2011-2012 Leadership Seminar of Shenzhen Lions Leadership Academy

2011-2012 Leadership Seminar of Shenzhen Lions Leadership Academy

The registration notice

Dear Lion friend,

The 2011-seminar怎么读2012 Leadershipacademy是什么意思中文 Seminarlions读音 of Shenzhen Lions Club Leadership Academy will be held from September 23 to 25. Regislion是什么意思tration has started now. Specific arranleadership是什么意思gements are as follows:

            A, & have spentParticipants: President (or first Vice President) of the year

       academy是什么意思中文     Second, & have spent深圳Degree Quotseminar教学模式a:40 The name

              Three, & have spentStudy location: TBD

&nbs深圳p;           Four, & have spentStudy fee: International Federatiacademy是什么意思中文on, Lions Club of Shenzhen training funds and lion friendseminars什么意思s subsidy (single room accommodation self-pacademyay dilions读音fferleadership英语作文ence)

            Five, & have spentRegistration deadline:2011yearslions是什么意思9month9day

       lions怎么读 &nbacademy是什么意思英语sp;     Six, & have spentDress requirement: Lion party dress (for group photo) and comfortable casual wear

 academy     &nb深圳天气sp;     Seven, & have spentThe curriculum

Friday 9-seminar怎么读23

Saturda深圳y 9-24

Sundayacademy怎么读 9-25

08:00 –08:40



Public speaking

Dong-sheng yi

Change leadership


09:40 –09:5academy是什么意思中文0


09:50 – he,

Communication and Listening

Huang Yiqseminarunacademy怎么读

Core culture of Shenzhen Lions Club


He – 11:00


11:00 -12:00

Resolve the conflict

Zhong-jie li

The team support

Zhang ShiJun

12:00 -13:30

Report and check in

Lunch break

13:30But passion

The project manaacademy是什么意思英语gement

Li Rong

Address link

But passion – 40


40 – double-break

Creative thinkingacademy是什么意思

Long-term sudden

Address link




Open training ceremony

Dileadership翻译rector’s Speech & NBSP; Course overview


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