Bo Erun school student, Shi Shanze Lianhe Primary School

Bo Erun school student, Shi Shanze Lianhe Primary School
                &nstudent翻译bsp;                         &识图nbsp;         &nbspschool怎么读;               &boss直聘nbsp;     &nbsp联合利华; &nschoolboysecretsbsp;     &nbspprimary key; Heyuan Lonstudent和pupil的区别gchuan Xiao Town Lianping Boschoolboysecrets Ai Lion Primary school construction return visit

              At 8 a.m. on July 28, 2011, shenzhen heyuan, shestudent音标nzhen, leadership ms Chen Hua moostudent音标ring brother love service and wischoology官网登录ll grow Zhang Zhihe lion lion, President Zhang Feng lions, brother, vice President o睒怎么读f Lv Hongrong the lstudent是什么意思ion eld疝怎么读er sister elder sister, the finance chief instructor julee, secretary Su Youhua lions, brother, general Liao Yanna lions, elder sister, a Mr Gold cup of eight peoschoolingple drove to the town of heyuan longchuan fine depression mooring love lion lian ping primary school. This school embschool什么意思odies the efforts of all members of the PoIschool什么意思 Love Service Team, so that every member is always concerned about it. Since the foundation十方武圣 day on January 23, 2010, we have formed联合国儿童基金会戒指 an indissoluble bond with everyone. Now the comprehensive building and kitchen project assisted by shenzhen Lions Clubprimary副词 has completed two floors, with a totprimary keyal investment of 500,school000 yuan. This trip is to follow up the constructiolianhen prostudent翻译gress.


            Al时代少年团though the road is the same curved slope narrow, bushanzet on the day of the fo联合国五常能有多强undation laying ceremony in Tiger Rock natural village a primary时间 school’s speech has always affected our hearts. Lianping village, w史上最强炼气期i赡怎么读th a populatischoolon of about 2,000, is located in a poor mountainous area. The vi卜算子咏梅llagers are self-s玻璃芦苇ufficient and bawerunsically have zero i玻璃芦苇ncome. The students come from six natural villages under the jurisdicstudents18tion of the village committee, and the furthest distance for students is 6 kilometers from home to school. The teachers come from all overschool怎么读 town, and the farthest home is 15 kilometers away from school. All teachers need to live in school, and 45 students need to live in school, se润保o that teachers and parents can avoid unnecessaschoolboysecretsry safety concerns d联合国儿童基金会ue to the long journey to school, wind and rain. In the winter of 2007, the school’s kitchens, dormitories for teachers and students and toilets were listed as grade C and D in the renovation plan of the school bustudent的复数形式ildings, which had to be demolished and rebuilt. After investiga十二星座tion and communication with local leaders, the Shenzhen Lions Club love Service Team decided to help thererun construction.
              We arrived at the nursing home of Linzhai Town in Heping County at 12 o ‘clock at noon. We visit啵乐ed the local old people and learned that they lacked livschool是什么意思中文ing materiale乳哪个牌子正宗s at ordinary times. The weather was very hot, and some old people direrund not even haerunve fans. 13:40, boai service team lion brother lion sister followed Ms. Chen Hua to Pengzhai No. 2 Middle School, which is a sprimary怎么读英语chool that Ms. Chen Hua had participated in the construct时间ion of. When she entered th联合国秘书长e campus, she had mixed feelings. When联合国五常能有多强 she十方武圣 sa汕怎么读w the building, she look渤海大学ed like seeing her own children, so that the present lion brother lion sister was also moved. When I finally arrived at Lianpingbo Aishi Primary School at 4 PM, what I saw was n联合早报手机版o longer a piece of flat land. The two-story十二星座 reinforschoolced concrete house with more than 400 square met世界地图ers had been built on the original site. Even the bamboo on the nearby hill seemed to be singin疝怎么读g to welcome guests from afar.十方武圣


              Lu Yuanfa, the deputy mayor of Xiao Town, the secretary of Lianping Village Committee and the headmaster were waiting for us on膻怎么读 the playground and made banners specially to grboeet usschool. Because local farmers rushe润保 to catch the rice hschoolarvest and other objective reasons, a slight delay project progress than expstudent是什么意思ected, but the principal part of the project has bee联合国秘书长n fully completed, t十二星座he next will be walls, complex builschool什么意思ding dprimary是什么意思ecoration construction, is expected to be completed beprimary schoolfore all engineering on New Year’s daschool是什么意思中文y, local菠菜 leaders to do the detailed introduction, at the same time the two sides also discussed fullyprimary读音 and construction contraprimary keyct data, They had a cande润保id communication about the actual problems they encountered and moved us again with their enthusiasm.
          &nbsschooldaysp; When we left, we were very excited, it was like a movie, and the next scene we wetherunre going to sprimary怎么读英语ee the inauguration and the ribbon-cutting. I reaprimary翻译lly hope that the fire we planted hestudent翻译中文re will bring i波音737客机nfinite sunshine to tstudent怎么读he s联合国评选的八大美食之都ociety.

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