyuan city, Sichbashanuan province, located in the hinterland of Daba Mountain, is a state-level key povertstudent怎么读y-stricken county. A group of caring people from shenzhen Lions Club focused their attention on Wanyuan thousands of miles away. Since 2009, they have beassistance是什么意思en coming herestudent音标 every year to deliver their love to ch腾讯体育ildren in mou八上英语单词表ntainous areas for ten years without a break. In addition to building new teaching buildings, hardening playgrounds, buying sports facilities and equipment, and buil八上语文人教版电子书ding Confucius statues, poor students were also given economic assistance and spiritual encouragement. Inyearsago翻译 the past ten years, wanyuan city donated more than 4 million yuan for education. This year, the Children's Day is cominyears音标g, and this group of caring "lion brothers and lassistance翻译ion sisters" have come to Wanyuan again, letting their love continue to spread in the depths of Daba Mountain.

Ten years of helping students is bashan

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