Painting and calligraphy commune first activity director Wu Xiaoming name

The first activity of painting and Calligraphy Commune & NBSP; Director Wu Xiaoming gave the social name

              December 16, 2013, Scalligraphy怎么读音发音henz小名牛宝宝hen Lipainting怎么读英语ons Club & LDQUO; Painting and Calligraphy Commune & RDquo; The first evexiaomingnt was held in ocT.Pidirectory什么意思ndjia Club Tibetan Club, where the 2013-2014 director wu Xiaoming, the cfirst怎么读英语hairman of the first division Tian W小明王是什么来历angxing, the chairman of the Committee of Culture and Sports Chen Zhu-cham and dozens of lions gathered together. There was no special ceremony.
  &nbfirst翻译成中文sp; &nbspfirst;     &calligraphy是什么意思翻译ldquo; Painting and Calliactivity什么意思呢graphy Commune & RDquo; Shenzhen Lions Club inamemcs an interest group organized by a group of lions who like callcalligraphy是什么意思翻译igraphy and painting to enrich theicalligraphy是什么意思英语r cultural life. Director Wu Xiaomdirectoryingdirectorship wrote & LDquo; Painting and Calligraphy Commune & RDquo; Four characters, thefirst青年电影展 foactivity怎么读nt is stronpaintingsg and powerful, so that all lion friends TSK praise. Later, with the encourwuagement of Brother Capainting是什么意思o Yingwang, chairman Tian Xingwang, Chairman Li Rong, Chaipainting的动词rman Liu Desheng, Brother Hu Ziliang and other lion friends wrote respectivelyactivity的中文意思, each with its own style of characters on the paper, showing profound connotatifirst是什么意思ons.小名 Li Xiuqing shijie from Sea Yuntian specially camecalligraphy是什么意思英语 from Zhuhai to participate in this acticalligraphy怎么读英语vity by bocalligraphy怎么读音发音at. Cao Yingwang Shijie wrote with her. Rui pool & throughout; Two big characters, which is also the name of Li Shijie’s company, this special gdirectory意思中文翻译ift made her feel very happy. The whole event was livelyactivity怎么读 an娜美第几集吃了恶魔果实d full of laughter.
              After the establishment of paintincalligraphy怎么读英语g and calligraphy commune, lectures and pen meetings will be organized regularly to popularize tfirst翻译成中文he appreciation ability and collection knowledge of painting and calligraphy works of li小明加密通道最新2021on friends, and to build a platform foactivity复数r communication in painting and calligraphy for Lion friends.

Artpaintingsicle/commune家具picture exercise ying Wang


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