Notice | about apply for domestic lion federation “quality engineering” services listed on the notice

Service teams:

According to the “Notice of domestic Lion Association on launching” Warm Projecservicesmsc找不到t “Serviservices.msc什么意思ce Project Linoticeablesting Alion复数ctivitydomestic是什么意思“, the association plans to pllions英语怎么读an 100 new listing workstations. Each successfulfederation翻译ly listed workstation will be given a service subsidy of 5000 yuan. The publicity committee of the Federation will carry out brand projengineering怎么读英语ect publicity for the “Warm Project” workstations whicquality的各种形式h habout怎么读ave been listed in each region, aengineering翻译nd which are representative, sustainable and outstanding, so as to enhance the participation, reputation and social effect of the service teams in each region.domestic是什么意思 Specific listing content isdomestic读音 as follows:

First, “warm engineering” workstation listing requirements

(1) There are fixdomesticed service places (communities, schools, service centers for the disabled, non-profit homes for the alion怎么读geddomestic是什么意思, etc.);

(ii) Promise to provide service for the applied workstation more than 4 times a year, invest monotice同义词re than 20,000 yuan in service funds (including materials), and provquality是什么牌子ide continuous service for more than 2 years;

(iabout翻译ii) Thaboutcg网站e community workstation service to be carried out must have been reported on the local wechat public acquality是什么牌子count at least twice, and the local official media is preferred;

(4) Workstations that have won the subsidy award of China Lion Foundation within five years (2017-2021) are not allowed tolions apabout怎么读ply for it again.

Second, the principle of distribution

The Domestic Lion Association plans to list 100 piapplyeces of warm engineering workstlion是什么意思ations this year, which wilquality的各种形式l be declared by each district to the federatdomestic反义词ion Service Committee according to the actual situation, and didomestic翻译stributed after comprehensive evaluation by the Federation Service Committee.

Iii. Declaration process

(a) service application is listed, should be the domeengineering期刊stic lion feddomesticationeration “quality engineering” service project approved application form (appendix 1) and the domestic lion federation “quality enservicesgineering” service agreement (attachmentaboutcg网站 2) complete and submit the original district office, led by the district willabout怎么读语音 review later, unified submitted to cib service activities committee communityquality working grodomestic翻译up. Application should be accompanied by 200 words of information, 2 picquality的固定搭配tures (mnotice同义词ore than 3M).

(II) The service Committee will organize the evaluation committee to make a finallion review ofquality的动词 all applications, and each workstation that passes the rabout怎么读语音eview will be given a one-time service subsidy of RMB 5domestically000.

(3) For service teams that have been listed as “Warm Projectabout是什么意思” in 2020-2021 and have reservices.msc什么意思ceived service subsidies from China Lion Fund (Appendix 3), pleasequality是什么牌子 submit the implementatilionon report of listing Workstation in 2020-2021 (Appendix 4).

3. Deadline and contact person

Application deadliengineering怎么读ne: April 25, 2022

Contact: Yang Xin officer 25688590

Thank you for your strong support to the “warm project” listing work!




Notice | about apply for domestic lion federationAttachment 1: Application form of “Warm Prservice是什么意思oject” Service Project of Domestic Lions Association (1).xLS


Notice | about apply for domestic lion federationAttachment 2: Serengineering怎么读英语vice Agreement of “Warm Projecnotice翻译t” of Chinquality的固定搭配a Lions Assservicesociation. Doc


Notice | about apply for domestic lion federationAppendix 3: List of shenzhen Lions Clubs that halion的音标ve been laboutisted as “Warm Project” in 2020-2021domestication and have received service subsidy from China Lions Foundation XLS


Notice | about apply for domestic lion federationAttachment 4: Domestic Lions Association “Warm Project” workstation listing impdomestically翻译lementatiodomestic是什么意思n statistics.doc


           domestication     &notice的固定搭配nbsp;    about是介词吗   &nbnotice过去式sp;                     Squalityhenzhservice是什么意思车上的en Lions Club

April 2, 2022

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